Lathe Mill Combos in 2023

You will find several uses of lathes, like woodturning, metalworking, the spinning of metal, and more. Many would call a lathe mill combo the “Mother of Machine Tools.” The lathe is the first machine tool that lead to the discovery and invention of other machine tools. The combination is when you can have a lathe machine that also assists in functions like milling and that’s the reason we’re going to discuss the lathe mill combo in this article. 

With too many various styles of models to pick from, with varying features and costs, it is very normal to find oneself in a position where you may be searching for any helpful guidance to assist with your decisions.

Lathe Mill Combos

1. Grizzly Industrial Combination Gunsmithing Lathe: Lathe Mill Combo Overall

Grizzly Industrial Combination Gunsmithing Lathe

Here we took our incredibly famous G4003G Gunsmith’s Lathe and attached a 3/4 HP motor precision gear head mill to build the ideal “tiny footprint” metalworking station for both machinists and gunsmiths. 

But, let’s not get mocked by its small size, since this lathe mill combo provides genuinely big machine features such as that of an R-8 mill spindle and D1-5 lathe spindle. 

Also, it comes pretty well equipped with a broad range of task-holding and tool-holding equipment and tools to get you started with drilling, turning, milling, boring, chambering, and facing the of them! 


The lathe mill has 1/2 sq drive tailstock for use with the torque wrench to latch the tailstock down concisely each time. It is energy-efficient and works with LED work light. Other than this, the lathe also has the cast-iron base stand which is extended and carriage switch with on/off.

The ball bearings of the Grizzly Industrial Combination Gunsmithing Lathe are steady and follow rest. It also helps in cutting the LH and RH threads.

The splash guard and chip tray are included in the lathe along with a table of 9-3/4 “x 5-7/8” with T-slots in it.


  • Reversible pieces of 4 jaw, 2 jaws, 6″3 jaw chuck, and 10″ faceplate
  • Rest stable with roller tips
  • Spindle sleeve of MT#3 x MT#2 and R-8 x MT#3
  • Super long splash guard & wrought iron heavy-duty stand
  • Halogen working light & rapid-change device post with portion holder included
  • Two dead centers MT#3 & live center with one MT#3
  • Equipped with a set of seven gear changers
  • Drill arbor chuck R-8 x B16 & 5/8″
  • Toolbox with the tools needed for service

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2. Smithy Midas Lathe Mill Combo

Smithy Midas Lathe Mill Combo

The smithy combo lathe mill drill is one of the lathe mill combos and it comes with a warranty period of two years. The user can also have an in-shop trial of 90 days with this-designed lathe mill combo drill. 

They also give the operator training for how to use this machine and also provide them with a free tool pack on purchasing. Smithy Tools are employed in hundreds of different settings to make and repair parts. 

Smithy lathe mill combo is likely to produce profits and save profits for owners who are going to bring the equipment into operation.


It is used for three purposes which are:

Lathe turning

With the lathe turning, it turns outside and inside the diameters to precise dimensions. It does the taper turning and facing cuts with cut inch and metric threads. The lathe mill can also cut the metals which are as hard as the carbon steel and alternatively can also cut soft materials like plastic and wood.


The head of the driller rotates a complete 360 degrees which can be used to accommodate the large workpieces. The mill and drill can be used alternatively in the same project. The different types of heads used in the driller are counterbore, tap screw, and countersink.


Using the mill, it can flatten the angles, surfaces, and pockets with accuracy. It works with precision and creates the grooves, pockets, shoulders, and dovetails in the metal surface. The mill can also make the slots and keyways with the help of the right speed.

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3. Proxxon PD 250/E and PF 230 : Lathe Mill Combo under $1000

Proxxon PD 250/E

Proxxon 24304 PF Lathe mill combo fits easily in the 150 x 110 mm provided PD 400 lathe-slotted table, with 3 T-nuts of 140W. The motor speeds up to 280 to 2,200rpm. Not only this, but it can also convert the PD 400 lathe mill combo into a whole machining unit. 

The powerful condenser machine is designed for CW and CCW rotation which is useful while cutting the thread. The lathe is completed with a milled table of 150 x 110 mm that has a T-slot also. It has 45 x 500 columns. 

Other than this, Proxxon also includes sizes 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm as well as the fitting flange.

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4. Proxxon 34104 Lathe Mill Combo

Proxxon 34104 Lathe

Proxxon 34104 Lathe Mill Combo is engineered with top-quality machinery of voltages which is 110-120 V, power of 140W, speed of 280 – 550 – 870 – 1,200 – 1,500 and 2,200 rpm. 

The lathe mill combo acts as a seamless surface with the X-Y movement which is longitudinal and cross-sectional, respectively. It includes three collects of sizes 25/64″ and 15/64-5/16″ (6, 8, 10 mm).

