Shop Vacs for Woodworking in 2022

The pro-grade woodcrafters who deal with heavy lumbering jobs and more require an efficient vacuum cleaner to clear the mess like sawdust, wood chips, etc. from the workplace. So, in this article, we will tell you about ten such trending shop vacs on the market. Additionally, we will check what type of vac is for what type of woodworking job from the buyer’s guide below.

Shop Vacs for Woodworking

1. Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum : For All-Purpose Utility

Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum

Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum is a woodcrafter-friendly shop vac with a tank capacity of 8 gallon. This durable shop vacuum makes sure that you can use the device with maximum cleaning time. The strong suction potential of this shop vac is powered by a 4. 5 HP motor, ensuring heavy-duty pickup. So, you can expect a faster and convenient cleaning job. The blowing port at the back of the shop vac allows instant cleaning of wood particles from your workshop.

The inbuilt, enlarged drain allows for easier emptying of liquids (if used while wood cutting). The availability of multiple accessories makes the vac a versatile product to handle any type of cleaning task. You get a 16 feet long power cable, 2 elongation wands to clean the hard to reach areas of about 22 feet away from you, and a 6 feet vac cleaning hose/pipe. Below the shop vac are 4 swivel caster wheels. to easily drag the vac tank. 



  • Lightweight product

  • Feasible maneuverability

  • Optimal cord length

  • The manufacturer should focus on improving the vac quality.

2. Shop-Vac 5989300 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum : High Airflow

Shop-Vac 5989300 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 5989300 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum is a powerful cum portable model with a tank capacity of 5-gallon. The product is powered by a 4.5 peak HP motor. The side and top handles of the vac adds to the portability of the product The package includes a 7 feet vac hose with three extension wands, foam sleeve, crevice tool, a filter cartridge, plus a gulper nozzle. It is cordless, wet dry vacuum with rechargeability. You can use this vac anywhere; be it a commercial to industrial workshops as well as home. It is a tough and durable vac model to rely on, typically for cleaning the hard wood chips or debris that are not easy to clean. 



  • Versatile choice

  • Tough and dependable

  • Great waste suction power and maneuverability

  • Value for money

  • Optimal noise generation

  • Some users complained about the poor design of the vac.

3. MOOSOO Wet Dry Vacuum : Light-Duty

MOOSOO Wet Dry Vacuum

Moosoo Wet Dry Vacuum features a suction power of around 17 KPA. You can use the device for prolonged cleaning purposes without a pause due to its considerable tank capacity of 2.64 gallon. After every use, it is suggested to clean or replace the High Efficiency Particulate Air filter. The vac has a dual probe detector integrated to it. This sensor notifies you when the vac tank is full and requires emptying to continue further vacuum cleaning. For easy application or handling of the vac, you get a shoulder strap along with a durable battery.

So, you can stay rest assured about prolonged cordless cleaning which is otherwise not possible using a traditional power corded heavy duty vac. The inbuilt 10 Li-ion batteries promise 16 to 30mins of multifunctional cordless cleaning. The model is equipped with a vac pipe, flat and round brush for thorough cleaning of the dust from narrow gaps and multiple dry picking, anytime. The HEPA dust filter of the vac ensures cleaning of the debris or particles as minute as 0.1 micron. Overall, it is a durable, multi-attachments compatible, and easily maneuverable, lightweight vac. 

4. CRAFTSMAN 17612 Wet/Dry Vac : Budget-friendly

CRAFTSMAN 17612 Wet Dry Vac

Craftsman 17612 Wet Dry Vac is another powerful debris cleaning machine, equipped with a motor of 5.0 peak HP. It is a huge vac that comes within a compact package, which also includes the other vac accessories- car nozzle, caddy cum cartridge filter, 2 extended wands, 7 feet Pos-I-Lock hose, crevice tool, combo brush cum utility nozzle- kept at a single spot. This device is fit for home, garage, jobsite to automobile workshops and more. The long power cable of 20 feet allows the user a wider space range to clean the workspot or others. The product is ergonomically designed with a carry handle at the top for quick handling. The on/off dust protected power switch ensures dependable control over the vac while cleaning.



  • Easily usable

  • Light-duty choice

  • Substantial maneuverability

  • Great dust/waste suction power

  • Budget-friendly

  • Suction power may be poor at times

  • The hose keeps kinking everytime during its application

5. Dewalt DCV580H Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum : Dual Voltage Ability

Dewalt DCV580H Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum

DEWALT DCV580H Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum is built with wireless functionality in such a way that it can run by both an 18 Volt and 20 Volt Max batteries. The vac filter is easily accessible and is washable cum reusable. Simply wash the filter under running faucet water and it is good to go for further utilization. The crush-proof, heavy-duty, cum fully-integrated hose of 5 feet (with 1 and ¼ inch diameter) ensures longevity, adjustability, hence, the ease-of-use. The box for the accessory and device storage makes the unit easy to carry around to the workspots. The vac tank has the capacity of 2 gallon. So, you can get enough space to empty the liquid spilled on the workspot during the woodworking projects. Crevice tool, wide nozzle tool accessory, etc. are some of the many accessories that come within the package.



  • Light in weight; handy device to carry around

  • Optimal suction power

  • Dual Potential based: can operate with both 18 Volt and 20 Volt

  • Max battery

  • Long battery life

  • Some buyer's reported that the vac is fit for small pick-up jobs only

  • Despite being a cordless shop vac, the batter and charger have to be bought separately

6. Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Vac : Pro-grade

Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Vac

Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Vac is the one with 5 gallon tank capacity. The device is powered by a 5 Peak HP motor that promises good suction power. The high-performance ergonomic design of the vac is meant to handle even the most difficult wood waste/dust cleaning projects easily. The lengthy power cable of 18 feet followed by an on-board hose of 7 feet and other accessories eliminates unwanted hurdles and reduces the overall storage space of the vac and its attachments.

