Lube for Radial Arm Saw: Top Picks

Maneuvering a radial chain saw is no easy task; it takes years of experience and some great skills to become an expert in using that. While that is a difficult task, properly maintaining the chain saw is a different skill set on its own. The problem comes when you it comes to choosing the lubrication that you want to use for your radial chain saw. Since there are no designated lubricants that are not available specifically for this purpose you are forced to use lubricants that are meant for other industries. If you are one of those people who is looking for a suitable radial chain saw lubricant that will not leave you with more work than it already is. With that said here are the top 5 radial chain saw lubricants that you might want to get your hands on.

Lube for Radial Arm Saw

1. CRC 5037 White Lithium Grease : Lube Overall

CRC 5037 White Lithium Grease

This is a lithium based lube like the name suggests and is made specifically for instruments and apparatus that has a hard reach area. With this lubrication it will be easy for you apple in crevices that are hard to reach inside your chain saw as it has two advantages. One it is white in color so it’s easy to see where you have applied and how much is applied. Two is its viscosity, it flows into a place that you want to all you have to do is place it in the angle that you want it to flow. Things will take care of themselves. 



  • High resistance towards heat and water

  • Does not change its form under the weather's influence

  • Ideal metal to metal lubrication

  • Attracts dust particles

Other Great Picks

2. Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish Line DRY Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

Primarily being an off road bike chain lubrication it is one of the great products that you can use on a rigid chain saw. As it is made for bikes that are set-to experience a lot of friction, slip and other aggressive movements it’s most likely to keep your chain saw intact for a long time. It is great against climatic changes and can hold onto its characteristics against harsh changes. To add on, it does not absorb any dust or other impurities from air. Keeping your saw clear like the way you want it to be. 



  • Good resistance against dust and heat

  • Protect Your chains against friction, slip and other physical movements

  • It is a dry lube, which is what you want for your chain saw.

  • While your pour it is a little runny than you want it to be. Meaning it goes into places that you might not want to lubricate. So extra care is needed while applying the lube.

3. Oregon 26365 Chainsaw Grease Gun

Oregon 26365 Chainsaw Grease Gun

This is one lubricant that is manufactured for the purpose of a chain saw. So you know it’s going to do god for you and the chainsaw. This one is a loaded gun with a steel nozzle to pour out the lube only in the places that you want. It also has the perfect consistency that you would want for a chainsaw. Not so runny or not too firm, it has the right amount of viscosity and world well with all types of chain saw components. The tube it comes in is also transparent so you know exactly how much you apply on to the chain saw. All this goodness also makes the life of the chainsaw prolong a bit longer. 



  • Easy to use

  • Product made for the purpose of chain saw

  • Great resistance against weather

  • The container it comes in is plastic and is a bit fragile. So the possibility of it breaking is a bit high.

4. Oregon 54-026 Bar and Chain Oil

Oregon 54-026 Bar and Chain Oil

Oregon is a brand that specializes in producing lubricants for chain saws. They believe motor oil and grease are not meant to be used for chains as chain saws require a more viscous fluid that takes care of all the traction and friction that is involved with a chainsaw. So this product, Oregon 54-026 is a lubricant that specializes in preventing chainsaws from experiencing any wear and tear. Also they provide great protection against throw off. Since its viscosity is perfect for a chain saw it’s not so hard to reach spots that you might otherwise find difficult with other lubricants. 



  • All season lubricant

  • Made for the most demands jobs of a chain saw

  • Extended chain saw life

  • Easy to use

  • Since the consistency is a bit runny than motor oil you may run through a gallon of this lubricant in no time.

5. Tri-Flow Superior Lubricants

Tri-Flow Superior Lubricants

This lubricant is more like a doctor for your chainsaw than just a lubricant. This will help clean and make sure there is less friction in the chain saw. Since this has low viscosity it’s easy for this lube to reach every little area in tha chain saw and make sure that the entire system is fully lubricated. It can also work exponentially well under a wide temperature unlike some normal chainsaw lubricants. This is because, itis made from petroleum oil which gives it the necessary characteristics to function under various temperatures. 



  • A push stick comes with it.

  • It comes with a gauge with a miter.

  • It comes with a port for dust storage.

  • It comes with your rear feet.

  • It comes with telescopic rails for fencing.

  • Quite heavy

Things to Consider when buying the lube for radial arm saw 

Since there is a lot of confusion over the perfect lubricant for a chain saw many factors have to be taken into consideration while choosing one for you. Here are some things that you have to look for while buying a chain saw lubricant.



Chainsaw like any other power tool is a delicate instrument and requires a lot of care. A simple mistake even while cleaning the tool could lead to a serious injury or resulting in you damaging the tool itself. So it’s only right that you give the treatment when it comes to maintaining the device. It is also advisable to know what your tool requires and choose a lubricant that goes well with your tool. 

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