Sandpapers for Wood

If you are a professional woodworker, then you understand the importance of choosing the sandpaper for wood. You must be familiar with the user guide of how to sand wood edges after cutting, before applying paint or varnish, or before putting coats between two wooden layers, etc. Things are easy when you have the instruction and list of accessories, like type of sandpaper, tools, etc. in hand.

The real challenge is when you visit a hardware store and find a variety of sandpaper booklets and sheets, arranged size-wise, from where you have to choose. The process of selection is time taking as there are lots of factors to compare among the different types. We made the searching task for you and compiled a list of top 5 sandpapers for woods. Plus, a buyer’s guide is added further to make the right selection before purchase. 

5 Sandpapers for Wood


Mindy Assorted Grit Sandpaper

The grit size of Mindy Assorted Grit Sandpaper is available within 120 to 3000-grit. The package contains a set of three sheets each for every grit label. High quality silicon carbide based synthetic grit particles are used in Miady sandpaper. This product is suitable for any type of wooden grinding, such as buffing, sanding, scratch removing, and giving final finishing. Both DIY crafters and woodworkers can do well with this sandpaper. The sheet can be cut into pieces as per the requirement, so you can save for later use. The sheet contains an electronic coat layer that renders the sandpaper damage-proof.

2. DURA-GOLD Sandpaper Roll : Premium Choice


Dura-gold Premium Longboard Continuous roll is a sandpaper of grit size 600. It is a 20 long roll of sandpaper of 18.288 metre. This type is appropriate for burr removal, shaping and buffing rough wooden surfaces, and more. The product is available within the following grit range of 40 to 1000. Can cut the required length from the roll and use it on any board type for sanding. With Dura-gold, you get the task done quite efficiently and faster. The quality of this tool is value for money as it renders sharper buffing with a smooth finish.



Verones Grit Wet Dry Sandpaper Assortment is a pack of 9 different grits ranging within 400 to 3000. The package comes with a set of 10 sheets each for every grit label. The grit material is developed from finer quality, silicon carbide. The electro-coating on this sandpaper adds durability to it, allowing multiple usage of the same piece of sheet. It is the perfect option for buffing metal and wooden utensils. The part is you can use the sandpaper in both wet and dry surfaces. The sheets are big enough to be resized into smaller pieces as needed. You get a total of 90 big pieces of sandpapers per order.



3M Garnet Sandpaper consists of finer grits, sizing about 220 grit. The product is available in coarse, medium, extra fine to fine types. The package includes a total of 5 garnet sandpapers. With this model, you can expect super quality, smoother finish. It ensures cleaner operation and the sharp grit edges render swift cutting power. This sandpaper is basically used on the unfinished, irregular shape bare wood planks. The sheets have to be used sequentially based on the grits size, starting with the coarser one to the extra is a good buy for short term operations on a variety of workpieces.

5. 3M 32023 IMPERIAL WETORDRY 9″ X 11″ 1500 GRIT SHEET

3M 32023 Imperial Wetordry Grit Sheet

3M 32023 Imperial Wetordry Grit Sheet is developed with super-quality silicon carbide. Here, the synthetically prepared grits are bonded to a moisture-resistant paper back. Overall, it is lightweight and durable, and flexible in application. Like the 3M garnet, 3M Imperial is also compatible with both the wet and dry work situations. However, the latter ensures 10% better finish compared to the former one. The product is suitable for refined and aggressive sanding.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to consider when buying Sandpaper

There is a wider variety of sandpaper grits and picking the right one suitable for your purpose could be a challenging task. So, help yourself with the basic guide given below and decide accordingly: 

  • Choosing the appropriate grit size of the sandpaper 
  • Selecting right coarseness that fits your project requirement
  • Considering the top-quality grit type

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