Kreg Router Table: How Good is Precision Table ?

Are you planning to start looking for a router table with adequate working space, excellent performance irrespective of the router used, and also has a mounting plate? If yes, then you can consider getting your hands onto the Kreg router table. 

The Kreg router tables are examples of innovative engineering in the domains of metallurgy and woodworking. The Kreg Company is very well known as the major industry leader in pocket-hole technology that offers amazing joining, clamping, routing, measuring, and cutting tools.

Because of its dedicated goal of providing technical experience in all woodworking attempts, the company has gained its credibility for unquestionable quality on the global market. 

They have made outstanding advances in all the basic woodworking equipment and developed the fully automated machines to ensure creativity and skill in the execution of woodworking projects. 

This router table provides everything that you need, convenient to use, and is equipped with the component, powerful enough to deal with any project.  It’s also even amongst the router tables you’ll ever find. 

But your decision mustn’t be focused on what you hear. So, check out those great features and make your own decision. 

Brief About Kreg Router Tables 

The Kreg Precision Router Table is a solution for precision routing. It is one of the year’s top quality router tables that provide the integrated approach for all the tasks of woodworking and routing. 

This is an accomplishment in itself to be a multi-purpose table and how we all need to change location and switch positions on our woodworking ventures. Nobody will spare on their equipment when precision is needed. 

The key to productivity is not spending the bulk of your work on moving. The precision router table system intends to keep you in one place with only an intermittent repositioning movement. It comes with an outstanding insert plate system and a highly efficient tabletop. 

To understand its broad usability and technical specs, let’s take a brief look at its functionality, technical parameters, and customer review.

Key Features of Kreg Router Tables

Has easy-to-adjust and heavy-duty steel stand

To make the work easier, a board and fence sit on the top of the heavy-duty stand. It is made up of heavy-gauge steel and can be altered between 31 “to 39” of height, and has the levelers to level up the uneven surfaces. The stand also has pre-drilled holes that make the mounting of accessories simpler.

In-dust collecting feature and jointing feature has been built

The individual sliding fence faces can be placed exactly where it is required to provide some support to the work-piece. It can also optimize the chip collection into the fence’s built-in dust channel. In addition to this, it also contains two joining rods.

You can slide them into the location behind the outflow fence, and the fence will double up as a jointer to align the ideal edges on board.

Incomparable versatility, unbelievable ability to adapt

The Kreg Precision Router Table blends unquestioned flexibility with incredible adjustability with the ease of configuration to take your woodworking projects to the next stage. This table features a large, robust table-top which is one of its kinds in the square style fence.

The stand is made up of steel which works together to construct a router table that fulfills all of your accuracy-routing needs.

Multifunction, Self-Squaring Table Fence Framework

The Kreg’s Precision Router Table Fence is the core of the table. This revolutionary, anodized-aluminum fence includes a saw-style T-Square optimization model that holds the fence parallel to the miter-gauge slot all time.

With just one hand, the fence can be adjusted easily and locks can be placed firmly. The in-feed end has a large paddle lock and the out-feed has a quarter-turn latch which prevents the deflection of the fence.

Gives high-performance precision

Kreg’s tall, robust precision router table-top sits on the fence. This table core absorbs friction and offers strength to help build a sturdy router table.

The router table surface is made from high-pressure laminate which makes the workpieces move easily. Steel-reinforcing struts guarantee that the table stays flat for years for giving a reliable operation.

Personal Reviews

While the problem of fragile sections of the router table was considered by a few customers; most customers found it highly helpful and worth the money.

The Kreg model is recognized for its compact layout and offers maximum accuracy. The users say that this table can be put in your workspace or garage due to its compact size. It is praised for being economically feasible even after so many advanced features.

Kreg Precision Router Tables

1. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table is the one having a higher quality fence with attachable faces for powder collection, vertical joints, and new cam clamps which gives it a professional touch. Kreg PRS2100 is equipped with a full-size router to attach to the plate with specific insert plate levelers and new ring reduction. 

It provides extreme subtlety and sophisticated functionality along with portability benefits. It is 19.2 x 30 x 4.8 inches dimensions which provide sufficient room for the unique carpentry assignments along with the routine jobs. Kreg PRS2100 weighs 28.4 pounds which offers the mobility benefit. 

This model consists of a 16′′ x 24′′ MDF table top with an easy-to-slide surface that allows the craftsman to perform the difficult tasks while making it very easy for the worker to do it. In fact, it’s not going to be incorrect to claim that the 

Kreg PRS2100 router table is built to offer all the advanced features of a skilled router table that provides woodworking facilities to ensure maximum precision and perfection together.



  • High-quality MDF which offers a decent place to operate

  • Very easy and convenient to use for the professionals

  • Compact design helps in enhancing the skills

  • Excellent in terms of completing the tasks

  • Few users faced a problem as they received cheap quality cam clamps.

2. Kreg PRS1045 Bench Top Router Table

Kreg Precision PRS1045

The Kreg Precision PRS1045 Router table top system is equipped with dual locks that are firmly placed. There is a quarter-turn lock on the out-feed end and paddle lock on the in-feed one. It is made up of heavy-duty 12 & 16 steel gauge which can be adjusted between 29 to 35 inches of height.

They are very easy to use and are very durable when used. Kreg Precision PRS1045’s unique board can be mounted rapidly and effortlessly to a miter slot or t-slot without any need for extra devices. It has a step at the top of each bar which serves as a scale for measuring the extent of your completed cuts.

Kreg Precision PRS1045 adds versatility due to the universal steel stand. This router table also has a dual-locking mechanism that guards against roll and swivel casters. There is a keyhole slot in the table which embraces the quarter-turn fence lock and makes it easy to cut the fence for routing freely.



  • It is worth its money due to its make and built

  • The router table is very stable when used for the task

  • The whole router table top system may be too expensive for some buyers, but it's worth every penny

Kreg Precision Router Table Vs Bench Dog Router Table

When choosing between the Kreg Precision and Bench Dog router tables, it is surely going to be a bit difficult task for you. But here is something that can help you.

You get what you’re paying for when you get your hands on the Kreg router table top. This skillfully made heavy-duty router table is fantastic. The big, smooth, flimsiness-proof table is perfect for both personal hobby projects and large-scale commercial activities. 

On the other hand, this firmly reputed Bench Dog is for the enthusiast or DIYers. It is made up of materials like an MDF with melamine base, a laminate top which is somewhat weak, but still workable.

Kreg is extremely lightweight, stable, and contains smoother caster wheels. The router table fence is high-quality and is fitted with bells and whistles which encourage any project completion. 

The Benchdog has a fully enclosed cabinet below, which eliminates noise, minimizes debris distribution, and increases storage space. It also has other bells and whistles, including multiple fence openings, so you can handle a range of sizes of wood and work from different angles.

In the Kreg, the micro-adjuster tends to take all the guesswork out of adjusting the fine-tuned fence. Its fence moves easily and gets locked in place safely. 

The two-part fence is easily balanced for dust collections while the unlimited project. While in the Bench Dog, the fence is a high-quality, two-part fence that allows independent adjustment of the out-feed and in-feed ends. The face boards and adapter track are flexible so that the table configuration can be customized. 

Furthermore, the dust collection function is movable, so keeping your workspace clean is very easy.


For its excellent additional features, reasonable pricing, safety improvements, and portability, the Kreg Router Tables are highly in demand. The compact architecture provides flexibility and improved functionality. 

I would like to say in the end I advise the given Kreg models for carrying out different kinds of carpentry applications for improving the performance with precision to build marvelous woodwork.

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