LinkSprite CNC Review: How good is this 3 Axis Engraver Machine 2022?

Linksprite is a company that focuses on hardware devices and also manufactures devices with artificial intelligence. Not only that but also, Linksprite is an institution of Android application development. You can get security cameras, CNC controllers, computer safety technologies, etc. In artificial intelligence, you can get face authentication, stroller detection, target detection, etc. 

The various technical products like edge computing SDK, AI allowed camera, quick terminus, and mist platform, etc. are parts of this program. They also manufacture home security intelligence, office security intelligence, public security cameras, business intelligence, etc. 

With headquarters in Wuhan city Changjiang, the company has around fifty employees working in this company. The director of the company, Jingfeng Liu, first proposed to develop this company in Wuhan.

Plus, they achieved a multi-national platform in the international market very quickly. They have set a target to get the CCTV youth entrepreneurial leadership at the international level. Linksprite diy cnc 3 axis engraver machine is one of their mini DIY CNC machines that we will review in this article. 

Linksprite also develops many vital protocols required for digital transportation and data transformation. Linksprite electronic technology focuses on the strength and durability of the products. Because most of these products are for industrial uses, most of the time, this company deals with metal plates and metalloid films. They provide multiple types of electronic products for accurate industrial works. 

Products by Linksprite

Linksprite manufactures various software and hardware products also. Some of these are: 

  • Web Application: Web application is some type of software application that runs in the computer webs.
  • Mobile Applications: We all use various mobile apps on our mobile phones. Linksprite develops many mobile applications.
  • Desktop Applications: In desktops and laptops, we need to install various applications. These applications are larger in size and not like mobile applications. Linksprite develops some of these applications.
  • Protocols: We need various protocols to carry out many digital tasks. Linksprite develops protocols like NodeA, NodeB, NodeC, gatewayA, etc. and makes the transformation of data easier. 
  • Other products: Linksprite develops many advanced products like weather station kits, LinkNode R4, relays, Acadia, ONVIF security cameras, Canyonlands, etc.

Linksprite DIY CNC 3 Axis Engraver Kit

linksprite diy cnc engraver

CNC machines are for cutting metal plates or drilling holes on them. We can also use these machines to create innovative designs and write anything on the metals. 

Linksprite manufactures  linksprite diy cnc 3 axis engraver machine which is an advanced version of the Computerized Numerical Control machine. They focus on the new laser technology. They also implied the technology in this machine. You can also control the machines and imply any design on the machines through the computer. 

The Linksprite Computerized Numerical Control is suitable for non-metal activities. But, the advanced laser technology shortens the time required to complete drilling or cutting. The repeat positioning efficiency is under 0.1mm. The drilling efficiency regularly is approximately 0.05mm.

All the conditions are under no load. The laser works better when it is free of any loads. In the case of the graver, the hardness factor plays a huge role. The ideal materials that you will love to do work in this machine are plastic, wood, acrylic, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), printed circuit board (PCB) etc. You can also utilize the advanced Universal Serial bus technology provided by Linksprite.

The hardness of GRBL material controls the efficiency of the laser. You can use the Arduino board to run this machine. The Vanilla Arduino is ideal for the pcb milling. There are some additional AVR chips along with the machines. If you can also keep the record for some special purposes.

The stepping motors in it have XYZ coordinates. You can also cut and drill helical shapes with this machine. For professionals, there is a port for G-code inputs. For M-codes, you have to purchase some extra components. 

The Good

  • Easy to assemble: Linksprite Computerized Numerical control machine is very easy to assemble. Most crucially, the weight of the set is quite light and easy to transport.
  • Excellent printed circuit board: The fabrication of the printed circuit board is very advanced and smooth. The fabrication tools and components are very easy to organize. You can also attach any external printed circuit board tool with the machine. 
  • Solid structure: The outer structure is quite solid that can easily bear any external force. The structure is coated with a high-quality Aluminium Hydroxide layer.
  • Good laser attachment: The laser system in it is very accurate. It creates less heat and cuts deeply without any trouble and the bearings are also inbuilt. The laser beams can also detect the hardness of the material automatically.

The Bad

  • Defective three Dimensional control: The three-dimensional control in it is a little defective. The machine faces difficulty while cutting anything on the basis of XYZ coordinates.
  • Defective power supply system: The power receiver of this system can get damaged if it gets a large amount of input power. The power safety system is weak. 

Linksprite VS Mysweety – Which One Is Best?

