Jigsaw Blades in 2022

Jigsaw is the age-old cutting tool used for performing any intricate to rough cuts, typically in the woodworking industries. Other than wood, some jigsaws are capable of cutting through any material type; be it a metal block to aluminium sheet, PVC, and more. Well, the type of cuts made by the jigsaws depend greatly on its motor speed and the type of blade used.

In this content, we are going to list down 10 such jigsaw blades that might bring in a huge difference in your cutting job than before. Plus, we will discuss the buyer’s guide to make your product selection purposeful, that too within a reasonable budget. Lastly, you will get a list of top three picks from the discussed blade reviews, to help you in case you are unable to make a smart choice by yourself. 

Jigsaw Blades 

1. Bosch T-Shank JigSaw Blade Set T5002 : Product Overall

Bosch T-Shank JigSaw Blade Set T5002

Bosch T-Shank Jigsaw Blade T5002 offers an assortment of 10 pieces blades adding to it the versatility in terms of the functioning, applications and affordability. This blade type is compatible with over 90% of the existing jigsaws on the market that included Milwaukee, Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, Metabo Hitachi, Porter Cable, and others. T5002 will be an excellent addition to any woodcrafter’s toolbox for sure.

You get 2 from each of the following T-shank blades; T119BO, T118B T144D, T101B, and T118A. Apart from woodworking projects, T5002 is an ideal option to carry out the general purpose thick or thin metal (both ferrous and non-ferrous) cutting jobs. Being a T-shank blade, it ensures maximum stability and grip. Plus, it exterminates the requirement to get screwed in the clamp hole, which eliminates chances of breakage. The blade is designed and developed in a way that promises Bosch standard durability. The tool comes packed within a plastic casing, undisturbed.



  • Durable blades

  • Perfect for both woodworking and metalworking projects

  • Comes in a pack of 10 T-shank blade pieces that are compatible with Bosch jigsaws and other brands

  • The manufacturer needs to focus more on the quality of the blades.

2. Bosch T101AO3 T-Shank JigSaw Blades : Budget Pick

Bosch T101AO3 T-Shank JigSaw Blades

Bosch T101AO3 T-shank Jigsaw Blades are made from the quality materials; bi-metal blades. The teeth on the blades are designed in an optimized geometry to provide excellent performance in performing thinner as well as deeper cuts on wood projects, plastics, and laminated particle boards. Being bi-metal based blades, there is the least risk of breakage, but allows the utmost versatility cum flexibility in cutting.

The good part is that these bi-metal blades are ten times durable compared to HCS blades.The ground teeth along with the side set of the blade offer faster and cleaner slicing of plastic and wood. offer clean, fast cuts in wood and plastics. These blades have limited TPI (teeth per inch) value and are mostly utilized in cutting thicker material jobs. The pointed design of the teeth decreases risks of splintering on either side of the job.



  • Perfect for cutting double-sided laminates, Middle Density Fiber, soft and hardwood, plywood, etc.

  • Blades features a TPI value of 20 with pointed and narrow tooth profile, ensuring clean and curved cuts

  • Fits most jigsaw brands

  • Quality blades

  • Some users reported that the blade snaps easily in the middle of its application.

3. Bosch T30W Woodworking Jigsaw Set : Premium Pick

Bosch T30W Woodworking Jigsaw Set

Bosch T30W Woodworking Jigsaw Set consists of blades designed typically to perform different tasks like cutting plastics and wooden jobs. This tool is the most suited option for the pro-grade woodcrafters, who have fast and clean cutting requirements. The package includes T101B, T101D, and T144D for cutting wood of different types. The plastic tube ensures convenient and secure storage of the blades within. The T-shank design of the blades allows utmost stability and grip. Plus, the blade is compatible to be used on about 90% of the jigsaw models, currently available on the market.



  • Top-notch cutting performance

  • Great value for money

  • Quality blades

  • Some users complained about the poor quality of the blades.

Other Great Picks

4. Bosch T30C T-Shank JigSaw Blade

Bosch T30C T-Shank JigSaw Blade

This device also comes with a set of 30 blade pieces, where each is designed for performing a specific task. For instance, wood cutting, ferrous and non-ferrous metal cutting. You get high-performance, good quality jigsaw blades that promise optimal cutting outputs. The sturdy plastic housing ensures secured storage of the blades. The T-shank blade design renders utmost grip and stability that makes the tool fit to be used in the trending jigsaw models available in the market today.

The package includes 10 pieces of T101B blades of 4 inches long and 10 teeth per inch, 5 T118A blades of 3 inches long with 24 teeth per inch, 5 T101D blades of 4 inches long with 6 teeth per inch, 5 T118B blades of 3 inches long and 14 teeth per inch), and 5 T144D blades of 4 inches long with 6 teeth per inch, all secured within a heavy-duty see-through plastic case.



  • An wider assortment of high-quality T-shank jigsaw blades

  • Fit for both wood and metal cutting jobs

  • Versatile to be installed on any type 9g jigsaw model (mostly)

  • Value for money

  • Nil

5. Gunpla JigSaw Blades T244D T144D T118A

Gunpla JigSaw Blades T244D T144D T118A

Gunpla Jigsaw Blades T244D, T144D, T118A ensure premium quality jigsaw blades made of high carbon steel. You get to experience precise cutting results as desired. The tool is efficient enough in making any type of cuts, starting from rapid cut, plunged cut to curved cuts on soft or hardwood, Plywood, or Oriented Strand Board, etc. The tooth design on the blade is meant to increase the ability to cut within a desired precision limit. The package contains 5 blades of each type; T244D, T118A, and T144D.



