Parallel Clamps in 2023

Parallel clamps are named parallel because the jaws are designed to remain in parallel to each other as you tighten them. Though a bit expensive, investing in one of the parallel clamps can surely give you great results in your woodworking project. These clamps are for gluing two boards from edge to edge instead of forcing them to cup. 

If you are a new woodworker then you should also remember that these clamps are very convenient when used over a benchtop. You can compare it to a pipe clamp but the parallel ones have larger jaws which means it’s going to be very easy when it comes to project assembly. 

For the professionals, a parallel clamp is an important woodworking accessory apart from the usual clamps like C-clamps and F-clamps.  A proper parallel clamp selection will be value for money to the executive wood-crafters. Plus, it ensures maximum safety and security.

Of course, if your workshop is already occupied with  various industrial machines like advanced jaws, then it’s always good to invest in these types of clamps as well. We’ve compiled a research based buying guide and also reviewed some of the top woodworking parallel clamps.

Parallel Clamps

1. Bessey K-BODY REVOlution 12″ Clamps : Product Overall

Bessey K-BODY REVOlution 12″ Parallel Clamps

Bessey is the most popular clamp among the 10 parallel clamps. The model Bessey K-body is available in four different sizes of 12 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches and 40 inches. These clamps serve clamping forces upto 1700 lbs. Made of high-quality profiled steel bar material in German. 

Bessey K-body jaws have 90 degrees of angle with replaceable soft materials to keep the clamp stain free because of stucking in the workplace. Also, Bessy clamps contain larger work surface. Bessey is recommended for both DIY wood craftsmen as well as professionals. 

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2. Yost Parallel Clamp: Budget Pick

Yost Parallel Clamp

The fourth product in our list is Yost K5000. This clamp is popular for its handy features and compact size. As a new woodworker, you are going to like these ones for the easy-to-use features. It can offer you 800 Ibs clamping force. And at a reasonable price, it is more suitable for an individual than a company.

This American product can offer you upto 800 lbs clamping force that is not enough for heavy and lengthy tasks. This one is perfect for DIY crafters only.

Yoast provides a 1.75 inch×4 inch jaw face that is a bit larger than any average clamp jaw with better ability to meet the purpose. It also has an oversized comfortable grip handle that helps in extra clamping. Lastly, these clamps are good for an individual rather than big companies.

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3. Jet Parallel Clamp: Premium Pick

Jet Parallel Clamp

The next in our list is Jet-70431 parallel clamp. There are some specific specialities of this clamp that always catch the eyes of the woodworkers. It comes with a size of 31 inch that is suitable for almost all kinds of purposes. These clamps have 1000 lbs of clamping force and  1000 pounds of jaw pressure.

This clamp is long lasting as it is made of aluminium with I-beam construction and fully- plated hard backbone with composite design.

It is easily adaptable to most of the work materials with zero virtual deflection. Moreover, this is the only parallel clamp that gives you the assurance of lifetime longevity. Lastly, these have been highly appreciated by workshop or professional craft workers.

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Other Great Picks

4. Jorgensen Jaw Bar Clamp

Jorgensen Parallel Jaw Bar Clamp

The next product of our list is Jorgensen parallel jaw bar clamp which has some really unique qualities. If you are interested in working with wooden projects, then Jorgensen is the option to choose for because of it’s sturdy and accurate working capabilities.

Jorgensen parallel bar clamps are adaptable for working with various materials like wood, composites, light metals, plastics or mix materials. It can be applied to almost every corner of your workpiece.

It’s 3-¾ inch jaw is useful to optimize clamping pressure and it’s security system to help you to protect your workpiece  from slipping while working. This one would be a good pick for beginner DIY wood craftsmen who have kept a limited budget for woodworking clamps.

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5. Bora Parallel Clamp Set

Bora Parallel Clamp Set

This is the most important product to be reviewed among all the other clamps in our list. The bora parallel clamp set comes with different sizes of 12 inches, 24 inches, 40 inches and 50 inches. These size variations would help you to choose the exact clamp as per your requirement.

It has a 3.5 inches wide clamp jaw that distributes constant and stable pressure in every corner s of your workpiece without damaging its surface. Besides, it is ideal for heavy weight tasks as it has 1.1000 lbs clamping force.

Last but not the least, this clamp’s jaw is covered with replaceable soft material with anti-slip jaw bottom and easy grip handle. Therefore, it is the recommendation for larger companies as well as for serious woodworking professionals.

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6. POWERTEC-71368

POWERTEC-71368- Parallel-Clamps

Powertech 71368 parallel clamp comes with a 24 inches long metal bar. Since the jaws are an important part of any parallel clamp, the jaws of powertec-71368 are very strongly built. The maximum clamping force is upto 4000N with an excellent grip system. The clamp features are simple to understand and install. It’s jaws are well padded that helps to protect your workpiece while processing.

The 3-4 inches deeper clamp helps distribute the applied clamping force equally to maintain the stability of the purpose. Lastly, it is suggested for carpenters, personal uses and professionals also.

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7. Edwards 70441

Edwards 70411 Parallel Clamps

Edwards 70411 Parallel Clamps come to you with two different variations 24 inches and 40 inches. The part of this clamp is that it is easily reversible and can also be used as a spreader. 

