MillRight CNC M3 Review: Comprehensive Detailed Breakdown of it’s Quality

MillRight CNC M3 is a desktop CNC router that can be used by anyone from a beginner to a Professional woodworker. Before giving a detailed review, we must confess that we have used this machine and this is sure going to amaze you. Millright M3 is a 3 axis kit which is both practical and comes at an affordable budget. This is why M3 was also mentioned in our list of the best CNC mill under 10k. Running on powerful Nema stepper motors, you are going to enjoy this machine. 

Let’s dig deep and discuss the MillRight CNC M3 router in detail. 

General Area of Application

MillRight CNC M3 Review

The desktop CNC miller is a standard kit. As we mentioned earlier, It comes along with a simple 3-axis part, including the power and cost-cutting combination.

The premium stepper motors, 9 mm fiberglass design are just add ons. It plays on the Arduino UNO control board system. This allows it to move the table through one axis and spindle in the other ones.

You can also notice that it comes with a laser-cut, anodized with aluminum plates. These two concrete features make it even more robust over the competitors.

Instead of belts in the two-dimensional axes, it allows the screw on all the axes. Precision and straight application are very well-designed for it.You can use the machine to hone your woodworking skills or even use this machine over plastics and soft metal. 

Industrial Purpose

There are a lot of applications of Millright CNC M3 in industries like Automotive or Aerospace engineering. The former one requires a higher and power production with SPM.

Smaller components are the possible ideal scenario for M3. Proper accuracy and little strokes work well for the industry. Also, the cost is less with them, so it is more approachable over others.

The easy arrangement of parts also contributes to the machinery. When it comes to aerospace, the 3 axes kit is the perfect candidate for the task to be done within the stipulated period.

The robustness comes within because of the spindles and the stepping motors. Eliminating any chances of the backlash it makes the job quite smoother for the men.

Training Aims by Several Institutions

Universities can let their students have some practical machinery experiences. With the easy application, they will get to feel the use of a CNC router in a much hassle- freeway.

Their knowledge will develop, and perspective will be taking appropriate shapes over time. The experience of how the industry operates and how they put to use these machines will be uncovered for them. 

Pursuits of Hobby

With these machines, giving shape to your favorite models, parts, and accessories is not so difficult anymore. Of course, with a high-quality finish and unique design.

This is one smart milling that lives up to the industry standards. Without even broadening your budget area, you can cover a lot of variant materials with M3. 

A Thorough Review

Features (standard, comes with the CNC router):

  • The anodized aluminum pivot plates come with a laser-cut pattern.
  • There are V slot-rails over the 2-D plane, including acetal V-wheels.
  • Linear bearing blocks added with the linear rods in the 3-dimensional axis.
  • The MDF frame is routed CNC. 
  •  NEMA 17 stepper motors with High torque.
  • GT2 timing belts are 9mm fiberglass-reinforced. 
  • Mechanically developed belt-driven Z-axis to lift faster.
  • The changing bed design is efficient for spacing.
  • The easy-peasy task holding comes from the pronged tee nuts in the bed.
  • The USB controller board consists of Generic Uno.
  • The driver shield is compatible with the Grbl stepper.
  • DRV8825 drivers
  • 24V-120 power wattage.
  • Dimensional area: 10.25”×10.25”×2”.
  • Materials covered: Plastic, Wood, foam, carbon-fiber, circuit-boards, also goes for softer metals

Additional Features ( Cost-effective)

  • The Black-King Starboard ST, for the excellent look and feel and is watertight against damp and cutting fluids.
  • A black painting that is immune to cutting-oils and also the mist.
  • The Homing switch kits with 3 no.s of snap- switches, brackets, hardware, and wiring. 
  • Wire-splicing and connector-crimping are wanted with the previous ascent.
  • Rigidity-kit comes with two additional V-wheels for the plate in the x-axis.
  •  Also, three no.s of 10 threaded-rods for frame rigidity.
  • Lastly, the Stage-2 rigidity-kit covers the steel block plates instead of the anodized aluminum made plates. The stainless steel made plates are a lot firmer than the aluminum.

Multi-dimensional Millright CNC Router

MillRight CNC M3 Review

The M3 from MillRight CNC product line is another desktop CNC milling machine to be available at a very reasonable price. It can be implemented in the areas of softwood, hardwood, plastics, PCBs, aluminum, and so many others. The hardware requisites are included in the home CNC machine package.


If you are a novice in the business of CNC, then you might find M3 quite interesting and enthusiastic. You can apply it to a wide range of materials, and at what? Affordable pricing. In fact, the price tag is one of the most important selling points for MillRight. Starting from only $499, customers value it for the best and apt pricing in CNC.

Fine Product, even for a Beginner

The easy assembly and automated power supply add up to the fact that this is one brilliant CNC machinery. Even for some of you, who are only starting with CNC, it can be really intuitive. Pursuing a hobby or engaging in serious work, using MillRight CNC is going to get half the job done.

Standard & Quality Performance

Customers have stated that the capability of the Millright CNC M3 router is outstanding in meeting their requirements. They might not be advertised about cutting through steel and stone, but some users have tried and got fabulous results. In addition to that, you won’t be needing any kind of power tools for M3 construction. Checking through the company website, you can find brutally honest reviews about the product. Fortunately, they are all indicating a positive direction.

Some Pros & Cons to Get Acquainted with

If you have made a decision already, then this section will be going to help you further. Get a more informed knowledge from the pros and cons of Millright product that we’re gonna unleash. 


  • Availability at a reasonable price.
  • The package includes the DWP611 router and of course mount.
  • Can mill over a wide range of substances like soft and hardwood, PCB pads, plastics, aluminum, etc.
  • The fascinating thing is the pre-loaded Grbl, so you won’t be needing any additional software.
  • Good for hobby pursuance as the Autodesk Fusion 360 is here to provide design and toolpaths.
  • The universal G code sender makes the task a lot accessible.
  • The Proboards Customer Discussion space is pretty active 24X7, so you can get help anytime and anywhere.
  • The switch kit, protective painted frame and firming kit you won’t find anywhere else, nor even the primitive models.
  • It comes with all the necessary hardware equipment that you will ever need, much relief to your sore muscles.
  • Customers often talk about their experience with higher durability and quality of performance.


  • It is not a CNC that will work for beginners. You have to have prior experience as this does not come that easy.
  • It does not include stage 2 upgrade options.

Final Words

If you are willing to purchase a basic CNC  router to pursue a hobby, then Millright CNC is your best choice.

As the scenario is becoming too competitive in milling situations, a CNC machine might be the rescue option for all of us. This was our take on the MillRight M3 CNC router. 

The intuitive manuals they provide will be very helpful in creating the hobby you’ve always dreamt of. This could be your low-cost CNC milling option if you can give it a try. 

The company offers Millright M3 to academic institutions with tooling up solutions. This practical training will gather them a bag of knowledge which will be valuable for their futuristic job prospects.  

If you are going through an insufficient allowance of sawdust and aluminum shavings, a CNC milling is yet to enter your life.

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