Miter Saw Blade in 2022

You can use a miter saw for a variety of guards and to work with a variety of materials. But if you want to get the most out of your machine, you need a miter saw blade that is compatible not only with your machine, but also well suited for the job that you want to do.

Here is a list of the miter saw blades available in the market right now, along with a buying guide to select the one for your unique requirements. 

Miter Saw Blades

1. Freud Miter Saw Blade : Miter Saw Blade Overall

Freud Miter Saw Blade

This 12-inch Freud miter saw blade is 0.091 in thickness and offers 6000 RPM. It is one of the choices for miter saw blades not just because of its performance, but also because how effortless cutting with this blade is. The blade saves machine power and uses less energy to cut more efficiently. Additionally, it also saves material by wasting less between the cuts. The blade remains completely silent and vibration free during the operation. Even when you are working with hard oak or pine wood, you can rest assured that not only will the blade operate without any noise, but the cuts will be precise as well. It does not need a lot of sharpening, and one sanding is enough for a month’s worth of usage. Although the price may be a little bit high for some people, the performance and longevity of the blade ensures it is worth every penny. 



  • Draws less powered

  • Completely vibration free

  • Can be used with hard materials

  • Does not need a lot of maintenance

  • May be a little expensive for some people 

2. DEWALT Miter Saw Blade : Premium Pick

DEWALT Miter Saw Blade

The 12-inch blade package by DEWALT contains two types of blades, and is therefore, extremely versatile. Both of the blades are 12 inches, but one of them has 80 teeth for giving you finer cuts, and the other one has 32 teeth for performing trim work. Both the products are extremely durable and come with long warranty periods. The blade with 80 teeth is perfect for cutting hardwoods, and does not produce a lot of vibration while working.

There is also no chipping or damaging of material. It is well suited for projects where you need to cut materials of variable density and hardness, as this blanket can tolerate them easily.The 32 teeth blade has a wedged shoulder which minimizes the risk of breakage. It is suitable for making finer cuts. Both the blades offer RPM all 6000, which is enough to move through hard and soft materials with ease. They’re also made of tungsten carbide which is an extremely durable material and will last you for a very long time with little maintenance. 



  • Affordable package of two blades

  • Versatile usage

  • Come with a long warranty period

  • Both the blades are enclosed in a case for extra protection

  • The blades cannot be sharpened over and over again 

3. TWIN-TOWN Saw Blade : Budget Pick


This miter saw blade features 80 tungsten carbide teeth that are not only accurate and precise when it comes to making cuts, but will also last you a very long time. The blade also has a 2.5 mm kerf with which not only increases the accuracy common but also leads to minimal wastage of material.

One of the most unique features of this blade is that it has laser cut stabilizer vents which reduce the noise and vibrations when you are working with the blade. The C4 construction grade carbide feet also provide maximum resistance and increase the life of the blade by three times.

You can use this blade for ripping and cross cutting in a variety of materials, like hardwood, soft word, plywood, and chipboards. It gives you a speed of 5000 RPM and the blade is also warp resistant. The one drawback on this blade is that it gives you a lot of tear out, no matter what type of wood you are using. 



  • Tungsten carbide teeth

  • Accurate and precise cuts

  • Warp resistance

  • Reduced noise

  • Lots of tear outs

  • Needs a lot of maintenance

Other Great Picks

4. Concord Blades Miter Saw Blade

Concord Blades Miter Saw Blade

This Is a universal blade with one-inch arbor and can be used with a 12-inch saw. not only can you use this blade with a miter saw, but it is also compatible with chop saws and hand saws. The blade is made of titanium carbide and has a maximum speed of 4450 RPM, which is enough to work with hard as well as soft wood.

The titanium carbide material used for making the blade we lost you for a very long time, especially compared to tungsten blades. The blade has 120 teeth, which allow it to make fine cuts on any type of material and do this without chipping. You can also do trim work with this blade without any stress.

The blade also has a thin kerf which gives it a smooth finish and results in minimal wastage of material. The lower hook angle of the blade improves its surface quality when it comes to making the cuts, and also increases the feed pressure. 



