How To Make Money With A CNC Router in 2022?

Did you just buy your most coveted CNC router but still couldn’t finish figuring out how to make money with it? Or, are you looking to make a finer living by supplementing your earnings with this CNC machine?

Well, below is a precise guide of the things/businesses you can start with your CNC router to eventually make a good deal of money. Doesn’t matter if you are a rookie, a startup entrepreneur, a CNC artisan or so, this post is going to help you with some valuable information if you don’t have a solid plan for your business. 

CNC Machining Business For A Decent Income

CNC machining has a wider reach in diverse industrial domains starting with musical instruments, clothing production, furniture making to advertising signs,  and many others. So, if you are running out of ideas to put your CNC router into a proper business, I have lots here to recommend. 

But, before proceeding further, let’s check out what sort of CNC router is best suited for those who are planning to establish a large-scale CNC machining enterprise. 

In order to secure long term profits, the CNC machining businesses must make it a point to have an advanced CNC router to meet the need of mass production that includes multiple functions compared to a regular CNC router. Also, the equipped accessories and other machine parts should be of premium quality with longer service durability. The machine should be able to work longer without a pause, with little to no maintenance needed. What’s more? The speed and accuracy of the machining should be par excellence. 

All in all, a highly-equipped, updated CNC router is an assured support for the large  enterprises. 

Take the example of the Blue Elephant 5 Axis CNC router as shown below. The core parts and accessories used in this machine are imported from globally reputed CNC kits manufacturer. The CNC router is employed with a YASKAWA servo motor followed by an Italian HSD (High Speed Direct) spindle, which altogether ensures a fast and stable processing. The machine also adopts the OSAI control system that features an assortment of control functions. The carousel tool magazine equipped to the router can quickly change the mechanical tools as per the requirement. Overall, anybody looking to manage large-scale production of 3D projects should avail this CNC router for their enterprise. 

Now, let’s find out how to run a money making business with a CNC router.

  • Furniture Making Business With CNC Router

CNC router has got its extensive application in the furniture making industry, especially where it provides custom furniture making services to its customers. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards buying things that are uniquely designed only for them. The same goes with somebody trying to decorate the home with exceptional home furnishing ideas. For example, cabinets, doors, reliefs, kitchen countertops, tables, and more. Overall, this has a growing demand these days. Talking about the expense required in this business, you can efficiently cut the furniture with a CNC wood router, saving greatly on the labor cost. 

  • Signage And Advertising Signs Making With CNC Router

Naming one’s home or apartment is also equally important as naming oneself for recognition. An attractive name plate is, thus, important to make your place memorable to others. Also, you will hardly find a house without any signage these days. With a CNC router, you can design and prepare customized signages for your clients, while maintaining exact precision and outlook as your client planned it to be. Another similar idea is the ad signs making, which has more diversity to be applied on different types of materials, like wood, stainless steel, plastic, aluminium plate, acrylic or others.

Some of the most widely used ad signs include making letters, certain sort of patterns or signs carrying messages, signals etc. Advertising signs are something that businesses like showrooms, groceries,  garments, etc. now use to grab the attention of their potential customers who are seeking for the same. If you have ever noticed, the giant multiplexes, restaurants, and corporate business houses use their patent logo, or relevantly exquisite signs for promoting their businesses. Being a 3D machining device, a CNC router in ad signs and signage making business has a greater opportunity to connect with more clients, who might be looking for signs or logos in 3D design formats.

  • Making and Designing Musical Instruments With CNC Router

CNC machining has a lot to contribute to this musical instrument making business. With it, you can make different types of chordophones like cello, guitar, ukulele, piano, and others. These instruments have a high demand of being precise (in scale) and aesthetics. If a little disturbance occurs during the product machining and the gapping differs in comparison with the basic standard, then it  entirely affects the instrument’s scale and function.

That’s a reason, a CNC router is preferred to make high-quality musical instruments, so that a proper precision can be achieved. Talking about aesthetics, you can engrave beautiful fretworks on the instrument’s neck and body surface. If managed by professional hands, the CNC router can deliver a flawless finished instrument having a precise size with exquisite carvings on it. 

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