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There is something satisfying and empowering about working with your hands. DIY projects give you that sense of accomplishment, as you mold, shape and build. You are the architect of your visions. For many of us, CNC routers and router bits give us that extra help that we need to bring these visions into reality. 

In keeping with the DIY themes, you may want to embark on a project of building your own CNC router. As we know, a CNC router is not stationary. It needs to be able to travel if it is going to execute the commands with precision and accuracy. For this movement, you need liner guide rails. This article aims to provide you with a list of the linear guide rails for your machine.

Linear Rails for CNC

1. Erayco 3 Piece DIN Rail : Liner Rails Overall

Erayco 3 Piece DIN Rail

As a notable name in the CNC router accessory business, Erayco has delivered multiple products of exceptional quality. These DIN rails is no exception. Here, the company delivers another product that simply does just that – provide excellent quality. These rails flawlessly provide the parallel, frictionless and stiff support for the loads afforded by your machine. These are made with high quality aluminium material.

This Erayco 3 piece DIN rail set is perfect for supporting many electrical appliances and outlets. They lend themselves well to panel boxes, surge protectors,circuit breakers, terminals, relays and many other such appliances. Users and our fellow woodworking friends were satisfied with the size and specs as these translated well to their needs. Erayco 3 piece is one of the linear rails for cnc and won’t disappoint you. 

2. RATTMOTOR TRH20 Square Linear Block Rail L600mm : Premium Pick

2 Set TRH20 Square Linear Block Rail L600mm

This kit comes with four TRH20B Carriage Slider Blocks. These are detachable of course and lend themselves well to many individual customizable options. The set is 600mm and is therefore able to support large loads such as 3D printers and CNC machines.

The 2 Set TRH20 Square Linear Block Rail L600mm is advertised as being able to support the builds of many economical CNC routers. The rails are constructed with high density bearing steel, which for the most part provide a smooth and sturdy movement experience with virtually no friction. However a little grease wouldn’t hurt. The manufacturer is open to customization options as it relates to ball screw length and encourages communication in that regard.

Other Great Picks

3. Firgelli Automations 50 inch Extension Guide Rails

Firgelli Automations 50 inch Extension Guide Rail

The Firgelli Automations 50 inch extension guide rails is one of the biggest offerings on our list. As a result of its build, this pair can support up to four hundred pounds of machinery. This of course speaks to a sturdy build quality (it is made from cold rolled sheet steel) in addition to the sizes of the parallel pieces. Naturally, such a size lends itself to the construction of the large CNC routers.

Here, Firgelli gives us high quality ball bearing slides that are smooth, sturdy and quiet. These characteristics lend themselves well to the construction of your machine. While the construction of your CNC router will set you back a decent amount, it is nice to know that this is a staple of quality. These rails are worth every penny. Most users claim that the slides held up well when used for their intended purposes.

4. Joomen SBR25 Support Rails

Joomen CNC SBR25 Support Rail

Joomen LLC provides us with this sturdy and durable offering. The Joomen SBR25 is built for ease of use as it comes with pre-drilled holes on the rail mounts. The rails are 600 mm in length, allowing them to comfortably support your CNC. Slide rails are fully supported, giving a low friction and by extension quiet experience as your CNC moves along its length and performs its duties.

Here, Joomen gives you the full package as it relates to CNC rail support. The linear rails are very sturdy, gracefully serving their purpose. The straight, parallel build provides high accuracy with the movement and load support. Woodworkers who bought these linear rails were unanimously satisfied with the offerings, praising the fact that these linears rails are of high quality and lend themselves well to their intended purpose. 

5. Reliabot 350 mm MGN12 Linear Guide Rails

Reliabot 350 mm MGN12 Linear Rail Guide

The Reliabot 350 mm MGN12 Linear Guide Rails is specifically designed to support not only CNC machines, but also 3D printers. In fact, the entire package includes the MGN12C Carriage Block, further lending itself to that purpose. The friction is cut down significantly here, with a seamless and quiet experience as the machine or 3D printer moves along the rail with the aid of the mounted carriage block. 

