Power Screwdrivers 2022

With so many budding manufacturing industries and brands of power tools, the product selection of something like the power screwdriver before the purchase can be quite challenging. So, it is important to diligently research different screwdriver models(cord and cordless). While some screwdrivers can hold the battery power for longer, others have to be charged frequently as the power may run out in the middle of the work.

The product price may also vary from one model to the other, and there are numerous others. This could be a time taking process, so we covered that part for you. Plus, we have profiled a list of considerable factors to check before deciding which to buy.  To guide you with the top product suggestions, we have sorted the top 10 power screwdrivers of the current market in terms of workability, versatility, battery life, model weight, and others.

Power Screwdrivers

1. DEWALT DCF680N2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Dewalt DCF680N2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Dewalt DCF680N2 Cordless Screwdriver Kit includes all the perquisites to be able to do your task with acute precision and safety. safely and thoroughly. This motion-activated variable speed product can be reverse controlled to ensure accurate performance. With the RPM(Revolution Per Minute) range of 0 to 430, Dewalt cordless screwdriver can be used on varying surfaces, including plastic, wood, and metal. The part of this screwdriver is you can hold it in 2 different ways; this adds to the comfort of using the gadget for a longer time. The quick bit changing feature of the product (that could occur anywhere within 0 to 25 inch hex) can support a one inch hex bit tip, as needed, to get your job done in no time.


  • Applicable on different types of surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic
  • There are two separate grip positions
  • Easy bit changing ability
  • Adjustable variable speed within (0 to 430) RPM
  • Motion-activated variable speed based and reverse controlling ability
  • Weighs only 1.1 Pounds


  • Some users reported about its poor gyroscope mechanism
  • Sometimes the product might not be long-lasting

2. Makita DF012DSE Driver-Drill Kit

Makita DF012DSE Driver-Drill Kit

Makita DF012DSE Driver-Drill Kit has a compact design with a staggering blue-black contrast look. This cordless device comes with a smart LED light feature within it. The LED’s function is to intimate you when the screwdriver needs charging. This adds much advantage to your application as you get to know beforehand if your screwdriver has enough charge to get started with a task. The product has two different speed limits- 200 RPM and 600 RPM. You can select the speed according to your work requirement. Also, the screwdriver is capable of using both in a straight grip position or pistol so as to access jobs anywhere. The specific drilling option followed by 21 clutch settings leaves no task impossible to achieve with this smart cordless screwdriver.


  • Lightweight, cordless cum compact screwdriver
  • The inbuilt LED light intimates you the battery charge of the product
  • Two variable speeds are available: 200 RPM and 650 RPM
  • Two different holding positions
  • Weighs only 0.9 Pounds


  • Poor functioning of the clutch
  • Some users reported that the product is not up to the mark; difficulty in using the forward/reverse switch

3. BLACK+DECKER BDCSFL20C Cordless Screwdriver

Black + Decker BDCSFL20C Cordless Screwdriver

Black + Decker BDCSFL20C Cordless Screwdriver is a red-handled device with an easy grip and use. The product is powered by a Li-ion battery of 4V potential. You can hold it in three different positions by manipulating the handle, thereby it reduces fatigue and increases user comfort. With this screwdriver, you can get any task at hand done with high accuracy. There is a flashlight available on it to help you get a clearer view in any darker work area.The product comes within a compact designed kit and is very much convenient to carry it to jobs. You get a charger for the screwdriver followed by two bits included in the package.


  • 4V Potential Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Can be handled in three different positions
  • Increased visibility due to the flashlight
  • Compact and convenient storage kit
  • Easy to use
  • Weighs 1.1 Pounds


  • Faulty charger
  • Charge drains faster from the screwdriver

4. TACKLIFE SDP50DC Rechargeable Screwdriver

Tacklife SDP50DC Rechargeable Screwdriver

Tacklife SDP50DC Rechargeable Screwdriver is a perfect buy, typically for the occasional users and DIY hobbyists. This gadget is great to keep at home for doing any housework. The package arrives at your address containing a pack of about 30 various workpieces (bits). So, you can expect to meet everything where it requires the use of a screwdriver. For example mounting shelves, furniture assembling, installing blinds, and many more. The possibilities of working with a cordless screwdriver are endless. The product has two LED lights at its front to light up the dark work space. There is a magnetic chunk attached to instantly remove the screws. The screwdriver is powered by a 2000mAh Li-ion battery with high power potential. Keeping the battery charged was never that easier as with this USB charging port. Overall, the device is easy to hold, use, and store, speed and comfort being the key factors.