It is the ergonomically designed clamp as it has a higher torque with soft grip. The comfortable grip helps you adjust this clamp easily with the workpiece. The excellent clamping pressure of 4500 lbs allows you complete your task without any distortion and faster.

Besides, the sliding triggers help you to maintain proper clamping pressure and quickly fix the clamp lock. It’s four mounting holes and excellent building qualities allow you to work precisely with maximum accuracy. This one is good to use for both beginners and professionals as well.

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8. Bora 571140T Parallel Clamp Set (40-inches)

Bora 571140T Parallel Clamp Set (40-inches)

571140T is the revised edition of Bora parallel clamp. These ones have 40 inches long with 3.5 inch deep padded jaws. With a maximum clamping force of 5000N, you can use it for heavy intensive tasks. It’s intense throat offers you exact and even application pressure. The easy adjustable jaw and comfortable handle grip allow you to keep your workpiece fixed for a long time. 

Also, it’s anti-slip jaw prevents your workpiece from moving. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about scraping or tearing your workpiece as it’s jaws are covered with padded material.

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9. JORGENSEN 8036 Cabinet Master

JORGENSEN 8036 Cabinet Master

The model 8036 Cabinet master is the latest edition of Jorgensen clamp that has been stated previously. It is longer than its previous version. It has a 36-inches long clamp bar and offers a maximum clamping force of 4500N. It’s average weight is 8lbs. It contains multiple clutch disks carved out of highly hardened carbon steel.

This particular clamp is popular for its evenly distributed pressure because of the high intensity of the clamp. Moreover, it assures steady and safe clamping in heavy duty tasks without showing any sign of nudging. Lastly, this is an ideal pick for hobbyists and DIY  craftsmen.

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10. DeWalt 24″ Clamp

JORGENSEN 8036 Cabinet Master

This is the last parallel clamp in our list. It has a 24 inches long metal bar with the ability of  1500 lbs clamping force. It’s throat depth is 3-¾ in. It’s ergonomic design supports consistent and even pressure on the workpiece. It also has smooth padded jaws. This is highly recommended for individual use and professionals also. What matters here is also the build quality of these clamps since they are made by Dewalt which is a brand loved by woodworkers for its exceptional tools. 

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Benefits of Having Clamps

There are several advantages to using clamps. Here are some:


An efficient clamp setup helps you to complete your work quickly and with accuracy. Clamps are handy, reliable, and easy to install. The high clamping ability allows significantly reduced fixture, thereby reducing the overall work time.


Toggle clamps are adaptable to work pieces of different heights/sizes. This feature goes well with the Cam-action model which is frequently used for casting and forging on rough surfaces. Both the strap and T-slot clamps have adaptable screws that let you apply the required bracing force. These clamp models have high adjustability and enormously greater exerting force. These two features are quite helpful while working with work pieces of varying thickness.


Variable categories of adjustable clamps are available nowadays. Out of the several commercial clamps in the market, toggle clamp is one such item that is widely available in maximum varieties. Handle design, placement, and pressure ratings are some of the many aspects that differentiate one clamp from the other. The clamps are available in manual as well as in automatic models that allow to conduct a wider range of clamp applications. Such clamps aid resistance to corrosion and augments visual appeal. Some of the common clamp types are stainless steel finish, nickel plated, chrome, and zinc plated finish.

Improved Safety

The clamp designs ensure a higher level of safety while working. The clamp lock system securely holds both the tool and the work piece in the accurate position. This helps in avoiding mishaps which may otherwise occur due to loose grip or slipping. A toggle clamp exerts higher level force on the work material. The superior hold system of the clamp ensures maximum overall safety while working.


The ergonomic clamp design minimises strain during the work. The clamp handles are developed in a way such that they increase the work efficiency. Most clamp models have curved handle grips to allow better fit into your palm. You can manage the clamp grip as per your requirement. Plus, you can adjust and bend the handle position as desired. This will keep your wrist in an easy, safer position, thereby reducing fatigue, strain injuries, and other relevant physical issues while you work.


Are parallel clamps useful for welding purposes?

Parallel clamps are mainly used for woodworking purposes but welding. Instead of parallel clamps one can choose C-clamps for welding purposes.

Can parallel clamps be used to glue-up non-parallel panels?

Yes, it is possible to glue-up non-parallel panels by holding them with the clamp jaws.

What instructions should be followed while using bar clamps?

Below stated safety measures should be taken while working with bar clamps:

  • Pick up the exact sized clamp as per your requirement
  • To protect your workpiece from stain, you must keep a soft material or pads between the clamp jaws and work material
  • To prevent stains on the panels, you should remove the clamps immediately after gluing them up

Why are parallel clamps so expensive?

Woodworking parallel clamps are expensive because they are big in size which means they have been made to face and have grip over bigger objects. Due to their size, they have to be built out of metal. Every manufacturer tries to reinforce the quality of metal thus improving the built quality. That’s why these are so expensive.


Hope the above mentioned information will give you the exact idea about the parallel clamps that would help you pick the tool according to your purposes.

Though every product mentioned above is worth buying, I would suggest to go with the Bessey – K-BODY REVOlution 12″ Parallel Clamps as it’s the woodworking parallel clamps in our list of the parallel clamps in terms of  quality, durability, and stability in work output.

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