MySweety CNC 1610 Review: A Detailed Breakdown of this DIY Machine

CNC devices depend on a network of three dimensional and three rotational axes to measure the movement and orientation of computer parts and workpieces. The computer control unit regulates and guides the motion of a machine tool.

The section frequently defines PTP placement, which shifts to an end position until the device starts to cut, and simultaneous direction schemes, which can change the tool around two or even more axes simultaneously cut through travel. One of the best CNC routers for any beginner is the MySweet 1610 which comes in a compact package suitable for both newbies and pros. 

Product Name

Materials Machined

Standout Features


Value For Money

Wood, Plastics, Ivory, Leather, Ceramic, Stone

Control Software Is GRBL, Supported In Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10. Has A High Speed 775 Spindle Motor

Wood , Plastic And Related Items. No Hard Metal

Control Software GRBL Which Is Compatible With Windows XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10. Supported By Offline Controller

In comparison, closed-loop systems receive input, whereas accessible-loop systems do not provide input. CNC machines used to make several products with a range of different procedures. With appropriate training, a human operator could use CNC technology to make precise parts with a reduced risk for error. Consumers must be able to explain standard components for CNC machines and control while completing this lesson.

Initial Impressions of MYSWEETY 1610 



A 1610 CNC MY SWEETY is a solid machine. The box comes packaged very well and includes all the pieces and few extras accessories for setting up the router. . All of the pieces were well machined, accurately cut, and clear. The plastic parts tend to be ABS and are injection molded except the 3D-printed gantry or spindle brace (Just wished the printer would be that accurate). Even though the vendor recommends that one should follow the English instructions, it is not required since the same files get included both on the mini CD-ROM or USB drives.

What’s inside

Though the notes are limited in written, the informative images and diagrams are more than enough to lead anyone through the setup quickly. Many guys imitate the photos but pay more attention to the readings in the images for accurate placement. The only piece of technology I’ve had issues with was a power source. Unless for some reason, it would seem that many of 110v plug finishes of china don’t fit well against US outlet sockets; they are made from substantial prongs that readily unplug or fall out of another socket. It was an easy fix, however, because I had a cable from some other power supply that matches this one as well.

Brief Overview

All in all, it’s a fantastic product, and the CD has some exciting features that have a learning curve for me. MySweety 1610 comes with GRBL Control of CNC milling and also the old version with ARTCam, which was interesting 2.5D milling, Copper Cam for the circuit construction, and LiteFire for the use of 1610 as just a laser engraver. The board supports an external laser package. I have not yet done it, all the way via the software, so challenging to say about it much, even though it seems functional and useful. There is a lot to learn to practice in this field. I bought this machine for the intention of cutting inlays for guitars, to which I think this is going to work beautifully. 

Workwise Performance

This CNC machine device is quite lightweight, that’s not going to be used in steel, but for woods and plastics, it’s able to do a good job. As a beginner, the machine needs to master the basics of CNC composite materials. It glows because its open design enables you to see the effects of adjustments you render while tramming to the axis readily, and problem shooting to any issues should be more comfortable. Mistakes that happen as you learn to automate will be easier to repair and will cost significantly less than a computer style output.

The package came with a Dvd, It will have the assembly instructions and then all the applications used. The directions were easy to comprehend, even if there were little written words to study. Look at the photos to make them look the same as in everyday life. There is only one dimension that needs to have been pretty accurate during installation. 

The guide points out how the horizontal legs must be 46.5MM (1.83) “from either the rear of the side rail. I had a convenient dial caliper, so it was simple for me. When you don’t have either, the gap is not as significant as the reality that both legs ought to be the same width from the rear of side rails. Use the tape measure to be as precise as you want to be

MY SWEETY Updated version CNC 1610 Pro Review

MySweety CNC 1610 Review: A Detailed Review of Engraving Machine

The GRBL operating area is 16x10x4.5 centimeters; it has 775 spindle engines (12-36V) 24V:10000r / minute. The CNC 1610 Pro-Application software supports Win 8/Win 10/Windows XP / Win 7. It is Portable & affordable with a very affordable CNC Router Kit, a CNC 1610-PRO, is also an updated version of 1610, with the same excellent performance as 1610, in a portable yet inexpensive. This engraving tool can be etched with rubber, iron, acrylic, PVC, PCB, timber, and the like. Drill bit can’t engrave tough metal, jade, or some other hard material. The key has two benefits of the offline device DATA-1, you don’t need to link to the pc; 2, do not have to access files.

This engraving MYSWEETY Upgrade Version CNC 1610 machine built to engrave weaker materials including rubber, wood, acrylic, or PVC. But also has a 775 rotor generator, a T8 drilled stainless steel lead screws, and the double copper bolts, which help to prevent retaliation. This system provides Mac and Windows personal computers, and it has a 260x240x220 millimeters frame size. The unit comes with not only the tool, but it also comes with a 10-piece PCB cutter or four mounted boards. While this does not include device route development or PBB image processor, GRBL technology gets included.

MYSWEETY Upgrade Version CNC 1610 kit fits easily without any guidance, proving it as an excellent product at a low price. You should be careful, diligent, and must be familiar with mechanical work, and hopefully, you should have a pretty good understanding of how it functions. E.g., after adding the linear bearings & rails to a bed, I spent around five iterations loosening everything except one portion, realigning all else relative to a certain segment and locking everything back such that the bed can slip easily and instead make a final adjustment with a micrometer to match it up compared to the rest of a rig. It’s just one component of the setup and does not include the use/software element of issues that are entirely different. 



  • It is Compact and lightweight

  • It has a Durable design

  • It is a Reliable pace for quick and precise cutting

  • The Aluminum sheet (100 x 180 mm) which increases toughness and stability

  • It is simple to set up, partially installed

  • Instructions have to be followed strictly.

  • The machine is a little costly.


What about the instructions given on the machine?

The assembly instructions are simple, concise, and easily understood. One day, I assembled it completely. Follow them carefully.

What is the use of a manual?

The aperture priority board is awkward to figure out; however, the CNC will have no limit switches! A manual regulation can be used to push it out of its bounds and possibly cause harm to it.

What all restrictions are there to take care of?

On many occasions, I have to pull its power cord to avoid damage. To master the controls, I adjusted all three axes to be out of the upper range of motion until I was confident with the restrictions.

How is the configuration?

Configuration of the app is the main problem. Software documents are weak or, in some instances, un-existent. It takes me a whole day of experimentation and tons for Google searches to discover my 1st problem of resolution. The very first thing that has wasted far too much of even my own time here is that desktop software could not control CNC unless the manual control board is plugged.

How useful is the machine?

This machine is very useful for people who want to do their projects successfully.

What to look at in a CNC machine?

The first thing you need to know your requirements. Price needs to be the last option to consider, you need to check for the quality, the durability, and the mechanics.


In my opinion, the installation of MySweety 1610 CNC router machine is simple and easy as compared to other products. The framework will be far more compact and will only use fewer moving parts in the method. But there’s going to be much less effort to align. You need to search around and attach all the wires once everything gets installed. This unit came with either the CAM TOOL CNC V3.3 GRBL regulator with the latest version for GRBL built (Edition 1.1). The functionality is fantastic and is best for your use.

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