NVUM CNC Controller Review: Full Breakdown with Pros and Cons

The CNC breakout boards are useful when your aim is to interface between a PC and the different relays, motor controls, and other such devices that you want to control using a CNC machine. You have surely come across different types of breakout boards used for delivering this Input/Output (I/O) capability. You must have seen all kinds of options, such as motion control boards, keyboard emulators, USB breakout boards, and Parallel CNC breakout boards. And, in your search, you must have come across the NVUM CNC controller.

NVUM CNC controller is a popular product of the renowned brand Novusun. It has been around for quite a while now, and you might have heard about it if you are looking for a CNC controller to operate your machine. Here is a detailed review of Nvum CNC controller breakout board to help you decide whether or not to go for it.

Top 5 features of NVUM CNC Controller

Before evaluating the pros and cons of this Nvum CNC controller, let’s take a look at the top five features that stand out for it.

1. A powerful CNC controller

The first thing that you need to know about this Nvum product is that it is a powerful CNC controller. You get twelve ports input interface and ten ports output interface, and one port analog output interface that you can change to the PWM output if needed. With as many as twenty-two I/O signals and a common ground, you are sorted with getting the work done. Exceeding this capacity means adding a second breakout device, which is generally not needed.

2. Smooth and easy performance

Performance of the NVUM CNC controller is a lot better than the parallel ports found in the market. Mach3 will not give you the usual finicky issues that many claim to have faced when using a new Nvum CNC controller. The performance is smooth and easy once you get it connected and set-up with your laptop or PC.

3. The speed of receiving signals

You will face no limitations in terms of the speed of sending and receiving signals from the board, which will enhance the performance of your machine. This is a huge advantage for both low and high-end applications that one can use. The NVUM motion controller not just gets the work done, but also gets it done fast.

4. Supports three to six axis steppers

Nvum CNC controller supports three to six axis stepper systems, and has 200 KHz of pulse output for each axis. It is also compatible with MPG input and supports the digital display MPG that comes from the company. So, you will have no problem working with it. If you are not sure about which Nvum CNC controller you need for your three axis or six axis machine, go for this because of the compatibility it offers.

5. The reasonable price

When you think of all the features that you get, the price of the product is certainly reasonable enough. It is a full scale motion controller that comes as a huge performance upgrade over the usual parallel boards that you might have been relying on for so long. You can be assured that you are getting value for money with this one.

Pros and Cons


  • The total number of inputs, outputs, and analog input makes it a powerful CNC controller
  • The ability to maintain the exact timing relationships require for producing a clean pulse train for controlling the multiple stepper motor or servo motor
  • It can support three to six axis stepper systems, which makes it a great device to invest in
  • Compatibility with the MPG input and the ability to support Novusun’s MPG digital display
  • A detailed user manual that reaches you via email and is also available on the internet
  • A good product for both the professionals and the new learners of the techniques
  • The price point is reasonable in terms of the features that are on offer
  • Commendable customer service that is available 24*7 to help you out


  • Some users complained of OS issues with using the Mach3
  • Inconsistencies in controlling the stepper motor drivers
  • Inconsistent signals sent to the Mach3 makes it difficult to continue working at a stretch
  • Tends to lose steps during the 3D carve in some cases

Summing up

So, there you have it! You know all the details about the NVUM CNC controller now to make an informed choice about whether or not to buy it. The device is quite reliable for both professionals and newbies. The fact that it is available in all the options from three to six axis is what makes it even more popular. Keeping everything in mind, this is definitely a CNC controller breakout board that you should consider.

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  1. I have read your article with interest. I have a NVUM Vers. 2. When installing the program the PC does not tell me that “NVUN is connected to your computer” message. On the status bar I get the following giberrish “sm0, rm0, jog0, rfac0, rstst0” The motor work properly but I am unable to home all the axes, I have received a second NVUM (identical) and get the same result. Could you advise me please what I might be doing wrong. All the wiring confirms to the manual.
    Thanks for you help


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