LinkSprite CNC Review

There are also many companies that manufacture the Computerized Numerical control machine. We will try to produce all the features of these companies to make the buyers make the selection of the right product easier. 

One of these companies is the Mysweety Computerized Numerical Control production. 

There are many people who get confused about which one is better between Linksprite and Mysweety. We are going to differentiate between these two products.

Acrylic thickness

Linksprite provides 0.1 mm acrylic thickness along with the Computerized Numerical control machine. The Mysweety provides nearly five millimeters of acrylic baffles on either side.

Carving process

Linksprite provides a high-quality laser beam for engraving. On the other hand, Mysweety provides engraving monitors for controlling the cutting and drilling processes.


Linksprite computerized numerical control, aka CNC machine, is an online machine. You have to connect the machine with the computer or download files to get access to the machine. But Mysweety computerized numerical control or CNC machine is an offline machine. That means you can easily use the machine without connecting it to the computer or downloading any files.

Engraving materials

You can engrave the non-metallic materials like plastic, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), wood, printed circuit boards (PCB), with the help of the Linksprite computerized numerical control machine. Using My-sweety computerized numerical control machines, you can cut or work on these non-metallic substances. And additionally, you can also engrave some very thin Aluminium plates.

M-code availability

You can get the M-code port in the Linksprite computerized numerical control internally. But in the Mysweety computerized numerical control, you have to purchase the M-code port externally.

Linksprite VS Woodpecker- Which One To Pick?

Woodpeckers also manufacture computerized numerical control machines. In recent times, Woodpecker is one of the most top-rated technical brands. 

So, here we are going to discuss the differences between the Linksprite computerized numerical control machine and Woodpecker computerized numerical control.


Linksprite computerized numerical control does not allow any kind of airflow inside the machine. The Woodpecker computerized numerical control allows airflow inside the mache when required. So, the smoothness in the case of the second one is quite better.

Coating material

The Linksprite computerized numerical control machine has an outer layer of Aluminium Hydroxide. Woodpecker uses the Polycarbonate layer for the outer coat of the computerized numerical control.

Drilling technique

The Linksprite computerized numerical control uses laser technology for drilling and cutting purposes. Woodpecker uses a black ring technique for engraving.

Engraving materials

Linksprite CNC machine engraves non-metallic materials like PVC, PCB, wood etc. On the other hand, the Woodpecker engraves thin Aluminium router plates.


Linksprite computerized numerical control provides an additional battery with it. The battery is quite long-lasting. The Woodpecker does not provide battery along with the machine. That means you need to purchase the battery externally. This machine also does not support any kind of batter. There are only some specific types of batteries. You can use it in a computerized numerical control machine.


In the Woodpecker computerized numerical control, you can not get smooth acceleration. Because black ring technology sometimes faces difficulty when the cutting material has an uneven face. But on the other hand, the Linksprite computerized numerical control provides smooth acceleration and drilling without any jerk.

G-code and M-code availability

A quality of a CNC machine obviously depends upon the availability of G-code and M-code. In the Linksprite computerized numerical control, you can get both G-code and M-code internally. But in the Woodpecker computerized numerical control, you can only get the inbuilt G-code, but not the M-code. You have to install the M-code externally.


You can not get the durable ABS in the Linksprite computerized numerical control. In Woodpecker, you can get ABS, which is reliable enough.

Overall, we can see that the Linksprite Electronics are quite reliable. You can choose their products, especially if you want durability. 

But, there are some factors you should check while buying any electronic product. 

If you want a better battery backup, then the Mysweety electronics are quite better than the Linksprite electronics.

If you prefer laser technology more than any other drilling technology, then the Linksprite electronics is the best. This is because Linksprite likes to focus on laser technology more than any other technology.

If you want smoother functioning, then we can honestly say that the Woodpecker electronics is obviously better than the Linksprite as Woodpecker allows enough air accessibility in its products. Mysweety electronics also allows a little air inside it.


If you love to use M-code along with the G-code, then the Linksprite diy cnc 3 axis engraver kit is the best. Because most of the other companies do not allow both the codes in them. For better activity in all the coordinates, you should choose the Woodpecker electronics as they provide a uniform axis in all the directions. For better acceleration, Linksprite electronics is better than most of the other products. Because laser technology always provides easy acceleration because of the thin beam. If you want to work with thicker materials, then Linksprite is obviously not ideal. Linksprite is ideal for non-metallic materials like plastic, PVC, PCB, wood, etc. For metallic materials, Mysweety electronics is the best ones. 

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