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5. Shop Fox M1018 Combo Lathe/Mill

Shop Fox M1018 Combo Lathe/Mill

Shop Fox M1018 Combo Lathe/Mill is ideal for spinning, grinding, cutting threads, and traction of tiny designs. 

This hybrid lathe mill combo is filled with additional add-ons such as a 9-1/2-inch faceplate, 4-inch 3-jaw chuck, 4-way turret machine panel, and an incorporated revolving vise. 

It also features an 11-1/2-inch swing over the saddle, 3/4-inch spindle bore, 16-1/2-inch swing over bed, the 19-3/16-inch distance between centers, and MT #3 tapers.

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Things to Consider While Buying a Lathe Mill Combo

Let us hope that you have thought about the selection for you to be a vertical mill, or else this section won’t be very helpful for you. If you’ve selected a vertical mill, you’re usually wondering about what aspects to search for and wonder what’s relevant.

It would take a whole new chapter to encompass all information on the specific topic but we’re trying to go beyond and learn about some of the most important things which you can consider. 

Being said that, you possibly should stop a mill that has power less than 1HP. It is also hard to find electric motors with high horsepower that are not of 3-phase.

Size is important

The small desktop milling machines may be enticing but if you’re making plans to mill metal, it’s better to avoid them. Dream of the last time you’ve needed to hammer a steel tube or break a slice off with a hacksaw. 

Milling is very difficult to work, and it takes a lot of strength. Your milling machine needs to be allowed to implement that amount of force without any flexion and extension at all. It is because even a tad bit of stretching will ruin any part of the milling machine.

This is why the mill’s structure needs to be as bulky and stiff as possible. .A small portable desktop machine will likely not be able to mill things that are harder than aluminum. 

This will make milling imprecise. If you want moderate precision, the smartest decision is to buy a mill which is as big and heavy as possible. 

DRO and Power Feed

The Digital ReadOut (DRO) is a configuration that can be incorporated into a milling machine’s axis. Several other machines are manufactured along with it, while others get them as update packages.

Very often, the kits are available for retrofitting mills that didn’t initially have them as an alternative. A DRO displays you how much you have moved the table or quill which tends to make almost every process extremely easy.

Digital ReadOut- XYZ-pcd

Just like the power feed and DRO can be incorporated into every axis, and also some of the mills come with it incorporated in them already. It lets you toggle a tiny motor that moves the table for you so that you wouldn’t have to move the handle on your own.

This can not just significantly reduce exhaustion, but it can also give a good surface finish on your trim as the velocity stays unchanged throughout the cut.

It’s not exclusively important to use a DRO, as all mills have dials to calculate motion. It can be tedious and time-consuming to read them though.

This is particularly true about the backlash (sloping in the screws), which is convenient to make up when you have a DRO. Since, it tells you how much more the table has moved, as compared to how far the handle has been moved.

Spindle Motor Horsepower

Machinists, like car lovers, make a huge deal about the horsepower. And, that’s not baseless since the last problem you would want is the engine stalling amid a cut.

That being said, virtually all mills would have a method to gear the engine down to obtain torque at speed costs. Also, milling steel demands a significant torque and low speed, while the opposite is required for aluminum.

So, without even using a ton of power you can certainly make up for a motor. That might be a great idea because when it comes to price, motor horsepower makes a big difference.

Being said that, you possibly should stop a mill that has power less than 1HP. It is also hard to find electric motors with high horsepower that are not of 3-phase.

Final Verdict

This specific review involves the combination of lathe mills and not just the lathe mills. Thus it is important to take into consideration the number of forms of combinations that we will be reviewing. 

It is because one of the cutting methods is using the lathe mill combo. That being said there may be slight varieties when it is combined into one machine.

Consequently, before making a decision, you need to test all the varieties being sold. Also, you have to remember what kind of combination you are in search of. 

Some users would only require one type when others would need several devices and machines all packed in one. The key thing deciding how helpful you can be to a combination computer is the kind of project you want to be operating on. 

Ergo, with all the advantages and disadvantages of each lathe mill combo machine given above in the review, we assume you can figure out which one suits your demands.

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  1. My particular interest is in purchasing a smaller sized lathe / mill combo setup. We are recreational boat and marine engine dealers with a modest and infrequent machining requirement, of predominantly ferrous and non ferrous, very hard and soft materials. We are most interested in a turnkey solution which includes a full and comprehensive compliment of tooling and accessories to provide the full range of capacity, for the core functions the purchased machine is capable of producing. “I am not interested whatsoever in buying anything with a Chinese manufactured origin?” Is there / are there any North American or Western European brands of this type of equipment I should be focusing on????


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