Router Table Fences in 2023

When you want safe and consistent cuts for your woodworking projects then there’s nothing more important than using a router fence. Based on the nature of your project, it’s important to choose the router table fence as it’s an instrument that gives you added stability and control over your cuts.

Whether you will use it to align your wood or bits, it’s an investment worth considering. Most fences are made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard)which is sturdy and a reliable material. 

Based on what you will be working on the most, you can get yourself many different types of fences like the short fence, tall fence, one that is for joints. You can also go ahead and build your own fence using some of the router table fence plans available online.

In this post, we will stick to the most reliable options that you can buy. We also made sure to write a buying guide to help our readers choose the option. 

Router Table Fences

1. Woodpeckers SF-36SINGLE Router Table Fence : Router Table Fence Overall

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking tools have micro-adjustable offset capabilities which facilitate you to set any offset within the limit of ¼ inch. The two halves of the fence perfectly and automatically line up parallel to each other when tightened down. The fence includes a dust collector to fit 2 to ½ inch and 2 to ¼ inch hose. The product also includes variable throat capabilities for proper handling of the router bits up to 4 inches (in diameter). The vertical section contains 4 t-slots and is nearly 4 inches high, including the one beside the top edge.



  • Easy to assemble

  • Deliver accurate measurements

  • Easily adjustable router table fence

  • -

2. Kreg PRS1015 Table Fence : Alternative to Woodpeckers Table Fence

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

Kreg PRS1015 can be easily adjusted single-handedly. It has a dual lock facility to hold the material piece firmly in place. One is a quarter-turn lock and the other is a large paddle lock on the outfeed and infeed end respectively. The product features a measuring scale which lets you position the fence as per your requirement and make other adjustments. The fence ensures a micro-adjustable precision measuring system.Learn about Kreg Router table



  • Stable router table fence

  • Clear and easily understandable instructions

  • Difficult to move and position the fence

  • Some users complained about the missing parts of the fence

3. Peachtree Woodworking Table Fence: Budget Pick

Peachtree Woodworking Table Fence

Peachtree Woodworking table fence is an aluminium made L-shaped product which can be readily mounted on the router table. The fence is 32 inches long with  two slots of  ¼ inch each for center hole cut out and mounting. 

The fence can be mounted on a table, drill press table, band saw fence along with other tools. The product is suitable to be used with all types of shop built jigs and tables.



  • Multi-purpose table fence with router capability.

  • Fence is not square (out of 90°).

4. JessEm 4010 Master Fence II : Premium Pick

JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

The JesseEm Tools 4010 Master fence II is designed to suit any router table system of dimension (32″x24″). The unique fence design for mounting tracks allows easier setup and adjustability.

The edge banded MDF fence faces are easy to remove and fully adjustable. The new, advanced dust chute allows faster, easier and efficient dust removal. Moreover, the fence tracks are fully adjustable, ensuring precise setting and firm locking system. 

Innovative offset bars with in-built on-board storage allows precise and faster offsetting  of fence with preset offsets of 1/16 and 1/32 inches.



  • Sturdy and adjustable

  • High quality fence construction

  • Vague instructions on how to mount to the table top. 

Other Great Picks

4. Deluxe Router Table Fence

Deluxe Router Table Fence

The Deluxe Tools router table fence has two MDF fence plates held up by an L-shaped fence made of solid aluminum. The aluminum fence can accommodate router bits of size up to 3 ½ inches (in diameter). The system is equipped with a dust collector port that covers the opening between the two fence plates. The fence has tall adjustment knobs for easier  access in moving the fence back and forth. 



  • User friendly and sturdy fence body

  • Quality accessories

  • Some users spotted the fence to be unfit for their router table saw.

5. Bench Dog Tools PreFence

Bench Dog Tools PreFence

Bench Dog Tools PreFerence is a high quality fence which is compatible with any router table system. This product features ergonomic design, good construction, and rugged strength. The fence is made of a one-piece heavy duty aluminium and is entirely machined both on the bottom and front surfaces. This construction ensures the PreFerence to be square, true and flat. , true and square. 

No other fence design features so many benefits like this one. The exclusive dual EZ-Load T-slots support the Panel-Loc panel hold-down along with Feather-Loc featherboards. The MDF sub-fences can be adjusted without tools and are-suited for zero clearance setup. ProFence package comes with a duster collector port with a diameter of 2 and a ½ inch, plus, a heavy-duty bit guard.



  • Simple and effective

  • True and square

  • Easy to use

  • Value for money

  • Many users complained about the low quality fence.

6. Supreme Table Fence

Supreme Table Fence

The Supreme tools table fence kit contains a 32 inch long pre-drilled fence made of sturdy aluminum, one pair of 16 inch sub-fences made of aluminium, one pair mounting blocks for the dust port, a router dust port, and a small plastic featherboard. Other accessories include a Uni-fence stop block, 20 knobs of ¼ inch each and bolts. The fence can accommodate bits of about 3 and a ½ inch (in diameter). The dust port allows a direct attachment of the 2 and a ½ inch Shop-Vac hose to the back of the router table fence.



  • Deliver accuracy in work

  • Value for money

  • The fence is not square (out of 90°).

7. 24″ Deluxe Table Fence

24" Deluxe Router Table Fence

The 24 inch Deluxe table fence comes with two MDF fence plates supported  by an L-shaped aluminum fence with in-built track to allow comfortable accommodation of the router bits of up to 3 and a ½ inch (in diameter). 

The product package includes other necessary parts for faster and simpler system assembly. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a dust collector which covers the opening  between the two sub-fences. 

The unique shim system of the mounting fence; either side of the fence can be wedged with an aluminum bar which is inserted into offset tracks of different depth, which in turn moves the fence forward to required depth. The tall adjustable knobs allow easier forward and backward fence movement.


  • Convenient, adjustable tracking knobs
  • Sturdy, high-quality fence
  • Easy to install and makes routing easier


  • Lasks assembly instructions

Buying Guide

Let’s look at some of the factors that you should consider when buying a router table fence


Well, that’s all about some router table fences. But, I would personally suggest you to check out the Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools again as it doesn’t have any such setback on its functional part. Otherwise, all the aforementioned items are unique in some or other way, in terms of their utility and limitations. Hope that helps!

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