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A router bit set has various applications in both construction and renovation. Depending on your project you can use it for drilling, carving or just engraving. In this post, we are reviewing Ryobi router bit set which comprises of 15 router bits to help you with different tasks. 

The brand Ryobi itself is a very huge Japanese hardware brand that manufactures many different type of products and power tools in industries like automobile and electronics. Their 15 piece router bit set is among the best tool set that any woodworker should have, let’s look at the overall picture of these bits. 

The Ryobi Router Bit 15 Pcs Set

Ryobi Router Bit

Firstly, let us have a look at what are the components included in the set. This might differ with the product number that serves as a model number to the entire set. However, a standard set will have the same components with slight differences in their technical specifications and capacities. 

The ryobi set is inclusive of two flush trim bits, a dovetail bit, a Hinge Mortising Bit, three Straight Bits, two Degree Chamfer Bits, three Roundover Bits w/ Bearing, couple of Rabbeting Bits, and a Roman Ogee Bit.

Ryobi router bit set also has some bonus components shown as additional to the regular set. These comprise of two bearings of the ideal size that fit perfectly with the main tools and a hex key that can be used for making adjustments in any of them. 

Because we are reviewing a mechanical toolbox it is crucial to have a keen look at the packaging it comes in. This has two reasons.

  1. The first one being, no harm to the router bit set while it is being delivered to the customer. There have been a lot of issues where people had to replace their products because of damage during delivery. 
  2. The second reason is storing the tools correctly. The container the Ryobi router bit set comes in is made up of sturdy portable plastic that has dedicated sections for everything that comes in it. Therefore anyone who wants to carry the set around doesn’t have to pay extra for a tools box.

What are the technical details that you should verify while purchasing?

  • Part numbers and product number.
  • Weight of the set.
  • Product dimensions.
  • Model number.
  • Battery included and batteries required.

These details will help you to crosscheck the requirements that you might have as a customer. As these routers bits usually come in kits, it is very important to note down any serial numbers to ensure that no part is missing. 

Now that you are introduced to the router bit set, let us come to the main part of the review, which is the bits. 

All the tools that we have seen in the set would not function without these bits. But the bits take a lot of stress and mechanical strain during woodworking. This is the very reason why their endurance is the most important factor. The only reason why we have provided you with all the names and inclusion in a usual set is that usually, people buy bits only when they are damaged.

Otherwise, they buy them with the set. Some prerequisite that is better to be understood before buying is: the bit fitting in the tool must be right as it might vary with the brand or size of the tool sometimes. The tested reviews by customers and professional product review blogs are very helpful before buying any product. 

Common Types of Router Bits

Ryobi Router Bit review

These are the broad classifications that can be better understood when we explain to you their specific types. 

Straight Router Bits

These are among the most common ones in the market. Every person owning a set must have this in it. It is used to make common cut downs straight into the wood or make straight slits in it. One can not ignore having these bits in their collection. They have applications in both big wooden types of furniture as well as are used to assist working and polishing with other shaped-bits. Undoubtedly, an ideal router bit for woodworking.

Rabbeting Router Bits

Another very useful type of bits is the Rabetting. They are shaped such that both vertical and horizontal cuts. The most common usage of these can be seen along the edge of wooden carvings and constructions. The make notch shapes of almost any kind with the help of bearing assistance. The set usually includes the bearing of different pivot dimensions. This allows you to make various shapes and give flexible fitting shapes.

Flush Trim Router Bits

They have the same cutting radius as the material that is being used. The working of these is restricted to a certain edge to flush fittings. But they are required at every turn in the construction process. Trimming the substrate material and then using it to fit different shapes together is very handy.

Chamfer Router Bits

They are used for angled cuts. More or less they are used to decorate edges along with the joints. The more technical working of this bit would be multi-sided construction. Due to its angled cutting abilities, chamfer routers are very appreciated.

Apart from these common cutting bits, there are bits used for edge formation. Most professional router bit set owners want edge formation bits just as much as they want the cutting bits. The practicality in forming edges is very vast and almost unlimited. Making fancy wood carvings can have bends and angles to any extent. Let us have a look at some of the common edge formation bits.

Round over Bits

The circular fittings are all made with the help of round over bits. A person who has done significant wooden work will understand that circular fittings are the most common fitting after straight and L-edge fittings.

Edge Beading-Bits

The more profound edge formations are beading bits. They are required to make necessary edges shaped into half or quarter circles. These are again the flush to edge fitting edge formation.

Cove router bits

These are used for making a concave cavity in the wooden substance on the side or at the top. Another very important and commonly used edge formation that finds application in any wooden renovation.

Ogee bits

Ogee in construction language means ‘S’ shaped formations. These used for double-sided fittings that might have hooks or chain of shape fittings in a row.

Is the purchase only for one project?

