HVLP Spray Guns For Woodworking in 2023

HVLP stands for High Volume, Low pressure. These are types of spray guns often used to paint wooden surfaces and other materials. HVLP guns have 65% of higher transfer efficiency at 10psi at cap. Although many painters till date feel that HVLP guns leave an orange peel on the surface compared to the smoother finish done by conventional guns. But HVLP is great for beginners and also the fact that there is less paint wastage compared to other spray guns. 

Choosing the HVLP spray gun for woodworking can be a difficult task for beginners. Wood is the most-sought construction material. Not just that, wood has a versatile quality of  being to make furniture, wood crafting, and many other projects. Well, woodworking alone is not enough to turn that wooden piece look beautiful with its natural charm, but painting or staining gives it a dramatic effect altogether. 

Doesn’t matter what type of liquid paint or stain you want to decorate the wood with. Picking a HVLP spray gun kit that suits your woodwork is indeed a challenging task. Also always make sure to go through the EPA laws which is a checklist of things to take care when using a HVLP. 

In this article, we have profiled a list of top 10 HVLP sprayers with their respective features and setbacks, so you can decide accordingly.

HVLP Spray Guns For Woodworking

1. Wagner 0518080 HVLP Spray Gun : HVLP Spray Gun Overall

Wagner 0518080 HVLP Spray Gun

Wagner 0518080 is top on the list for its brand reputation. This HVLP based spray gun is a reliable product to paint woodworking projects. Plus, it also does stain spraying. The gun includes double air filters (both are different); this ensures a nicer finishing at every use. The liquid flow is certainly smooth and clean, giving you a better control over this machine.

This sprayer can disperse patterns in two ways; both vertically and horizontally. The adjustable control knob of the spray gun kit enables you to control the flow of liquid based on how wide or small the area of the wood to be painted is.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • A wider paint cup with volume of about 1.5 quarts and a metal cup of about 1 quart

  • Easily washable

  • Multiple liquids can be used for spraying with this spray gun

  • The product is ideal for woodworking professionals, DIY hobbyists, carpenters, and more

  • Gives a professional uniform finish

  • The length of the sprayer cord is shorter than required.

2. Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun : Budget Pick

Neiko 31216A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun

Neiko 31216A is the one that comes without a motor, yet is heavily considered by the woodworkers for its functional properties. Overall, four spray guns, each of different nozzle diameters, are available in the market. But, the one we are discussing includes a 2 millimeter nozzle diameter, plus has a red ring.

The storage capacity of the aluminium paint cup is around 20 ounces. Being made of aluminum, the container is- compatible with any type of liquid paint and easy to wash. The gravity-fed overhead cup position ensures the last drop of liquid out of the container until nothing is left within. This spray gun kit is applicable to staining, painting, putting primers, and more.

The durable sprayer nozzle is made of stainless steel with a brass cap. Consider availing this sprayer product if your existing spray gun is worn out already.  In a nutshell, this rust-free product would be one of the smartest deals on the list and a good replacement.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Can easily work with any liquid type

  • Easily washable

  • Long lasting sprayer nozzle

  • Some users complained about the poor quality of the product.

3. Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Spray System : Premium Pick

Fuji 2203G Semi-PRO 2 Gravity HVLP Spray System

Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 Gravity is known for its applicability in both indoor and outdoor jobs; be it your home or a business building. The product earned wider clientele value because of its quality paint sprayers. Fuji 2203G is undeniably a much recommended option for the woodworkers. The spray cup capacity is about 400 Cubic Centimeter and accepts almost every liquid type; from latex paints, paints, varnishes to stains, and others. 

The sprayer comes with a non-bleed mechanism; not a drop of liquid will come out of the gun nozzle even if it is kept upside down. Plus, it promises an unmatched finish at every use.  The spray nozzle can be adjusted to dispense from one spraying pattern to  another, namely; horizontal, circular, and vertical


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Can be adjusted to change the spray pattern among circular, vertical, and horizontal, during ongoing work

  • Product comes with a 2 year warranty period

  • Gives a professional spray finish

  • Compatible with any liquid substance

  • Easily washable

  • Has a no-bleed nozzle system

  • The noise level of this spray gun is quite high.