  • Value for money
  • Contains a set of 30+ bit pieces inside the toolkit
  • Ensures clearer visibility with two LED lights at the front
  • Easier charging with a USB charging port
  • Weighs around 1.75 Pounds
  • Durable battery life


  • Single speed on/off with a limit of 200 RPM
  • Some customers complained that the tool had no power at times

5. SKIL SD561201 Cordless Screwdriver

Skil SD561201 Cordless Screwdriver

Skil SD561201 Cordless Screwdriver resembles a sports bottle. This 4V potential driven cordless screwdriver is a smart toolkit, ideally fit for carrying out everyday works in or around your house. This product is for smaller projects only. The patented circuit sensor technology smartly senses any surrounding electrical current. Be it a professional or beginner, the product is simple to use and can be turned into a reverse function for setting it into action simply by twisting the screwdriver collar.The battery life of the screwdriver is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can be easily charged through micro USB. There are two LED lights to help illuminate the darkest corners of work spaces. So, if you want to purchase a lightweight cum easy to use cordless screwdriver, then go with the Skil gadget.


  • Light in weight and patented with circuit sensor technology
  • Micro USB charge port
  • Has 2 LED light to brighten darker work spots
  • Rechargeable integrated battery
  • Weighs 0.4875 Pounds


  • Most users reported that the product could be a bad buy.

6. Milwaukee 2401-20 M12 Cordless Screwdriver

Milwaukee Cordless Screwdriver

Milwaukee Cordless Screwdriver is a 0.25 inch hex bit available in the package. The ergonomic pistol grip design of the product handle lets you control the application of the screwdriver while conducting a home or work space based task. The speed range of this screwdriver is 500 RPM, and has a smart little LED light which acts as an indicator to show the battery charge of the screwdriver. This feature makes it one of the most reliable tools to use in the workplace. The main body of the tool is made of plastic giving it a small and compact look. With this lightweight screwdriver, several additional pieces are there which you may purchase to increase the capability of the screwdriver to be used in multiple forms of tasks.


  • Pistol-grip product handle
  • 0.25 inch hexagonal bit size
  • The product can be used by integrating with other kit pieces as well
  • Weighs only 1.95 Pounds


  • Some users were not happy with the purchase.

7. BLACK+DECKER PD600 Cordless Screwdriver

BLACK+DECKER PD600 Cordless Screwdriver

Black + Decker PD600 Cordless Screwdriver is a 6 Volt potential innovative cum high quality gadget to be used around home or others. The package comes with a 2 inch hexagonal shank along with a charger so you can easily charge as per your convenience. The drill can be utilized at low or high speed ranges based on the task requirement and the user experience. Its pivot-type handle can be set to lock into maximum 3 different positions allowing you to safely conduct your jobs in any location. This LED integrated device brightens the darker locations so you can complete the task without much disturbance. This cordless screwdriver includes 23 clutch positions to get the job done instantly and safely.


  • Lightweight, high-end cordless screwdriver
  • Charger and 2 inch hex shank available with the product
  • Screwdriver cum driller product
  • Can be controlled at both low and high speed ranges
  • Weightage of the product is only 0.5 Pounds
  • assembling furniture and mini blinds installation

8. Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Set

Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill

If you are looking for a pro-grade cordless screwdriver, Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill kit is the one for you. With this set, you could do possibly everything you need. The product is not only perfect for the professional workers, but also the occasional DIY users. Though the product appears to be smaller, it is the top one concerning power with 265 inch pounds of torque. This tool is a great buy for removal or application of screws. Plus, there are 2 speed settings included in this product and you can use the tool on multiple material types quite smoothly. The 20+1 clutch setting ensures high accuracy and precise performance delivery. This Bosch set includes a pair of Li-ion batteries of each of 12 volt potential. So, you will hardly run out of power supply in the middle of its application. The integrated lights provide clear visibility even in the darkest corners of your work space.


  • Pro-grade cordless screwdriver set
  • Small but mighty in power
  • Two rechargeable Li-ion batteries and LED lights for better visibility
  • Variable Speed ranging between (0 and 350) RPM
  • Heavier yet weighs only 4.73 Pounds
  • Tempered design

9. WORX WX255L Screw Driver

Worx WX255L Screwdriver

Worx WX255L Screwdriver is more than that what does a simple screwing job. So, if you are expecting something extra from a cordless screwdriver for your workplace, Worx is the smart choice. This device features a screw holder attachment, so you can work single-handedly with it. This makes it one of the most-sought screwdrivers among the tradesmen who are expert at multitasking. The part of this product is once the screws are taken out of the situ, they are collected by the screwdriver in a handy manner without letting them fall on the ground.The LED increases visibility of the workspace making it easier for the user to work. You can keep 6 shanks at a time within the screwdriver so that the attachments are at hand for reloading in the cartridge. However, make sure to use only 0.25 inch hexagonal bits no matter of what brand it is. This powerful gadget is driven by a Li-ion battery of 4 Volt potential and can hold its charge for a long time. So, you can expect a hassle free prolonged application.


  • Attachment facility of the screw holder
  • Single-handed operational tool
  • LED light ensures clearer visibility even in darker work cornersCompatible with 0.25 hex bit of any brand
  • Lightweight product, weighing only 1.5 Pounds


  • While some users found issues with the product quality, others reported that the length of the screwdriver is quite larger than what is shown in the picture.

10. Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Screwdriver

Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Screwdriver

Dremel GO-01 Powered Cordless Screwdriver is a compact model and easily portable to the worksites. Plus, the product doesn’t take up much space. You will find it really comfortable to work with as its lightweight reduces fatigue to greater extent. With it, you can fit screws of 2-inch at any type of surface, that too without applying much effort. The screwdriver has an USB type rechargeable port. The smart light indicator system of the screwdriver intimates you about its work capacity depending on how much charge it has.

The product kit includes a set of 7 different hexagonal bits of 0.25 inch each. So, you can carry out almost any kind of screwing job with it. You can charge the screwdriver It has a chuck size of 0.25 inches, offers 360 RPM, and has a 3.6-volt battery. Charge this portable screwdriver anywhere with the integrated rechargeable, USB system.


  • Lightweight weighing only 0.6 Pounds
  • Compact and easy to carry to the workplace
  • Can easily drill 2-inch screws
  • Contains a 3.6 Volt rechargeable battery, driving the device motor at a speed of 360 RPM
  • Easy USB charging system Weight9.6 Ounces


  • According to some users, it would be better if the product had a simple push-button than a slide-switch.

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose a power screwdriver?

Several considerable factors are there to check in a cordless screwdriver before buying one. So, before you fix your mind on a particular screwdriver model, help yourself with the keys mentioned below.

Revolution Per Minute (RPM)

RPM simply indicates the number of the turns taken by the screwdriver per minute to drill in or out the screw. Since most users undergo varieties of tasks every day, so picking a screwdriver, whose RPM can be changed and controlled as required, is a must. A variable speed of a screwdriver adds to its versatility. It is not that the device can only increase the speed limit, but can also provide greater power and precision during its application. For an experienced DIYer, using a cordless screwdriver of higher RPM with minimal chances of damage is acceptable. However, for the tenderfoots, using the same product can turn risky. It requires expertise and much control over the screwdriver during use so as to escape property damage or personal injury.


Sometimes the purchase depends much on the product weight. This factor is especially meant for the workers who have to work for prolonged hours regularly. In that case, using a heavy tool may cause fatigue feeling in the fingers and the worker may have to take frequent breaks. So, always look for a light to average weighing screwdriver model. This will make the work comfortable and save your time from taking quick breaks. For tradesmen, (say) a Joiner, who has to work with the screwdriver above his/her head quite often, using a lightweight cordless screwing tool is the wise choice. At least the user will find it easier to hold the screwdriver in position more correctly and for longer hours.Again, weight is a substantial factor for those who are at a constant move from one job site to another, regularly. You definitely won’t prefer carrying a bulky tool kit every time around, will you? It should rather fit into your pocket. So, give it a serious thought before buying.


Some of the quality cordless screwing tools and not necessarily the costlier ones, come with an integrated LED light/s setup to brighten the worksite, in case it is darker to the user to work there. Thereby, the work is not stuck and you get it done ahead of time. Furthermore, it ensures work accuracy which is a crucial point to note. Sometimes, the LED light acts as a charge indicator to inform how much work you can do with that screwdriver before recharging it. This feature keeps alert beforehand so you always keep the device charged for instant use or later.


Though this point might not appear as much meaningful as it would to the professionals, the style of the product has a significant impact on its usage. Pick a model whose style helps you use the screwdriver at the most accurate position, especially the DIY hobbyists. This problem usually happens to the occasional users, who buy the wrong screwdrivers and end up causing property damage or injury. If you are a drywall fixer, use a drywall screw gun, for subflooring purpose use the subflooring screwdriver, and so on. Find the product whose get-up matches your project requirements. Plenty of screwdriver types are available in the market and are not necessarily expensive to prove their worth. Just make sure the one you select can be locked in position to avoid mishaps due to the changed style. This again adds to the versatility of the tool and makes the screwdriver easily applicable for a wider range of tasks. Check if a cordless screwdriver can be altered from pistol-style to pen-style with other added setups in between. Then there will be no such work remaining incomplete

Batteries and Charging

Nowadays, most screwdriver models come with two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. The reason and advantage of including two batteries is you can continue working with one battery only while the other one is still charging. The second benefit is the charge indicator of the cordless screwdriver. With this feature, it is easier to understand how long the tool will work, in case there is no extra battery with you. If you find a cordless screwdriver kit that comes with a spare battery, then well and good. Else, it is always better to keep a second battery in hand.


What is the most powerful cordless screwdriver?

Dewalt DCF680N2 Cordless Screwdriver is the most powerful cordless screwdriver since it has an RPM range of 0 RPM – 430 RPM which will be great for working with wood. The screwdriver also has features like variable speed and LED for illumination.

Can drill be used as a screwdriver?

Yes, you can use a drill to be used as a screwdriver. You just need a bit that can do the job and to choose one, you need to see the head of the screw. You also need to see that the drill is operated at slow speeds.

What is the electric screwdriver in the market?

Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill is the electric screwdriver in the market because of features like its build quality, variable speed and excellent customer service from the brand. It has a balance of all the features which you would expect in an electric screwdriver.


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