Novusun CNC Controller | How Good are these Controllers?

There are several options for the top-notch external CNC controller, which is compatible to run with Mach 3 CNC software. This works great with an Ethernet interface. If you are planning to set up the controller machine for the first time, some tips about the controller features can guide you to buy the correct one. Novusun CNC controllers is one such line of products which cater to all kinds of uses, from hobby DIY to professionals. 

Before randomly investing, try to research through the features and opt for the Novusun cnc controllers’ latest version. This is a professional controller that is perfectly designed for both experienced and beginners with an easy-to-use interface.

Motion Controllers from Novusun

1. DDCS V3.1 3-4 Axis 500Khz CNC Standalone Motion Controller

DDCS V3.1 3-4 Axis 500Khz CNC Standalone Motion Controller

This is an updated version of DDCSV2.1 that helps in easy access to the software. When looking for a 4 axis motion controller machine, the above said one could be considered the safest bet. Installed with a servo and stepper system, it has an ARM+FPGA design for efficient work. 

The combination of ARM and FPGA is a great option that eases the work of the human-machine interface. Also, the framework helps the algorithm to function properly. Working with an updated framework design, it enables easy control and operation using the CNC controller. However, the operating system of the motion controller is working on the Linux operating system. 

With 1 GBinternal memory, it has 17 operational keys and a large 5-inch screen for easy access. Each of the axes has different job functions. Some of its updated features over the previous versions are soft interpolation, upgrade algorithm setup, and the like.   

2. NVUM CNC Controller

NVUM CNC Controller

With the capability of controlling a 4 piece stepper motor, one can use its 12 channel input port. These are perfect for emergency functioning. The USB interface is designed in such a way that it is compatible to run with Mach3 software. There are Optocoupler solutions and DCDC electrical solutions. 

Other than the input port, it has 10 channels of the output port. Along with this, this has a spindle PWM enhanced control system that offers ease of work. It extends to some parameters like SRO, SJR, FRO, and the like. It is used for different applications like embossing plate, zipper mould, pattern die, instrument mold, and the like. 

It has found wide usage in the advertising industry to be used for signs boards, enhancing brand image, badges, logos, numbers, crafting and in different decoration proposals. However, with the CNC controller, it has found plenty of use in small and medium automation equipment.

3. NVEM CNC Controller Ethernet

NVEM CNC Controller Ethernet

With an ability to support stepper motor and servo motor, the above said CNC controller is a suitable one to invest for. It is incorporated with one 10 channel programmable output and a 12 channel programmable input port. The easy-to-use Ethernet interface is suitable for use both by amateurs and experienced ones. 

It has a capacity of up to 200 KHz with a proper motor controlling option. Also, it has a hassle-free 1 channel MPG interface for efficient control. The assembling of the components is also an easy one that requires little technical knowledge. It is better to check the electricity flow in the CNC controller and other settings before you plan to invest in the controller Ethernet.

4. UC300 Motion Controller

UC300 Motion Controller

Are you in search of a quality and high-performing motion CNC controller? Well, the above mentioned UC300 Motion Controller is one of the preferred motion controllers that are compatible to run with Mach3 software. It comes with suitable USB port support capable of supporting MPG and the digital dream MPG version.

The controller is designed in such a way that it can be easy to connect it with a computer network and offer flawless functioning. It is easy to establish a direct connection or do so with the help of a router. This motion CNC controller has 3 to 6 axis options with a maximum output facility of 300 KHz from each axis.

The controller has the main power supply of 24 VDC where it requires more than 1A. Along with this, the controller has 10 output digital ports coupled with 12 input ports. Even, it is easy to adjust the speed that ranges from 0 to 10V in the spindle. With an easy ARM controlling chip, it is easy to work with the help of this CNC controller machine. 