4. HomeRight C800971 : Lightweight HVLP Spray Gun

HomeRight C800971.A

The HomeRight C800971.A is the ultimate value for money if you are looking for a HVLP sprayer without making a dent in  your  pocket. This model ensures uniform spraying without making it much thinner. This spray gun is lightweight, weighing not more than 3 pounds, plus it can be easily manoeuvred according to the required application. There is no need to worry about the dried paint inside the can for it is easily washable. 

The good thing is you get this product at a price four times lesser than what others cost on our list. So, this is again an incredible deal with a good performance warranty.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Comparatively less thinning required

  • Weighs less

  • Cost-effective

  • Easily washable

  • The quality assurance of the product is a bit off the track at times, when shipped.

5. Fuji Spray T75G Gravity HVLP Spray Gun : Product DIYers and Hobbyists

Fuji Spray T75G Gravity HVLP Spray Gun

Fuji Spray T75G is yet another fine choice for the woodworkers. So, people working in construction sites and DIY hobby shops will definitely find this sprayer useful. Be it painting wood to staining it, or producing a finished wooden job; Fuji ensures quality spray coating, thereby delivering fine results. You can attain the same finishing with the use of handheld tools, like brushes, rollers, and rags, with elbow grease. But, being better in efficiency, the use of an HVLP based spray gun is less time taking with the least required effort. It is just the one that you would need in woodworking, especially.

The spray gun delivers consistent performance at every use and is even considered the paint sprayer model. Another good point is that it causes less spreading of sawdust in the workshop by minimizing the spray blowing speed. The high-efficiency air cap mechanism takes care of the speed range. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Easy to wash sprayer

  • A bit pricey but value for money

  • Lightweight spray gun, weighing within 2 pounds

  • The product comes with 2 year guarantee for its parts and labor

  • Cup seal wears after moderate use

  • Not ideal for commercial use

Other Great Picks

6. Earlex HV550 Spray Gun for Woodworking

Earlex HV550 Spray Gun for Woodworking

Earlex HV550, as the name proposes, is another preferred option for woodworking. This advanced sprayer could be of great help to the wood crafters and homeowners to perform short woodworking tasks. Not just that, a professional woodworker to a weekend carpenter, this product is just for all.  

Unlike the previous one, this sprayer can dispense in three varied patterns; horizontal, vertical, and circular. While following the circular pattern, the gun outlet can be adjusted within 1 inch to 12 inches. This is what makes the spray gun a versatile paint cum stain job product. The part of this sprayer is you can work with it at different angles. Spray it downwards, upwards or sideways; the gun provides a uniform finish. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • The paint cup is large enough to contain about 1 quarter of paint liquid

  • Can hold different liquid types for spraying

  • Easily washable and the Teflon layer inside the spray container keeps the inner surface nonstick from the liquid

  • Easy to operate and spray 360°

  • The length of the sprayer cord is short

  • A costly spray gun

7. DeVilbiss 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity

DeVilbiss 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based HVLP Gravity

DeVilbiss 4 FLG-670 Solvent Based sprayer  is a simple cum effective spray gun for woodworking. The spray can is constructed with aluminium and has a storage capacity of 900 Cubic Centimeter. The rest portions of the sprayer are made of stainless steel, plus are fairly washable. This HVLP sprayer gives a  professionally uniform finish at every use. The spray can is fitted to the gun overhead. This construction is done to ensure that no air is sprayed. DeVilbiss comes with nozzles of three varied sizes (in diameter). You need to do the size adjustments manually, depending on your different pattern requirements. 

The spray gun comes with a warranty of one year on its parts. Note that the package only includes a bare gun. The rest of the accessories have to be purchased separately. This will add extra cost to your budget. So, if you are not new to using a spray gun and has all the necessary resources needed by any sprayer, consider buying DeVilbiss.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Gives a professional spray finish

  • Easily washable

  • The spray nozzle can be adjusted to disperse three spray patterns

  • Has wider paint can capacity

  • The package only contains a bare gun with no added accessories.