While there are more options out there with more length to facilitate travel distance, this small offering is quite durable and capable. It serves its purpose well when used with the compatible CNC sizes. If you are building your router rig you have to compensate for and take advantage of the carriage block which provides extra mount and leverage.

Reliabot 350 mm MGN12 Linear Guide Rails received an average review score of 4.2 out of 5. Reviewers praised the motion and smoothness of the build, but were quick to point out that these were optimized after adding grease.

6. Anycubic MR12 MGN12 Miniature Linear Guide Rails

Anycubic MR12 MGN12 Miniature Linear Guide Rail

Anycubic offers this small set with an MGN12 H carriage block for extra support and leverage. The rail itself is made with quality steel, making it durable enough to support the weight of its CNC host. The carriage block also provides extra support for 3D printers and the CNC parts. While not the sturdiest (these are not immune to vibration) the Anycubic MR12 MGN12 Miniature guide rails will serve its intended purpose. Just do not expect it to exceed your expectations.

The Anycubic MR12 MGN12 is by no means the quality, but you get what you pay for. It is one of the least expensive offerings out there in the size range. However these rails are far from incompetent. With a little grease, your CNC will be sliding friction free. From experience, I contend that the product does what it is advertised to do but caution against expecting anything beyond that.

7. Reliabot 400 mm MGN15 Linear Rail Guide

Reliabot 400 mm MGN15 Linear Rail Guide

This offering from Reliabot is tailored towards the support of large loads. The carriage block allows it to support the movement of 3D printers as well as CNC routers. Ease of use was very much considered here, as the rubber stoppers on the rail ends serve to make it easy to gauge and control the movements of the CNC along its body.

The Reliabot 400 mm MGN15 Linear Rail Guide will support large loads and is therefore recommended for some of the heavier machines. You will for the most part experience a smooth, low friction movement along the linear bearings. The carriage block is removable, adding more customization options. The manufacturer advises caution when removing the block however as the balls may fall out during the process.

8. BIQU MGN12 Linear Guide Rail

BIQU MGN12 Linear Guide Rail

This product comes with an MGN12H Carriage Block and is advertised to be able to support 3D printers and CNC routers. It provides decent linear motion, however this can be a little noisy in the process. We would recommend applying some form of grease to eliminate friction and by extension reduce the noise. Aside from this, you will get a smooth and sturdy experience with this set.

The noise and friction makes this product somewhat inferior to others in its category, but that does not mean that it does not carry out its function. You will get support from this offering, with its sturdy steel build holding up the required load as advertised. It may be cheap and I will agree that it is not incompetent, however they were not impressed with the noise component.

9. Hezukyp SBR16 Support Rail

Hezukyp CNC SBR16 Support Rail

The Hezukyp SBR16 Support Rail is a 300mm ball screw motion rail kit. It provides a smooth and linear motion experience with an impressive build quality that provides a virtually noise free, low friction experience as it supports the intended load for your CNC router build.

The carriage blocks that are included with these linear guide rails will provide support for 3D printers and CNC machines. Everything functions as it is supposed to, with the anti backlash technology in the form of the ball screws contributing to a sturdy, vibration free linear bearings motion experience.

10. Joomen SBR16 Support Rail

Joomen CNC SBR16 Support Rail

The Joomen SBR16 Support Rail provides an excellent experience with very little friction. It supports machines, with the four bearing blocks adding to the customization options. You will also be able to support 3D printers with this sturdy set.

With this offering, you are getting a sturdy metal build with a lot of length. This will give your mounted CNC router more room to travel with its 1000mm length. Speaking of travel, you will have a virtually noise free experience as friction is highly reduced even without the application of grease. However for optimal performance, you might need to apply some grease after all.

Final Verdict

Choosing the Linear rails for CNC can be one of your investments since it will ensure stability and precision in your finished product. Once you have planned and budgeted, you should secure the parts needed for your build and some of the most key components will be your support rails. You want unrestricted movement as your router executes its tasks. 

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