Router Edge Guide in 2023

The router edge guide is often interpreted as a template guide by some. It is basically a collar which is installed onto the hand-held router base. The guide is constructed with steel or robust metal, and it has a short metal tube which facilitates the router bit to extend from it. That metal tube is the one that is guided along the router guide edge, thus allowing quick and easy cutting of boards into a required shape and size. 

Added to that, you will notice that the router and the path (along which the cut is made) are controlled by the edge guide. In a nutshell, the guide helps you maintain precision while cutting and reduces chances of mistakes.

In fact, the cut made using the edge guide may also include a portion of the edge, or be further on the board (depending on the guide length). The router edge guide comes with the availability of continuous adjustments. That means, you can position the guide anywhere in your workspace as many times you want. This versatile router accessory hardly comes with any cons.

Things To Consider When Buying A Router Edge

The most crucial feature that you will find in any genuine router edge guide review is the precision of each of the guides available. If you compare the guides carefully concerning which one is stronger and which can provide precise adjustments, you won’t make a wrong move in selection.

Almost every woodworker, carpenter, or joiner looks for the guide that can deliver the accuracy and precision. Picking an average instrument with lesser accuracy will always result in a wasted wood with a non-uniform finish. Below are factors to consider:


Check the material used in making the router edge guide. The strength and durability of the guide depends on the material it is made up of. So, it is the foremost thing to consider while choosing the edge guide accessory. A sturdy material made guide can withstand persistency in performing different router based projects. Materials that are mostly used for constructing a good quality router edge guide include steel, acrylic, and aluminium, offerings on the market.

Size and dimension

Make sure that the edge guide you purchase is of the perfect size and dimension to fit your router. There are certain router edge guides which are developed in a way, so that they are compatible with some specific router models only. So, first you need to confirm what design, size, or dimension of the guide is suitable for your router machine. Then choose the out of all. If you are doubtful regarding the size, talk to a sales representative dealing in router guides. Whether small or large, the router guide must have to be compatible with your router to get the output.


The product you choose should be versatile in handling any type of router application. As mentioned in one of previous points, no router guide is created following a particular design or parameter. Different design and sign of the guide are meant for performing some limited tasks only. So, you need to have enough knowledge regarding the type of guide you are looking for your router.

A versatile router guide is suitable for the following tasks: cutting dados, screw-slots, dovetail joints, and mortice. Plus, imagine how convenient it is to make intricate cuts and patterns along the edge of the wood using the accurate type of router edge guide. Grooves, bevels, rabbets, round-overs, tongues, and other profiles are quite easier to create and shape if you have the right guide in your workspace.


Well, safety is something that you must consider while selecting any product (especially if it is related to regular work, or heavy industrial projects). It is a vital concern for the woodworking professionals (mostly), and other DIYers. Therefore, make sure that your chosen guide provides work safety during the router process. The design of the guide determines the precise and safety handling of the router along the work area, keeping you and others safe from any harm. 

Router Edge Guides

1. Bosch Deluxe RA1054 : Product Overall

Bosch Deluxe Router Edge Guide

Bosch Deluxe Router Edge Guide features a fine adjustment system to ensure precision in router cuts. The guide is compatible with the following models: 1618EVS, MRF01, VAC006, VAC021, MRF23EVS, 1617, 1617EVSPK,1617EVSTB,1619EVS, and MRP23EVS.The versatility of this router accessory adds more efficiency to the Bosch routers as the guide ensures clear cuts along the job, or up to 8 inches in from the edge.

Apart from that, you are free to do the edge forming with non piloted bits. The router guide can be easily and swiftly turned into a circle guide for creating arcs or circles of to 32 inch (in diameter). As a whole, the package consists of a pivot plate, router guide, attachment hardware, dust extraction hood, and vacuum hose adapter. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Features adjustment control for fine precision

  • Convertible router edge guide

  • Package comes with a number of other useful router accessories, including dust extraction hood, pivot plate, etc.

  • Some users complained about the poor quality adjustment knob.

2. DEWALT DW6913 : Alternative to Bosch RA1054

DEWALT Router Edge Guide

Dewalt Router Edge Guide is a straight guide that features a fine fence adjustment control to ensure accurate placement of the parallel fence. The guide is attachable to standard shop vacuum cleaners, plus is suitable for any DEWALT-manufactured router. An interesting point is this Dewalt product is a universal router edge guide. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Delivers precise performance and keeps the workspace free from wood dust

  • The guide is designed to fit and operate with any DeWalt router.

  • Has an adapter to attach to standard shop vacuum hoses (1-1/4-inch, 1-1/2-inch)

  • This straight edge guide features a precise fine fence adjuster system ensuring precision set-up (positioning) of the parallel fence

  • Some users gave negative feedback regarding the quality of the fine fence adjuster.

