OX CNC Review: A Detailed Review of this Openbuilds Routing Machine

CNC Machines are impressive machines that have brought down the effort spent to work on wood by a huge margin. These machines are programmable and once a design is set in them using G-codes and M-codes, it will replicate the design on any wooden surface “n” number of times. The use of CNC machines is not only limited to wooden surfaces but can also be extended over to metallic, plastic and even foam surfaces. 

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One such tool is OX CNC which we are going to review in this post based on personal experiences and reviews from our woodworking friends. 

The OX CNC machine’s design was proposed by Mark Carew at OpenBuilds. The main idea behind the design was to introduce a DIY aspect into CNC machine setup. The OX CNC machine can easily be set up by you alone and you can assemble as per your own purposes. It can be built for small scale purposes and cut through boards measuring up to 1′ x 1.5′ small.

You can also use the CNC machine with a larger frame to cut through larger boards measuring 2′ x 4′. The manufacturers have named it OX CNC since OX is considered to be strong. 

OOZNEST OX CNC Machine – An Honest Review

OX CNC Review

After the idea of an OX CNC machine was proposed in the OpenBuilds forum, Ooznest took it upon them to create a commercial version of this machine. The best feature of this machine lies in the fact that anyone can set it up by following the instructions clearly; it can be set up anywhere- in a big industry or a small workshop. 

This machine can be made to cut any size of wooden planks and boards. The design is very simple and consists of many upgrades over the normal CNC machines available. The upgraded design is meant to make your work easier, faster, and smoother.

Built Quality

If you want to see how the C-Slot Extrusion setup can be used in the best possible way, this CNC machine is the best example of that. Mark Carew has modified the V-slot using spoiler boards and this machine has kept it due to its efficacy.

The OX CNC Machine is equipped to allow for movement of the spindle bit in all 3 directions. In this case, the Z-axis is loaded with added wheels which ensure that it moves for an extra distance and cover 200mm, thus giving way to more flexible design ideas. This kit utilizes a total of 30 such Solid Delrin wheels to increase the efficacy to the highest degree.

Parts & Materials

The Y-axis is susceptible to be corroded by the push back from the wood chips that are cut out. This machine has an added brace along the Y-axis. This protects it from the backfire of wood chips and aids in improving the working index of the machine.

Ooznest has also ensured that this wonderful piece of machinery comes without any exposed extrusions. To attain their goal they added custom made NEMA23 rod mounts with thread. They have also added an endplate along the Y-axis to help with proper setting up of the board for cutting. The end caps go on to help with that.

Control and Modifications

You can control this efficient CNC machine crafted by Oozenest using the widely used CNC xPro controller. The X and Y-axis of the router are also attached to a carrier system operated via cables. A 24 V electric supply is required to run the CNC machine featuring a power of 350 W.

You will find that the CNC machine uses XT60 outputs and a voltmeter is provided with the set to ensure correct voltage and power rating before connection.The best part about this machine is that their support is very good and there are many active members in the community who will help you get your design. 

OX CNC vs X Carve

OX CNC Router Review

The X Carve is a very user-friendly CNC Router machine developed by Instructables. It is made from a simple structure and is designed to create an ecosystem where a wood enthusiast would enjoy working with a machine and would be inspired to do so. It is loaded with a plethora of amazing features, the first of which is that you can select your work area. The machine is available over a range of scales for all kinds of work allowing you to cut planks and boards of all kinds of sizes.

Loaded with the very dependable GRBL software, you can cut and carve any design via this machine.The Ooznest OX CNC is a relatively modern machine. The idea was put up in OpenBuilds and the machine was put together by Oozenest. The machine can run on either 110 V or 220 V and has a power output of 350 watts.

This machine is available in only one size of 500mm x 700mm but that is large enough to support many wooden board sizes. The aluminum frame in this machine is very impressive and highly durable.A common feature of both these machines is that they can be hacked and upgraded.

This implies that you can attach different types of hardware to these structures which ensure a high degree of functionality. The open-source design is a very attractive aspect of these machines. The OX CNC being a relatively newer machine offers a much broader aspect of tweaking and upgrading compared to the X Carve.

OX CNC vs Mark 1

OX CNC Router Machine Review

The very first thing that you will notice while you are making the Mark 1 from scratch is that it requires a lot of threaded screws and the use of a metallic frame and structure is less. On the other hand, the OX CNC utilizes a V-slot rail. This makes the movement of the spindle much smoother and better. Bearing in this model can also be adjusted unlike in the Mark 1. The X and Y-axis do not use any screw but uses belts made from fiberglass and neoprene material. Z-axis is fixed through an 8mm screw. The Y-axis is loaded with a spoil board to prevent damage from cut backs made from MDF and this is the only non-metallic structure in the entire machine.

The OX CNC also has an overall cleaner look and setup. Both these machines use cables to convey the signal to the spindles. However, the cables in the Mark 1 are arranged in a very messy way and makes working around a tricky business. Such scenarios are rare with the OX CNC. You also get an immense cutting area of about 48″ x 28″ with the OX CNC unlike the Mark 1. However, the X-axis in this machine requires two stepper screws unlike Mark 1. The Z-axis screw-in case of OX CNC is smaller compared to the other two screws.

OX CNC vs Omio X6

Omio is a reputable company of CNC manufacturers while the OX CNC is a DUY idea modified by Oozenest. The X6 is a great model crafted by OmioCNC and is loaded with lots of high-end features that make it an astounding tool for industries. OX CNC steals the show with its pocket-friendliness and ability to be tweaked and upgraded using external hardware materials because of its open-source structure.

The first and most extraordinary thing to notice in the Omiocnc X6 is the impressive spindle cooled by water and delivering a power of 2.2kW. This implies that you can use this spindle to cut through the ordinary soft materials such as wood, plastic, and so on along with soft metals such as aluminum, copper, etc. the X, Y and Z axis uses an HG20 guide rail to impress the perfect cuts on the wooden board.

On the other hand, the OX CNC uses simple end plates for guidance. The Omni X6 can be wirelessly controlled but such features are not installed into the OX CNC.You have to attach the OX CNC to a computer system to make it work but the Omio X6 is a very versatile device. It works on computers as well as laptops and that too over a range of operating systems.

It is a highly advanced device compared to the OX CNC and features much smoother and much more intricate cuts. However, the OX CNC is a great device to start with and a tremendous tool to understand the workings of a CNC router first hand. It also costs a lot less compared to the Omio X6.


CNC Routers are a useful tool if you are a wood enthusiast or love to craft DIY projects. Getting to craft your CNC machine is an even better project and such devices as the Mark 1, OX CNC, and X Carve makes that possible. It is easy to do and while doing so you may get a basic understanding of how a CNC machine functions. With such knowledge, you can even work to make the working better over time. The OX CNC is an amazing platform to work with wood compared to all similar DIY CNC machines.

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