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You have just gotten taste of woodworking by attempting your first woodworking project. Now you want to work on small woodworking project ideas but lac inspiration and also availability of those easy to do DIY ideas. 

Excited to start your project ? Make sure you don’t commit these mistakes in excitement.

Unlike other articles, here you’ll have a deeper understanding of woodworking magazines, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, catalogs, and books. These will give you ideas and inspiration. 

Woodworking Magazines

  • Fine Woodworking Magazine– Taunton’s Fine Woodworking is one of the most informative magazines available in the market. It has some expert columns that help you to get the most unknown facts about the woodworking. This magazine is very popular for its reliable content and woodworking ideas.
  • Wood Magazine– The wood magazine is the world’s leading woodworking resource. It offers free built-in bookcase/cabinet woodworking plans where Wood magazine catering to the home and hobby woodworker with more than 350,000 subscribers. It publishes seven regular issues annually for passionate readers about woodworking.
  • Shop Notes– Shop notes have all that a woodworker would ever need. With a little something for everyone, this magazine, is delivering articles and commentary for more than 30 years.
  • Popular Woodworking– Here goes another magazine for woodworkers. From expert insights to the newest woodworking ideas, this is one of the most read magazines among the woodworking enthusiasts. From woodworking advice to woodworking plans woodworking projects and woodworking blogs, this magazine has something for everyone.

Woodworking Books

If you want to grow into an excellent woodworking expert, you must work on your knowledge and skills. There can be no better medium to learn than books from experts. But there are hundreds of woodworking books available in the market and you have to choose smartly.

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To help you out, here we’re going to present the books about woodworking. These books could provide you with enough instructions and tips to learn and improve yourself in no time. We advise you to keep at least two-three food woodworking books near your toolbox so that you can find it whenever you’re stuck with something.

  • The Why and How of Woodworking- With a wide range of quality pictures and layouts, this book is highly practical. This book has even the smallest thing that a beginner could ever think of. Though there is no secret way of becoming a woodworking expert overnight this book offers untold secrets of the art that even most experts do not know.
  • The Joint Book – Wood Joinery Complete Guide- Every woodworker desires to have a piece of good knowledge on how to choose the ideal joint for your woodwork. This particular book is perfect for beginners as well as experts. This book also talks about proper guidelines for power tools and machine usage. Also, if you’re one of the people who still struggle with joints, let us tell you that this book is a boon for you. Yes, this book has well-written instructions on over 70 joints.
  • Complete Starter Guide to Whittling- This is a beginner-friendly book of woodworking. Here in this book, the process of woodworking is explained very clearly. This book doesn’t only talk about the basic understanding of woodworking but also teaches you the various method of woodworking that helps you to become an expert. The author has perfectly described every project with pictorials. The book also carries lots of fun projects.
  • The Complete Manual of Woodworking- The Complete Manual of Woodworking is quite comprehensive. With tons of diagrams and pictorials, this is one of the books to learn woodwork. Interestingly, the book contains more than 1,800 different drawings, photos, and diagrams provided to inspire.

The part of this book is easy and clear tutorials. The author also talks about the types of woods and tools which make it easy for a beginner to learn woodworking. From a beginner to an expert this book could be your partner in the journey of learning woodworking. From fastening to bonding to jointing and laminating, this book perfectly explains every method.

Woodworking Facebook Groups

Believe it or not but Facebook is one of the medium to learn woodworking. Interestingly, some of the most amazing woodworking ideas are not found on the woodworking magazines or websites but the woodworking Facebook pages.

If you’re passionate about woodworking, you should also connect with the woodworking enthusiasts on Facebook. Here we are going to tell you about the Facebook Groups of Woodworking which every woodworking enthusiast should join right away.

  • Woodwork Projects– This is one of the most followed woodworking facebook page. The Woodwork projects are a very active facebook page that shares pictures, videos, DIY guides and ideas for its followers regularly. If you’re looking for home improvement and garden decoration ideas, you should surely visit this page at least once.
  • The Wood Whisperer– The Wood Whisperer is a popular woodworking facebook page created by Marc Spagnuolo, who himself is a woodworker. This page is especially dedicated to the people who are willing to learn woodworking. 
  • I Love Wood Working– Here’s another destination for woodworking lovers. This page allows the followers to download free wood projects blueprint by subscribing to their website. With more than seven hundred thousand likes and followers, this is one of the most popular woodworking Facebook pages.
  • Wood Working For Mere Mortals– This page belongs to the famous Youtuber Steve Ramsey. Unlike other woodworking pages, Ramsey focuses on teaching the art of woodworking to its followers. On this page, you can easily find inexpensive ways of woodworking.

Woodworking Youtube Channels

A lot of passionate woodworkers tend to share their projects through their blogs and YouTube channels. You must have seen the most popular ones before as well such as Matthias Wandel, Steve Ramsey, April Wilkerson, House of Wood, FixThisBuildThat, Pneumatic Addict, I Like to Make Stuff, Jay Bates, Rogue Engineer, Her Tool Belt, and Ana White. 

Let us tell you that these amazing woodworkers don’t only share the video of their woodworks but also provide their viewers with a complete blog post with a cut list of tools, materials, and instructions. By watching these woodworkers video, you can also learn the art of woodworking. Here we’re going to tell you about the 5 top woodworking YouTube channels in detail.

  • April Wilkerson– Well! no one is perfect but April Wilkerson can handle the toughest of projects. You can watch her tacking a wide range of projects on her DIY channel. The way she does it just takes the viewers along for the ride. She does it so calmly that one can easily learn the art of woodworking while just watching her videos.
  • Jay Bates’ Jay’s Custom Creations– On this YouTube channel, you’ll get to know about everything that one might need while woodworking. The useful workshop projects and hacks will help you make the most of your space, along with tool tutorials and furniture how-tos. This is a perfect YouTube channel for beginners to learn about woodworking ideas.
  • Paul Sellers– Here’s a British woodworking YouTube channel by Paul Sellers. This creative man will teach you everything you need to know about working with hand tools. From how to set a plane to how to sharpen a saw to everything in between, Sellers has perfectly explained everything in his videos.
  • Jon Peters Art & Home-This is a place where you just don’t get the woodworking projects but lots of cottage-friendly home improvement projects too. The amazing projects on this channel include spring boat maintenance and how to put together an outdoor kitchen. 
  • Steve Ramsey’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals– Since we are talking about the YouTube channels of woodworking projects, we just cannot forget Steve Ramsey. From lots of cottage-friendly projects to step-by-step instruction with fun and engaging host, this channel is one of the favorite destinations for woodworking learners.
  • John Heisz’s I Build It– John Heisz is an Ontario woodworker. He is the first choice for the ones who don’t have quite the right tools for woodworking. He shows how to make your tools. From a router table to a hand screw clamp or woodworking vise, he has a way for each and everything that you would need for woodworking.

In order to become an expert in woodworking learn, experience, repeat every day. With regular practice, you will build basic and specific skills that will last the rest of your life. You may also want to read on how you can start prepare your basement as your woodworking workshop. 

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