In a situation where one only has to make a one time project, he or she can be very specific in buying the bits they want. The project might need a few types of bits. Usually, construction or renovation would need not more than 3-5 types of router bit. 

Will you use the bits occasionally or regularly?

This can completely vary as per requirement that you are looking in a bit. If you are looking for bits that you can work with occasionally then even the simple ones would do. You can buy a basic bits set that has different shaped bits. These might not have the best endurance but will serve you for almost any required precision. However, during heavy-duty works, these might fail. 

Ryobi Router Bit kit review

When you are dealing with regular wooden work or are working as a professional carpenter or craftsperson, then having stronger ones is very important.

There are latest and powerful Ryobi bits like the A25R151 carbide edged bits that can work for hours with any kind of wood.The carbide edged bits are much preferred because of their strength and work delivery.

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Not only are they stronger but they improve the time taken for completing wooden works. There are several reviews on the internet blogs and e-commerce websites where they are sold. But you should remember the quality does increase the cost of bits. 

How much are you willing to spend on bits?

Ryobi Router Bits kit review

As explained before, the cost of the router bits is directly dependent on its quality. There are several bits in the market being sold by many manufacturers. But Ryobi bits are among the most reliable ones. They might not be the most premium ones that are available in the market but are decently priced and have better endurance than most bits in this price range.

Ryobi has done an excellent job in manufacturing quality bits at an affordable price. You can get an entire set for around $80 and a set of bits for $30-$40. The prices might differ based on the availability of offers. It is suggested that you look for them online because of the number of options available are way more than it would be offline. 

The Good

There are some very fine shares from the customer all around who have shared their experience with Ryobi bits. There is furniture ranging from drawers to dining tables and boats that were built using these bits. While most of them give positive feedback, a few do have complains about endurance and strength. 

The best reviews explain to us that Ryobi bits are having amazing precision in edge formation. There is a possibility that you can make an entire piece of furniture or balance wooden structures without even using glue and other sticking material. Although this sounds very impressive, one should know that this is very much dependent on the skills of the person building it. 

As far as renovations are concerned the reviews were towards the better side at most times. People have shared complex furniture that includes big bookshelves and even staircases.

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Mostly the bits go unappreciated. The tools that are powerful and used in-hand are appreciated for their power. Ryobi proves that if there is no precision and variety in bits, the heavy machinery will simply go in vain. 

The Bad

There are reviews with pictures of bits being broken in the very first week. The reviews told that it is surprising to see them fail unless the exceptional force was applied. This could be because of manufacturing errors and also human errors. However, we do agree with the fact that there is a wide range of bits that Ryobi makes.

Meaning that you should be very wise in picking the ones that suit your work. The questions that are answered above will help you in doing so. There are a few other reviews that talk about an alternative to Ryobi bits. The experience of these users tells us that for a particular set of users Ryobi bits failed more often. 

We can conclude that the most probable reason for this could be shuffled between cheaper ones, heavier work imposed than rated or else manufacturing defect. 

Alternatives suggested:

  • The Ryobi 90-bits set is among the most preferred sets.
  • Hitachi’s 799962, set of 120 bits ( drive and drill)
  • Home-man tungsten carbide edged bits.
  • HQ-Master dedicated bits set for any machinery fit.

You can also find a lot of good alternatives from these top rated router bits

These suggestions are shortlisted based on technical specifications, endurance tests, and ratings. Most reviews on e-commerce suggest these be as good if not better than Ryobi bits. It is stressed that the type of wood that is being worked on is not the best factor to judge bits’ performances. They work almost with the same ease and outcome that they are expected to. 

These are the suggestions for the customer who would want to drop Ryobi bits from their choice. These are affordable, cover most of the functionalities, include different shapes in both cutting and edge forming, and freestyle bits too. 

Price different or the ROI should be the second most important factor after actually technical strengths. Endurance and variety of bits being manufactured are a clear advantage. Especially for people who want to use these bits regularly will sort their requirements very critically. It is recommended that professional and tested reviews should be valued equally. 


Ryobi is a very reliable brand for bits and the router kit alike. Their 15 Piece router bit is among the best products that they have come up for woodworkers. It has different options for similar products that let you have better choices irrespective of the price you are willing to pay. There are manufacturers like Hitachi who are on par with Ryobi router bits. 

If you look in the stores, the most common difference between the bits would be the sizes and number of pieces in the set. There is a set of 10, 15, 30, 60, 90 and even 120. 

The one with most bit components is more expensive. But then you don’t need them with more quantity unless you are working as a professional. Therefore if you are someone who is looking for bits set for their personal, household or crafts purposes, then Ryobi router bit can be picked up. They do a great job and are undoubtedly making no mistake with this choice. The professional users can go ahead and make their choice. Ryobi routers bits will be there on any well-analyzed bits list out there. 

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