You get a cleaning range of about 25 feet to reach the farther dust filled spots without unplugging the power cord from the vac. The on/off dust sealed switch gives you a quick control over the vac power. Other than the vac, you get a kink-proof premium-quality hose, car nozzle, crevice tool, utility nozzle, one extension wand, foam wet filter, fine dust cartridge filter, and an air cum noise diffuser. 



  • Light in weight; handy device to carry around

  • Optimal suction power

  • Dual Potential based: can operate with both 18 Volt and 20 Volt

  • Max battery

  • Long battery life

  • Some buyer's reported that the vac is fit for small pick-up jobs only

  • Despite being a cordless shop vac, the batter and charger have to be bought separately

7. Vacmaster Professional Series Wet/Dry Vac with Cart (VJE1412SW0201) : Suction Potential

Vacmaster Professional Series Wet Dry Vac with Cart (VJE1412SW0201)

Vacmaster Professional VJE1412SW0201 Wet Dry Vac offers kind suction power and airflow conveniently handles the difficult pick-up jobs of the woodworking industry. The shop vac tank is made of sturdy, stainless steel followed by an ergonomic cart design that renders extended stability and maneuverability. The vac accessory, power cable followed by an integrated hose makes your cleaning job time saving and easy.You get a 20 feet long power cable, a kink-proof 7 feet premium vac hose (with 2 and ½ inch diameter) that allows cleaning range of 27 feet, crevice tool, utility and floor nozzles, professional floor brush, two extension wands, dust collector, foam wet and fine dust cartridge filters, and lastly, a air and noise diffuser. 



  • Easy to arrange and assemble the vac attachments

  • Perfect suction potential and maneuverability

  • Light in weight

  • Minimal noise generation

  • Hassle free vac accessories storage

  • Motor may work unexpectedly at times.

8. Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum with Detachable Blower : Thorough Cleaning

Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet Dry Shop Vacuum with Detachable Blower

Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet Dry Shop Vacuum is a two in one vac product with high-performance handheld air blower with a single button push. The vac tank has a capacity of 12 gallon; large enough to pick-up dust/debris from different woodworking tasks. The vac device is powered by a 5 Peak HP motor this vacuum makes fast cleanup; whether it is a dry waste or liquid spills on the workspot. The air blower exhibits a speed limit of 210 MPH. This device can handle even the hardest pick-up jobs. The ergonomic top handle design allows easy gangling and long lasting casters render stable transportation. The on-board accessory box promises an organized set of tools in one place. 



  • High suction power

  • Perfect for deep cleaning

  • Easy to install and maneuver

  • Heavy-duty

  • Some buyer's complained about the poor quality of the shop vac.

9. Vacmaster VWM510 Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum : Wide reach

Vacmaster VWM510 Wet Dry Shop Vacuum

Vacmaster VWM510 Wet Dry Shop Vacuum has a motor that features both quiet operation (less noise generation) and powerful suction. The on-board vac hose, power cable followed by a secure accessory storage are what you get in the package.The power cable is 20 Foot long with 41 foot cleaning range. The other accessories include an 11 feet standard vac hose, remote control handle, a flexible Hose, two extension wands, Squeegee nozzle or floor brush, a car Nozzle, crevice tool, round dust brush, caddy and washable cartridge filters, foam wet filter, an air and noise diffuser, all packed within a wall mount storage kit.



  • Easy to assemble and maneuver

  • Reduced noise level

  • Good suction power

  • Wall mount followed by the vac accessories are a plus

  • Poor quality suction at times

10. Bosch VAC140AH Shop Vac : Woodworkers

Bosch VAC140AH Shop Vac

Bosch VAC140AH Shop Vac features auto-cleaning. The dust extractor of the vac washes the filter at a regular interval of every 15 seconds to attain the utmost suction potential. The vac performance is enhanced by the presence of the HEPA filter that captures about 99.97% of particulate matters that are as small as 0.3 microns or larger. The fleece filter bag on the other hand helps in protecting the vac filter and renders optimal containment of dry debris/dust. The dust extractor promises an airflow rate of 15 CFM followed by an utmost sustainable 97 inch static water lift. The power broker dial of the shop vac can be matched according to the type cleaning applications to be performed.



  • Amazing dust suction capacity

  • Its high price matches to its features

  • Satisfactory dust cleaning output

  • Some users complained about the vac's quality issue.

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider to Buy the Right Shop Vac 

As there are numerous companies that develop shop vacs of varied specifications and features, people often make the mistake of selecting one randomly thinking all work the same way. But that’s partly wrong if you too think so. There are a number of factors based on which the vac selection has to be done, if you are looking for a purposeful vac model. So we have compiled a list of substantial factors that will make your product selection easier.


Well, now that you know the doables while buying the most purposeful shop vac for your woodworking projects, we hope you make a smart investment.If you are still stuck among the above products list, help yourself with the quick overview list of top three picks given below:

  • Moosoo Wet Dry Vacuum If you are looking for a lightweight, cordless, high suction power based shop vac within a reasonable budget, then for this.
  • Vacmaster Professional Wet Dry Vac If you are looking for a pro-grade shop vac with least noise generation, typically for prolonged periods of application, then go for this.
  • Vacmaster VWM510 Wet Dry Shop Vacuum If you are looking for a shop vac that offers the highest cleaning range with easy to assemble vac accessories, then go for this option. 

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