3. PORTER-CABLE 42690 : Guide for Porter-Cable Router

PORTER-CABLE Router Edge Guide

Porter-Cable Router Edge Guide is another option in the list which comes with a replacement part. This guide is easy to fit to your Porter-Cable router. The Porter-Cable 42690 features accuracy in cuts and specifically designed for the following models: 100, 693, 690, 691, 891, 893, and 892.

It is a durable router guide, developed with an anodized, extruded aluminum housing to maintain the robustness. The dual sliding lockable mounts enable easy functioning. The accessories for mounting comes within the package.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Durable router edge slide made from an extruded aluminum body.

  • Some users spotted faulty design and poor quality of the guide.

4. Hitachi 323342 Straight Guide : Budget Pick

Hitachi 323342 Straight Guide

Hitachi 323342 Straight Guide is a non-breakable router accessory, which is utilized in straight guide assembly. This guide is developed and designed in a way so that it is suitable for any routing project. The guide body is built with high quality materials.

Its intuitive features and quick set-up system are the reasons that keep this product distinct from others. You can use this guide with your Hitachi power tool KM12SC Router. Plus, it is O.E.M authorized to be free from any drawbacks in terms of its construction material and workability. 

Every Hitachi accessory is developed with technology and materials of higher standards. After the manufacturing the product, it is tested under rigorous observation to check its durability and performance. Hitachi has been the worldwide pioneer for its innovative technologies, since its inception. So, Hitachi guide is unquestionably one of the leading router edge accessories in the market at present. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Ergonomic design and well-built with high quality materials

  • Supported by the Hitachi KM12SC Router

  • Designed to undergo any router projects

  • Has intuitive quick set-up system and is easy to operate

  • Some users complained about the missing parts necessary for using the guide with the router.

5. Makita 193073-1 Straight Guide : Premium Pick

Makita 193073-1 Straight Guide

Makita 193073-1 Straight Guide functions for routing details (including dados, grooves, etc.) and for edge routing pieces with bits (without guide bushings) along the edge of the workpiece. The length of the rods are about 9 and a ½ inches, with a maximum gap between the bit center and fence edge being 7 and a ½ inches (if utilised with RF1101). The fence face has a semicircular opening of diameter 1⅝ inches with the fence face being 4½ inches wide. Lastly, the guide face includes holes on it to allow attaching a longer wooden fence board for additional stability.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Useful and sturdy

  • Value for money

  • Great functionality

  • This accessory works best with your Makita tool (as specified in the package). Improper application of the guide attachments can affect the product.

Other Great Picks

6. Ryobi 6090080 Straight Edge Guide

Ryobi 6090080 Straight Edge Guide

Ryobi 6090080 Straight Edge Guide is for the woodworking experts. The thing about this guide is it can adapt to the majority of the router models available in the market today. You can rout grooved and straight cuts along the edge of the job.

The guide makes your cutting process even easier and accurate, thus adding versatility to the router features. The attachment knobs are supported by most Ryobi router models to conduct grooved and straight cuts. 


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Increases versatility of the router

  • Attachment knobs included

  • Suitable for grooved and straight cuts

  • Supported by most Ryobi router models

  • Some users spotted the router guide to be incompatible with the Ryobi router models.

7. DEWALT Edge Guide (DNP618)

DEWALT Edge Guide (DNP618)

The DEWALT DNP618 Edge Guide is recommended to use with the fixed base compact router. The guide features quick set-up and facilitates precise positioning of dadoes, inlays, etc. The guide can be extended to 3 inches from the edge of the workpiece. The guide has an easy slide and lock positioning adjuster, and the body is built with heavy steel for durability.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100



  • Made of heavy steel material

  • Allows quick attachment system to the fixed base compact router

  • Precise positioning of dadoes, inlays, and others

  • Up to 3 inches extendable from edge of the material

  • Easy lock positioning and slide adjustment features

  • Some users found the guide does not fit the fixed base compact router model DWP611PK as advised by the seller.

Final Verdict

Now that you know about the factors, conveniences, and precision that come when choosing the router edge guide. There is no u-turn once you get a reliable guide review and find that its features match to what you were looking for.

With so many options to decide among, we made the initial approach of coming up to you with some top guides, so it’s easier to choose.In today’s time, you will find almost every guide is embedded with these following features: absolute precision, accuracy, robust construction, design, and durability. Many of them are universal router edge guides which means they can be used with multiple machines.

So, no more getting frustrated in your work with a poor router guide in your toolkit. Even if you are looking for an affordable router edge guide, you can easily find one. Simply go with the router edge guide recommendations and follow the factors mentioned earlier in this article. Then purchase the most suited one and enjoy the privilege of producing countless exclusive woodworks that seemed almost impossible to you before.

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