Incra LS Positioner Review: Incra vs Precision Router Table

A router table is a specifically designed table mounted with a woodworking router. In this post, we will dive deep into Incra’s router table and will try to review it from every aspect. Interestingly, it allows the user to work the router at a wide variety of angles. As a woodworker, you have the liberty to work upside down and sideways. In a woodworking workshop, the routing table carries greater significance. 

It is because the table facilitates added flexibility to the DIY woodworker and makes it possible to perform the cuts that are otherwise tough to achieve. It is a well-known fact that some routers are hand-held, but a vast majority of them are designed in such a way that they should be mounted to stationary objects. The stationary object should be sturdy and durable and should be able to withstand the intensity of work executed by the woodworker. 

A Brief on Incra Router Table

Incra is the brand name registered as a trademark by Taylor Design Group. Incra is one of the most prestigious brands in the realm of manufacturing an array of products like:  stands, fences, combos and accessories.

Since its inception way back in 1987, Incra has been creating high-quality table routers and fence system. The tables and fences developed by Incra have been helping a huge majority of casual and serious woodworkers. 

Apart from the normal accessories that come bundled in a router table, you also get the revolutionary dust collection system in many high-end varieties. In other words, the this router table can handle every operation from the most basic edge shaping to the wildest dovetails. 

Incra LS Positioner Super System Review


The Incra LS System is the latest addition to the venerable Incra series. To be precise, it replaces the Ultra and the Wonder fence combination. It is worth mentioning here that the fence portion has uncanny resemblance to this new system.

However, the jig section of this system now relies on a lead screw instead of the racks which previous Incra jigs have used. Note that the product is offered in two sizes of 17-inches and 25-inches with a basic fence that also accompanies the Wonder Fence setups. 

The table comes with a right angle fixture along with operation and assembly manuals. By shipping operations manuals with the package, Incra has set itself apart.

In other words, the operation manual is very detailed and as a first-time user, you would have no difficulties in assembling the setup. In addition to the plastic templates, a metal scale is also there which is secured magnetically for the ease of adjustment. 

Assembly of the table 

If you are new to the field of woodworking, note that the Incra system is based upon the ability to move a reference. There is an obvious benefit to this type of system as it facilitates repeatable accuracy that can be used in a variety of woodworking joints. Assembly of this device is a breeze even for the beginner woodworkers. 

To be frank, this system comes neatly packed in a single box. Moreover, the parts needed to assemble the equipment are separately packed in little plastic bags which can be clearly identified by the instructions.

Most of the assembly is in the right angle fixture and the Wonder fence to the rest of the jig. The parts also come equipped with a set of shims that should be needed to make the fence faces inclined at an angle of 90-degrees. 

Jig joint

One of the highlighting traits of this product lies in the fact that the Incra system is adept in producing a variety of woodworking joints. The standard joints of the super system usually comprise through dovetails and half-blind dovetails.

As the jig offers high precision, it permits variations of these joints which include double dovetails. The templates that are provided in the package provide the cutting sequence for a desired joint type and spacing. However, note that the templates are nothing more than tape measures with the unused marking removed. 


One of the most notable things about this router table is the chassis of the jig. It has been changed to accommodate the new jig system. It is worth mentioning here that the chassis section is more streamlined when compared to the previous models from Incra.

On the other hand, the clamp arm is quite big and easy to operate. You should note that the clamp can be in one of the three positions. In other words, it can unclamp, half-clamp and fully clamp. 

When unclamped, the jig can be slid entirely free of the chassis. On your setup, this position would allow you to easily remove the system but keep the chassis bolted in place.

When you are using the table saw rip fence, you may need the few extra inches occupied by the Incra fence. Pulling the jig out of the chassis would allow you to get that space without unsettling the whole system. 


The basic fence of this product is the thin cross-section with the Incra racks on one side. On the other side, there is a relatively small cut out for the bit in the middle. However, incra router table lacks the dust collector and it can be a bit of an issue for serious woodworkers out there. In other words, this is the same fence that you can find in the standard LS Super System package. 

It is important to note here that the Wonder fence attaches to the milled face of the basic fence. The fence system comprises a left and right half as well as a riser so that it can help with the taller stock. 

Also note that the fence halves can be used to create a very wide bit in case you want that. Also, this is used typically when you have to perform router-jointer operations along with the molding cutters that remove the reference edge.

Moreover, the right angle fixture refers to a thin aluminum extrusion that can be found on the table. You can also find a series of T-slots on these extrusions on which you can place the clamp fixtures. You can use this fixture either on the standard or Wonder fence without any adjustments. 

Incra vs Kreg Precision Router Table

Incra router table

To be precise, both the tables are of top-notch quality. However, if you need more precision and value, you can rely on the Incra table. It is because the router table is equipped with dovetailing ability. But for the first-time users, the Kreg precision router table is of more importance. It is so because though the Incra router table comes with the dovetailing capability, first-time users don’t usually know how to use it. 

Moreover, the Kreg precision table is priced conveniently which makes it quite popular for the budget-conscious buyers. The Kreg T-square fence with the features of micro adjust makes the setup and dialing cuts easier. But when the context is about pursuing both LS and RT, you cannot find a better alternative than the Incra table. No matter how much strain you put on the Incra, it would stay unaffected. As per many woodworkers out there, they love the lift capability of the Incra Series.


From the above discussion, it is evident that the Incra router table holds a definite edge over its rivals. It is a bit costly, but considering the features you get with it, it is a worthwhile investment. On the other hand, one can say that the table is not ideal for first-time users. But with a little practice, it is guaranteed that you would love this product. If you want to be an expert woodworker, the Incra is your best bet. It combines various advanced features which really makes it one of the top-notch router tables out there. 

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