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Buying router bits is an important decision, regardless of whether you are a professional woodworker or a hobbyist. After all, these are not something you can go out and buy every day, and nor do you simply plan to throw a set that you have actually invested time and energy on. You are looking for something that works well enough to get the job done, and lasts long enough to not make you look for other options within a month.

When looking for quality router bits at affordable prices, have you checked out the router bits from Magnate Tools yet? The brand Magnate is known for delivering a wide range of premium quality router bits almost at wholesale prices. 

The target customers of the brand are furniture and cabinet manufacturers and customer builders, and it has been making these workmen pretty happy for quite a long time now.

There are lot of Rail and Stile router bits which are also good for cabinet and furniture manufacturing but If you are planning to give Magnate router bits a shot, then take a look at the detailed product review of the top five products of the brand

Top 5 Magnate Router Bits

1. Magnate 2706 Surface Planing Router Bit

Magnate 2706 Surface Planing Router Bit

Going by the popular consensus and user preferences, Magnate 2706 Surface Planing Router Bit is actually the best one available out there for planning. It has carbide tip manufacturing, which means that the durability aspect has been taken care of by the brand.

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2706 router bit is the best value for your money. It gets the job done effectively, but does not make you empty your pockets for that reason.

It works just as well on the softwoods as it does on the hardwoods. Just make sure that you are careful with it when it is on the router and unplugging is necessary at the time of making adjustments, or else you might hurt yourself seriously.



  • Goes well with a variety of routers making it a flexible choice for you

  • The lack of availability of good quality two inches bits in the market

  • Does a great job at an affordable rate to ensure you get value for money

  • Extremely help company with a highly responsive customer care service

  • Can be controlled by the user-friendly PathPilot system

  • The bottom is not flat but rather concave in shape

  • Not the router bit to use for surfacing a spoil board

2. Magnate 2715 Surface Planing Router Bit

Magnate 2715 Surface Planing Router Bit

Another great product from Magnate, 2715 lives up to the reputation that the brand has built for itself. Like almost all of Magnate products, the price point is amazingly cheap and the quality that you receive for that price is what makes it so popular. The router bit is highly recommended if you are going for square groove cutting and spoil board surfacing. In fact, you can also use it to mill flat, square, or round stock on the milling machines.

One of the USPs of the product is that it does not wobble while cutting. So, there are lower chances of making a mistake and hurting yourself. As long as you are making small cuts, the machine will work just fine and you will get the precision you want.

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  • Works perfectly fine and gives the right results when taking small cuts

  • Cuts and spits out wood perfectly without any wobble while woodworking

  • The price point is certainly an advantage for this Magnate router bit

  • Does not lose its edge even after continuous usage for a long time

  • Can be controlled by the user-friendly PathPilot system

  • It has random tear-outs even with light planning

  • More suited to the amateurs and hobbyists than a professional

3. Magnate 2709 Surface Planing Router Bit

Magnate 2709 Surface Planing Router Bit

If you are a professional looking for a great surface planing bit, then 2709 is one of the best router bits for surface planning. You will hardly ever find something that is this durable and hardy at this price range. You can use it on hardwood, plywood, or softwood, as you wish, and the results will be equally great. It does tend to get stuck on the grains in the cookie projects, but it is almost perfect for the slabs.

You will have to make sure that everything has been clamped down perfectly and take small cuts with it. The bit still works fast enough and it will get the job done just as you want it to.



  • The perfect tool for the professionals because it can take a beating like no other

  • Extremely dependable quality on offer at a really reasonable price

  • A durable product that has been precision ground and tempered

  • Not the router bit you should use on an end grain project

  • Tends to dig into the grains and makes the work unsafe

4. Magnate 2705 Surface Planing Router Bit

Magnate 2705 Surface Planing Router Bit

Magnate 2705 is made for planing wood surfaces with horizontal motions. It is not meant to go straight down in the way that a drill does. The bit works well on almost all kinds of wood, but the best results can be found on softwood. You can use it for both slabs and cookie projects, which is definitely a plus. The bit is carbide tipped, which means that the brand has taken care of both durability and precision aspects of it.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind here is that the planning has to be done in small steps. The precision will not be a worry if you do not go over 1/8” in a single pass.



  • Works well on both slabs and end grain cutting boards to give good results

  • Good quality offered by the brand for an affordable price point

  • Works perfectly fine and gives the right results when taking small cuts

  • Cuts and spits out wood perfectly without any wobble while woodworking

  • Gets dull when used for a prolonged time period

  • Tends to dig into the grains and makes the work unsafe

5. Magnate 3505 Rabbeting Router Bit

Magnate 3505 Rabbeting Router Bit

The first thing that you will notice in this bit is that it is huge. But, do not let that make you think that it will not work or there will issues while spinning it fast. It is controllable and lets you cut as deep and wide as you want. This has the same issue that most Magnate router bits have: the cutting is great as long as you go slowly. Rushing it would not produce the precision that you want.

The bit is made to ensure easy wood joining and shearing cuts brazed at the right angles. Even biscuit joints and lap joints are easy to do with this one. The carbide tip and carbon steel body come together to ensure durability. It is a good ¾” bit at an affordable range. 



  • An excellent heavy-duty rabbeting bit that gets your job well done

  • Does not lose the sharp edge even after being used over time

  • A great product given how difficult it is to find good ¾” bits

  • Dependable quality on offer at a really reasonable price

  • Difficulty in removing the bearing screws might be an issue

  • The other bearings do not come with the packaging


Now You have the choice among five top magnate router bits for your upcoming woodworking projects. Magnate has a good mix of products for both professionals and amateurs, which adds to the popularity of the brand. The prices are kept reasonable and you might even get good discounts during sales season. So, choose Magnate router bits according to your skill level and get to work.

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