5. EC300 Motion Controller

EC300 Motion Controller

The EC300 Motion Controller is among the quality ones that are perfect to connect with Mach 3 software. Adding to this, there is an Ethernet interface. The interface is designed so that both the digital dream MPG and the standard easily support this interface for ease of connectivity.

The controller is installed with enhanced software connectivity; latest algorithm language, analog voltage output, and finest design making the controller machine a perfect one.  

Moreover, it has an ARM quality controller chip that has quickly controlled sensor motion and effectively worked in the CNC controller. It also enables fast connectivity with compatible software with this controller.

The high-accuracy chip enables easy motor connectivity with the CNC machine. Adding to this, it has 24VDC power supply input. Therefore, it is important to check the correct power supply and its voltage in the CNC controller before using it.

6. MACH3 Ethernet port 6 axis Motion Controller NVEC400

MACH3 Ethernet port 6 axis Motion Controller NVEC400

The Novusun CNC controller machines are used in different sectors for its efficient operation. Some of the industries it is used in are research and development. To be used in different industries, highly efficient and reliable controller systems are required. To get one such, the above said motion controller machine could be the safest bet. It comes with 1 to 6 axis CNC controllers.

Other than this, some models of the CNC controller also come with 4 axis that is compatible to run with Mach3 software. Also, it has ETHERNET that enables easy connectivity with computers and similar devices.

The connectivity process, operation, and use are designed in such a way that it is perfect to be used by professionals. It has 16 ports input interface with 12 ports output interface for ease of connectivity with this controller machine. There is a 400 KHz pulse for every axis in the machine.Interesting Read: GRBL Controllers

7. EC500 MACH3 Ethernet port 6 axis Motion Controller

EC500 MACH3 Ethernet port 6 axis Motion Controller

A stable Ethernet internet connection can support 16 optical-isolated digital output ports along with 18 optical-isolated digital input ports. It has a 24-36v dc power input for its IO power supply offering efficient anti-interference ability. Also, the latest EMC design makes it easy to work with the CNC motion controller. 

This comes packed with a cable and terminal. It can be in a different 3 to 6 setup of axis with each of the frequencies of the axis for 460 KHz. It is installed with two relay outputs; it is easily compatible to support both digital MPG and the standard one. The motion controller supports easy connectivity with other connections through the router and the like devices. 

The latest ARM controlled chip makes it perfect to install it on the CNC controller machine. Only after checking the correct supply of power in the machine, one should start working on it.


To help users easily choose,set up and install the motion controller machine, the product mentioned from Novusun CNC Controller is going to be useful. It can also help them decide on the right pick of the motion controller that would suit their budget and requirement. When starting the mach3 software, it is better to check the plugin along with the box. This can ensure quick installation. 

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  1. I recently picked up the Digital Dream UC300. I was unsuccessful in finding a review for this product (until after buying it) and purchased it by features only. Appears by your review that I made a good choice. The quality looks great and adding a low-cost MPG with an E-Stop is a cinch. However, I am confused with connecting the I/O power, as it shows two independant 24V PSU supplying power to the board and to the I/O power. The instructions say these are common ground. If so why two separate 24V PSUs? Anyway, can’t wait to give this system a spin. Thanks for the review,

  2. Nvem or Nvum do the inputs and outputs work with mach3 and the nvem or nvum plugin I m wanting to set the active low on or off. I ve been unsuccessful with other controllers cards wixhc and now cnc usb controller red card. Any advice is appreciated I don’t want to invest in another problem card that doesn’t work. There isn’t many reviews on the Nvum or Nvem. Any help much appreciated here.

  3. Hi!
    Everybody have the same question about 2 separate 24VDC power supplies, but looks like the manufacturer never replied and explained. So, as I understand, there is no any customer support for those controllers. I have one more question, can I use this UC300 with 36VDC stepper motors?

  4. There are so many issues with these units that I will never buy one again.

    Homing issues, can’t use the same limit switch for home and limit, ridiculous.

    Far better options out there. Got fed up with mine, waste of money.


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