8. Paasche Airbrush HG-08 HVLP Gravity Feed

Paasche Airbrush HG-08 HVLP Gravity Feed

The Paasche Airbrush HG-08 HVLP Gravity Feed spray gun is the value for money. This model includes an adjustable spray nozzle to disperse different patterns. Thereby, this sprayer product is suitable to be used in various types of projects, including woodworking. The product has a standard air hookup of ¼ inch; this allows you to fix the preexisting air compressor cum hose setup. Additionally, the price of the sprayer is quite affordable, so, you won’t regret buying this model for sure. 

However, the Paasche Airbrush comes with lots of setbacks as well. First is the faulty control of the spray gun; that is, the product parts start to lose grip while the gun is in use. You have to change the sprayer settings  on the fly. So, it is not for the newbies. Second is you have to disassemble the entire machine to clean it after every use.  Else, the spray nozzle will get clogged.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Adjustable spray nozzle

  • Pocket-friendly

  • Need to teardown the entire machine for extensive cleaning

  • Fastidious control

9. HomeRight C800766

HomeRight C800766

HomeRight C800766 is a budget-friendly spray gun with promising work efficiency. This HVLP paint spray weighs around 3.4 pounds with a dimensions of 6 x 11 x 13 inches. It is a portable model and fit for using in indoor as well as outdoor applications. The sprayer includes an adjustable control knob, so you can disperse spray in three different patterns. With this versatile spray gun, you can accomplish any small scale wooden project or others with subtlety. 

Though the construction of this paint sprayer is a setback, the excellent seal makes it still perfect. Moreover, the plastic construction is not that bad because it makes the spray gun easily usable and lightweight.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Reasonable weight and size of the sprayer makes it comfortable to use

  • Has adjustable options to control the spraying output, hence allowing you to be the leader of your own project

  • Availability of different spray patterns for making the project perfect

  • Simple model design and easy to clean

  • The spray gun is not appropriate for using thicker paint sprays; some paints may require thinning before using it as spray

  • The sprayer seal may be faulty at times, causing occasional leakage.


What is the HVLP spray gun for the money?

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is the HVLP spray gun for the money because it gives you complete flexibility of decks and can be used for purposes like woodworking, furniture and has an ergonomic design.

What is the greatest spray gun for furniture?

If you are solely looking for the spray gun for furniture, then the option is Homeright C800971.A which has adjustable settings which means it can be used in many different ways.

What is the difference between HVLP and HTE spray guns?

The difference is that HVLP guns require high volume at low pressure and leave an orange peel. A HTE spray gun also called the High transfer efficiency spray gun. HTE is better than HVLP since it leaves a super smooth finish on the surface, HTE is also 65% more efficient than the usual HVLP spray guns. HTE is used for doing the finishing coats of a surface while HVLP are better for primer base sealer.

What is a HVLP spray gun used for?

HVLP spray gun is used for spraying over the wooden surface as a primer base sealer. You can use it to spray paint on your wooden furniture.

What is better HVLP or LVLP?

LVLP is better than HVLP due to the fact that its faster and more effective. With HVLP, you get a more coarse finish on the painted surface but with LVLP, the finish is super smooth.


When you are looking to get your hands on the HVLP spray gun for woodworking, you may have to consider multiple factors so it makes sense to read the product description and also consider your own requirements. Once bought, Remember to go through the user manual of your purchase spray gun properly. Gun setup could be different for painting and staining with the same machine. Also, adjust your sprayer nozzle to disperse the horizontal pattern (if your product has that option). Finally, as you are done with the sprayer setup, hold it at least 8 inches away from the surface to be sprayed. 

The Wagner 0518080 HVLP spray gun for woodworking is the deal of the day for its wider can storage capacity. This keeps you away from the hassle of refilling the container every few  minutes. Plus, the can is easier to clean after every use. So, it’s no doubt the fit for woodcrafters. 

Master Pro 44 Series spray gun is the first runner up on the list for its durable spray nozzle and compatibility to accept any type of liquid paints for spraying. Though a bit pricey, if you want to make a safer investment , consider buying this product. 

Lastly, HomeRight C800766 spray gun is the second runner up for the ones looking for a cost-effective investment. With this sprayer, you get a comfortable user-experience. Moreover, the paint cup is easy to clean and has an adjustable sprayer. Being made of plastic, the product is lightweight and overall a good pick within lower budget. 

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