  • Can be used with miter saws, chop saws, and hand saws

  • Has a universal cutting capacity

  • Is extremely affordable

  • Lasts very long

  • Does not come with any warranty 

5. Hitachi Miter Saw Blade

Hitachi Miter Saw Blade

If you want a miter saw blade with extremely fine cutting capacity, this Hitachi blade is the one for you. The 10-inch blade has 72 teeth and gives you perfectly clean cuts. It is made of tungsten blade and has carbide tips which not only enhance the performance of the blade, but also considerably increase its durability and longevity. This blade is also suited for seamless angle cuts on any type of crown base or moldings. The 72 teeth also create smooth cross cuts through any kind of wood and because of the carbide tips, this blade remains extremely sharp even after using it dozens of times. It has a 0.098-inch kerf width which is just perfect for making excellent cuts.

Having said that, it must be noted that the lower teeth count gives you slightly rougher finish compared to other products on this list. Although most of the cards by this blade are precise and beautiful, some of them can be a bit jagged or uneven. The blade is also a bit loud compared to other products. 



  • Made of long-lasting material

  • Gives precise cuts

  • Has tungsten carbide tips

  • Can cut through any type of wood

  • Can be a bit loud

  • Some cuts can be jagged or uneven

6. Makita 80-Teeth Miter saw Blade

Makita 80-Teeth Miter saw Blade

The universal blade by Makita is 10 inches in size and has 80 teeth. It can be used with any type of woody material, from hardwood to laminate boards and softwoods. No matter what material you work with, the blade works brilliantly to give you a clean finish. It is also extremely long lasting and maintains its fine finish even after using it dozens of times.

The blade has micro grain tips which make it stand out from other types of blades. Carbide teeth are also hardened and hand tensioned, which give it besides control over cutting and also increase the durability of the blade. The 0.091 kerf thickness also results in increase in accuracy and minimal wastage of material.

The 80 teeth also make sure that the blade gives you smooth cross cuts. Having said that, there are certain things you should be mindful about when buying this blade. First of all, it wears out quite quickly so you’ll need to sharpen it regularly. Moreover, when using the blade, it makes a loud whistling sound which may be annoying for some people. 



  • Quite affordable

  • Can be used for any type of wood material

  • Gives precise and accurate cuts

  • Minimal wastage of material

  • Can be a bit loud

  • Needs regular maintenance

7. CMT Miter Saw Blade

CMT Miter Saw Blade

This eight-and-a-half-inch miter saw blade is perfect for small scale miter saws. It is made from tungsten and is one of the toughest blades out there. It is especially useful for professionals, because it can resist damage even with continuous commercial grade usage. The teeth on this blade are placed in a unique combination, that is, 1FTG + 2ATB, which makes this blade capable of performing accurate and precise cuts for a very long time. You can use this tool for cutting conventional soft and hardwoods, as well as critical word materials, melamine boards, and two-sided laminating boards. Although it is not a completely silent and vibration free blade, it only makes a humming sound when it is being operated which is quite tolerable. The blade also needs very little maintenance and sanding, and it has a durable finish. 



  • Comes in a protective case

  • Does not need sanding very often

  • Gives precise and accurate cuts

  • Has a durable, long lasting finish

  • Is not completely silent, creates a humming sound when being operated

8. CRAFTSMAN Miter Saw Blade

CRAFTSMAN Miter Saw Blade

The CRAFTSMAN combo of two blades comes from a line of products that is known for high quality and extremely good performance. This package contains 1 ripper blade that has 24 teeth, and another miter saw blade that has 60 teeth. Both the blades are heat treated and also have a carbide tip. This ensures that the tips of the teeth remain sharp and accurate for a very long time.

The tips also have corrosion resistant coating which prevents damage and rusting. Both the blades are also extremely durable and the miter saw blade produces accurate and precise cuts. Having said that, because it only has 60 teeth, the cards are not very fine and can be a bit on the rougher side.

