Makita 5007mg VS 5007mga : Which Is Circular Saw?

Today we are going to discuss the differences, usefulness, pros and cons, and more about two different circular saw models. A circular saw is one of the most needed power tools in the woodworking industry. So, if you are here to get a better suggestion of replacing your older tool or you are a total beginner in this field, you must always get the tools for your projects.

Talking about the tools, the quality of a product greatly depends on its brand reliability/reputation. One such trustworthy brand when it is about getting its kind circular saw is Makita. So, in this article, we are going to check out how Makita 5007Mg differs(if any) from Makita 5007Mga. Which one is better? Well, for that you have to keep reading.

Basically, both these saws are almost alike concerning their performance, longevity, and additional features. The notable difference between the two is that Makita 5007Mg does not feature an electric brake, whereas Makita 5007Mga does.

Below we have provided an overview section mentioning some basic details of both the circular saws. Other than that both are individually described followed by a vivid comparison between these two saws. So, let’s get started!

Overview Table of Makita 5007Mg Vs Makita 5007Mga

Makita 5007Mg

Makita 5007Mga

Made of long lasting magnesium components

Made of heavy duty magnesium components

Light in weight, weighing around 10.6 pounds

Lightweight, weighing around 10.6 pounds

Features a 15 AMP motor and 5,800 RPM

Features a 15 AMP motor and 5,800 RPM

Has 2 built-in LED lights

Has 2 integrated LED lights


The electric brake acts as a safety feature to stop the blade instantly

Makita 5007Mg

Makita 5007Mg

Makita 5007Mg, in one word, is a solid investment, when it comes to choosing a circular saw. The heavy duty magnesium construction delivers a sturdy machine that is designed to withstand the test of time. The thing about this saw is, in spite of being robust, it does not weigh much. That means you can consider it a lightweight circular saw option, and it is a good fit for the professionals who are mostly on the move.

The power supply of the 15 AMP motor is consistent enough. Plus, you get a reliable speed of around 5,800 RPMs, which is more than adequate to handle almost any project you can dream of. These altogether make this tool a suitable choice both for the pro-grade users and the newbies.

Overall, Makita 5007Mg is a user-friendly, typically beginner-friendly, power saw. To make your work easier even in the low light conditions, the saw comes with a pair of integrated LED lights in the vicinity of the blade, which provides clearer vision to the user. So, you can stay rest assured about cutting your workpiece just as accurately and precise as needed.



  • Long lasting

  • Powerful

  • Light in weight

  • Has no electric brake

Makita 5007Mga

Makita 5007Mga

Makita 5007Mga has nothing much to say about as it features almost everything that is discussed under the Makita 5007Mg model. The only principal difference between 5007Mg and 5007Mga is that the latter model consists of an electric brake. Other than that, 5007Kga is also a durable cum light circular saw option. Plus, its sturdy magnesium construction ensures its longevity. The solid 15 AMP motor with speed delivery of around 5,800 RPM, two inbuilt LED lights located near the blade to provide a cleaner vision during the cut, are the other features similar to 5007Mg.

The electric brake, which creates the ultimate distinction between 5007Mg and 5007Mga, is solely designed as a safety feature to help the user immediately stop the blade within a push of the button. This is a really handy feature for the users who have but little work to do with their new saw. 



  • Lasts longer

  • Powerful

  • Easy to carry

  • Quite expensive

How Do They Differ?


Better: No comparison

Both the Makita models deliver performance alike. If you want to compare 5007Mg with 5007Mga, then there is not any. Since both the saws feature the same 15 AMP motor with the same speed limit of 5,800 RPMs, there is no such visible difference in the performance between the two. Otherwise, both are solid choices; you will be guaranteed a reliable cum consistent performance irrespective of whichever of the two you buy. 


Better: No comparison

It is not necessary that the costly tools last longer than the cost-effective ones. In this case, both the Makita models are incomparably durable. Rest assured you will get more or less similar longevity from either of the models. So, if longevity is your primary concern, then you may go for any of the two: 5007Mg or 5007Mga. Note: Regardless of what model you purchase, you will get uncompared durability that is ensured by the infusion of magnesium components in the making of the machine. This gives you a sturdy product without adding extra weight to it so that you experience all the benefits of a professional circular saw.

Electric Brake

Better: Makita 5007Mga

So far, you must be clear about the fact that Makita 5007Mga differs by only factor from the5007Mg model, that is the electric brake. This is the only feature where all the differences come down to.

Well, the function of the electric brake is to stop the blade at an instant, with the push of the brake button. It is basically a safety feature, which is a plus point to any power tool. It is generally recommended to look for the safety features in any power or manual tool before purchasing it. Without this feature, the blade will take some time to come to rest even though the saw is already powered off. However, that does not make the Makita 5007Mg a less wanted one on the market. People mostly go for 5007Mga because of its beginner-friendly nature that makes it a safer tool for both the skilled users and newbies.

Note: If you are not a regular user or use the saw for minor cutting works only, then the saw with the electric brake is just a waste of money. Simply go for the 5007Mg. Conversely, if you are a dedicated circular ular saw user doing heavy duty cutting jobs, then 5007Mga is the one that awaits you. Though it costs much, it saves your time. Otherwise, you can patiently wait for the 5007Mg blade to come to a complete stop after every use. 

Additional Features

Better: No comparison As mentioned above, both Makita 5007Mg and Makita 5007Mga are alike in terms of every feature, functioning, weight, speed, and more. The only difference is the electric brake that you get in the 5007Mga model. Otherwise, there is nothing extra to be seen in either of these two saws. The presence of inbuilt LED lights in both the saws make the operation more easier and accurate for the user, even in the low light conditions. The LEDs are fitted close to the blade to enhance your vision and allow you to cut the workpiece more accurately.


Better: Makita 5007MgSince 5007Mga comes with an added feature, that is the electric brake, it too comes with an added price. So, it is costlier than Makita 5007Mg. Hope you now know where the added expense for 5007Mga is going to. This is the reason why you should decide whether you really need the electric brake integrated saw for your projects or the one without it(electric brake) will do the work equally well.

From Users Viewpoint

While some users have to say that the Makita 5007Mga is just a waste of some added bucks just for the sake of getting the “electric brake” feature in one’s saw. Makita 5007Mg has got the maximum vote in terms of budget management as well as application. However, talking about the application, both the saws work equally well. Otherwise, both the models have been equally liked by the users. Many even have to say that after getting the Makita saw, you will not have to seek another circular saw. The power supply, a good speed limit, and the presence of a pair LED lights have been much appreciated by the users. The lightweight, of both the models, is another undeniable feature noted by the users as it offered accurate lines of cut without causing a real hassle.

However, no tool is universally perfect or ever preferred by all. Several users complained about the high price range of Makita 5007Mga. While some reported that the blade guard does not retract during cutting. Some found the saw design to be cumbersome, despite it being lightweight. 


Well, neither of the above two circular saw is more efficient nor better than the other. The choice might vary based on one’s personal preference or one’s level of experience in handling a saw. While both the Makita saws are almost alike, we would suggest to go with 5007Mga. Why? This is because of its electric brake which makes it a safer option, typically for the beginners. However, Makita 5007Mg is also a beginner-friendly choice, as mentioned earlier in this article.

On the other hand, if you are running on a tight budget, then simply go for 5007Mg as it is a versatile option for both the professionals and the tenderfoots. 

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