  • Perfectly sized T-shank blades promises mishaps-free application

  • Blades are designed to cut aluminium, steel sheet, and other ferrous to non-ferrous metals

  • Fast and accurate cutting

  • Somes users complained about the poor sharpness of the blades.

6. Lenox 20854F518S T-Shank Bi-Metal JigSaw Blade

Lenox 20854F518S T-shank Bi-metal Jigsaw Blade features 18 teeth per inch blade. That means, you can expect a smooth cutting finish and is suitable for cutting softer materials, like plastics and similar others. The 5 inch length of the blade lets you chop thicker workpieces as well. Being a bi-metal jigsaw blade, the tool is both flexible and durable compared to the conventional carbon steel blades. The blades are designed in a way that are easily compatible with jigsaws that use T-shank blades. You can experience super sharp cum swift cuts without an error in precision. Lastly, the package includes an assorted set of 5 20854F518S T-shanks.



  • Quality finish

  • Can make smooth and straight cuts as facilitated by the blades precise sharpness

  • Ideal for metal cutting projects

  • Exhibits optimal cutting performance on medium metal jobs

  • -

7. Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank JigSaw Blade

Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank JigSaw Blade

Milwaukee 49-22-1178 T-Shank Bi-Metal Jigsaw Blade is made keeping the professional jigsaw users in mind. The blade is made of bi-metal material to last longer compared to the high speed carbon or steel blades. The shape and sharpness of the blade ensures a swift cum cleaner cut. The part is the blade is very simple to use and comes within an assorted pack of 5 such T-shank blades. The blades for metal cutting include; 48-42-5121, 48-42-5190, and 48-42-5161, and 48-42-5310, 48-42-5300 for general purpose use. 



  • Can be used for both general purpose cutting and metal cutting

  • Renders quick and accurate cuts

  • Meant for professional sawing applications, typically

  • At times, the quality of T-shanks may differ slightly.

8. SKIL 94916 Jigsaw Blade Set

SKIL 94916 Jigsaw Blade Set

Skil 94916 Jigsaw Blade Set features high speed and carbon steel made jigsaw blades to render durability while chopping any type of material. The tool is easy to install and promises swift and smooth cutting of woods, metals, etc. Other than that, you can chop soft plastic or other composite materials at ease. The extra blades included within the package are useful for drywall and plaster. 94916 is compatible to be used on the Skil and U-shank jigsaws of other brands/manufacturers. 



  • Quality set of blades

  • Reasonable budget

  • Swift and smooth cutting of wood, metals, and plastics

  • Straight and angle cuts

  • Nil

9. DEWALT DW3742C Jigsaw Blades Set

DEWALT DW3742C Jigsaw Blades Set

Dewalt DW3742C Jigsaw Blades Set includes an assorted pack of 14 pieces of T-Shank blades. The blades come secured within a storage case. The blades are 4 inch long with a Teeth per inch between 6 and 10 and made of high carbon steel material. The blades with 12 teeth per inch are 3 and ½ inch long; these are too developed from HCS material. The blades with 3 inch length and 18 to 32 teeth per inch are made of bi-metal material. You can utilize these jigsaw blades for cutting both metal and wood projects.



  • Decent quality set of blades

  • Buttery cutting finish

  • Value for money

  • Blades snap frequently.

10. TAROSE T244D T-Shank Jigsaw Blades Set

TAROSE T244D T-Shank Jigsaw Blades Set

TAROSE T244D T-Shank Jigsaw Blades Set features blades that are supported by most of the currently available jigsaws on the market. For example, Bosch, DEWALT, Milwaukee, Metabo, Craftsman, and Porter-Cable jigsaws. The blade is developed using thick gauge HCS for extended longevity. You can use the tool for straight slicing of the wood projects. The blades are tolerant to frequent wear and tear due to their high-quality manufacturing process. The blades feature a teeth per inch value of 6 with an overall blade length of 4 inch followed by the edge length of 3 inch. 



  • Fine and straight cuts on woods

  • Includes a plastic case for secured blade storage

  • Satisfactory performance with great finish

  • Durable blades and worth buying

  • Bulky design

Buying Guide: Things to Consider to Buy the Right Jigsaw Blade

It becomes a challenging task when you have a number of branded products of a kind and you have to decide only one among them. Similarly, while trying to pick the right jigsaw blade that suits your purpose, you must have enough knowledge regarding the same. We have covered the searching part to save your time and enlisted some of the important factors to consider before purchasing a jigsaw blade. 


We hope that the above article develops your decision making, while choosing one among many products. All the blade model reviews are unique with their individual set of pros and cons. However, here are our top three recommendations:

  • Bosch T30C T-shank Jigsaw Blade If you are looking for impeccable metal or wood cutting delivery from a nice assortment of T-shank jigsaw blades set, that too with a low budget, go for it.
  • Lenox 20854F518S T-shank Bi-metal Jigsaw Blade If you are looking for the one that guarantees cleaner cuts on softer materials, then go for 20854F518S. It features a bi-metal jigsaw blade with TPI count of 18.
  • Bosch T101AO3 T-shank Jigsaw Blades If you are looking for a versatile material cutting jigsaw blade, then this is the one. The detailed and clean cutting outputs is evident through the tool’s TPI value of 20.

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