Moreover, it also produces some noise while being operated, which can be unpleasant for some people. When you first get the blades out of the package, you will need to scrape off the gooey coating before you can get cracking, which can also be a bit annoying. 



  • Comes with a ripper blade and miter saw blade

  • Heat treated for preventing warping

  • Last for a very long time due to corrosion resistant coating

  • Carbide tips provide accurate cuts

  • Cuts can be a little rough due to the decreased number of teeth

  • Blade can be noisy

  • Gooey residue needs to be scraped off before putting it to wore

9. Bosch Miter Saw Blade

Bosch Miter Saw Blade

When it comes to power tools, Bosch has established its presence as one of the most reliable brands, and this miter saw blade is just one example of their excellent lineup of products. The blade has a standard 10-inch diameter and has 24 teeth along its edges. The decreased number of teeth make it suitable for ripping all kinds of materials, from plywood to hardwood. Moreover, the teeth on the blade are made with triple sharped, c4, micro grain carbide.

As a result, what you get is an excellent finish, paired with long lasting blade life. The tool is also coated with a speed coat finish that reduces friction and the pitch buildup helps achieve effortless and fast cutting experience, even if you are working with a wet workpiece. The 5 by 8-inch arbor of the blade is suitable for most types of machines. The tool comes with one year of warranty period as well. 



  • Good warranty period

  • Superior quality blade

  • Speed code finish helps achieve effortless cutting experience

  • Less number of teeth

  • May not be suitable for heavy applications

10. Neiko Miter Saw Blade

Neiko Miter Saw Blade

This inexpensive miter saw blade from Neiko is 12 inches in diameter and has carbide tipped teeth. It also has 80 teeth which offer precise and accurate cuts, no matter what kind of material you are working with. The blade has a speed of 5000 RPM which is pretty fast and quite suitable for professional as well as hobbyist requirements. The carbide teeth on the blade also have a very high abrasion resistance, which prevents chipping or breakage of teeth even when we are working with hard materials.

The blade also comes with heat sustaining capacity, which prevents warping and gives you smoother cuts. The high number of teeth also ensures that your cuts are clean and precise. The one-inch armor, along with a 20mm arbor reducer ensure that the product fits with almost any kind of machine. All in all, it’s a pretty great, inexpensive option for those who are under a tight budget. 



  • Inexpensive

  • Large blade diameter

  • Heat sustaining and high abrasion resistance

  • Accurate and precise cuts

  • Not suitable for heavy applications

  • Does not come with a warranty

Buying guide 

Here are the most important factors worth considering before you buy a miter saw blade

Blade size

The compatibility of a blade with a particular machine is dependent on the size of the blade. There are many machines that support a variety of different blade sizes, but there are many that need a specific blade size to work properly. If you own a miter saw of the latter kind, check the compatible blade size for the machine and then buy one.

Blade material

The material from which the blade has been manufactured affects the durability. It is also the deciding factor for the materials that can be cut by the blade. Moreover, heat treated materials should be preferred because they do not get affected by high frictional heat that may be produced when you are cutting. 

Number of teeth

The teeth of the blade are the side of operation when you are cutting. They also encounter opposing forces, heat, and friction. If the number of teeth is high, there is a good chance that stress concentration on a particular part of the blade will be less.

However, it should be noted that an increase in the number of teeth decreases the strength of individual teeth. As a result, the blade will not be able to work on tougher materials. That is why, you should consider what kind of project you will be working at and pick the blade with the appropriate number of teeth accordingly. 


The kerf thickness of the blade besides the amount of material lost during the cutting process. If the thickness increases, more material will be lost, but it also means that the blades have higher durability and strength. You can also use thicker kerf blades on harder materials, whereas thinner blades can only be used on softer materials.

Therefore, make sure you know what kind of material and project you need to work on before choosing the right kerf thickness. 


A miter saw blade is an extremely important part of a wood workshop. You will need this blade when you are working with your miter saw and no matter the kind of application, if your blade is well suited and compatible with your machine, it will require a lot less manual effort and time to do the job. Therefore, consider your requirements carefully before picking up one of the blades mentioned above. 

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