Stalwart Router Bits: How good are these low budget Bits ?

Right from cutting the woodworking joints, flush trimming the laminates, to decorating the edges, a router has multiple uses. But, for all of those tasks, you need router bits that get the job done well. 

When it comes to finding quality bits, Stalwart router bit are surely going to be on that list. The brand has earned quite a reputation among woodworkers for its products, and the prices at which they come. After all, getting a nice tool does not always mean reaching out for the priciest one, and this company seems to have understood that.

So, are these bits really worth the hype? Let’s find out all about stalwart router bits.

A Brief Review of Brand

Stalwart Router Bits

Stalwart is a brand owned by trademark global LLC and is originally from Lorain, OH. They are one of the top most providers of consumer based products to internet retailers and individual customers. They manufacture utility based products like power / hand tools, portable lighting, security and storage & organization. 

In our experience, some of their products are very sturdy and reliable since when it comes to working with woodworking tools, we need to check how a product performs under stress and strain. In our experience, they were quite durable. 

Now once you have a look at them, you may wonder if the price is justified. From what we think, they are fairly prices for what they offer. As a newbie, you are going to love them since they will do what you make them do but if you are a pro then you may want to try some of their pricey items. 

Why Choose the Stalwart Router Bits?

Now, as mentioned before, these CNC bits has earned the favor of many newbies as well as seasoned woodworkers. But, is it all good when it comes to this toolset? Let’s compare their overall pros and cons and find out the truth.

The Good

  • As far as heat resistance is concerned, their bits are pretty exceptional and gives you the value for your money.
  • You get ultimate versatility with 24 to 35 different bit.
  • The prices have been kept reasonable so it does not hurt your budget and offers flexibility to someone who is a DIY hobbyist woodworker or a pro.
  • A wooden box comes with every purchase giving you the facility to store the bit safely and also carry them around as you need.
  • Provides some of the smoothest and the most immaculate finishes that you can want: the dream of every woodworker.
  • Works for a wide range of woodworking projects and all kinds of woodworks. It works well on soft woods, as it does on the abrasive materials and hardwoods.

The Bad

  • The one bearing size that it comes with does not cover a lot of ground
  • The bearing that comes with it is also not of great quality and it tends to break apart. You will need to rely on store bought bearing for using the bits
  • The construction needs improvement as some of the bit tend to breakdown after repeated usage.
  • There is a lack of consistency in the product as some of the bits are great while the rest are just okay.

Stalwart Router Bits Review

So, you have a general idea about what to expect from this company. Let’s move on now and get to know about two of the most popular router bit set from the brand.

1. 24 Piece Router Bi​t Set with ¼” Shank and Wood Storage Case

Stalwart Router Bit Set- 24 Piece Kit with ¼” Shank and Wood Storage Case

With 24 pieces in total, this one has one of the highest numbers of pieces than most router bit sets that you will come across in the market. The part is that it is also one of the cheapest products in the market.

The kit has almost every single bit that you can ever need for your woodworking projects. They are basically 1/4-inch shank bits, which makes them fit for universal usage with all the routers. The set offers good smoothness and allows you to flush trim with minimum vibrations and get accurate cut. The minimal vibration is a blessing because it lets you work with greater precision and helps you avoid any mistakes in woodworking.

The carbide tips make the router bit pretty durable and sharp instead of a reasonable price range that it comes at. When it comes to the versatility of usage, this one is a choice for novices who are trying to learn the craft using a few of the frequently used parts. When used properly in keeping with the directions of the manufacturer, this set should last you quite a while.



  • Durability of the bit because being carbide tipped

  • Versatility of use with the 24 pieces on offer here

  • Comes in a well-made wooden box for storage and portability

  • The price range for such a thorough set
    Comes with excellent heat resistance

  • Has only one bearing size, and that too, lacks in quality

  • Not suitable for heavy duty, everyday use

2. Carbide Tipped Straight Router Bit Set (35-Piece) with 1/4″ Shank

Stalwart Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set (35-Piece)

One of the things about Carbide tipped bit set is that the shanks of these bits can fit all routers. All the router bits in the set feature 1/4″ shank. As the name says, the tips of the bits are made of carbide. Now, when you bring both of these factors together, you have a near perfect router bit set. The fact that it comes at a really affordable price does not hurt as well!

Considering the fact that all of these thirty five bits come in one router bit set is actually a pretty good deal. It would have cost you a lot to get the bits individually, and this set covers all the ground in that respect because you will end up needing different bits for different woodworking projects. It offers value for money in the true sense for that matter. The beginners should really purchase this one because it has all the bits that they can ever need and it comes at a reasonable price.

Stalwart has improved the storage box when it comes to the 35-pieces straight bit kit. Instead of a wooden box, you get an aluminum case for this one, which is sturdier and helps with both storage and portability. You get 11 straight bits which are metric sized among those 35 bits. 



  • Being carbide tipped, they are durable

  • Versatile enough for the widest range of use because of the 35 pieces

  • Strong and sturdy aluminum box case for portability and storage

  • The affordable price range for an all-inclusive set

  • Minimum vibrations while working for greater precision

  • Not suitable for heavy duty usage on a daily basis

  • One or two bits are prone to breaking off when trying to flush trim materials like: hardwood

  • When making dado cut or rabbet cut, you will have to take multiple passes as metric sized bits won’t match the standard dimensional lumber or plywood’s thickness.

Should you go for Stalwart router bits?

Now, here comes the big question: whether or not you should purchase Stalwart router bit. Well, to be honest, the answer is both yes and no! Yes, you should go for them if you are a beginner who is just learning the ins and outs of the craft. You will get everything in here that you will ever need for learning. We think it is certainly not the brand when comes to quality but gets the work done. 

But, if you are a seasoned woodworker, then these bits would not be sufficient for you. You can get it as a nice backup set, but relying solely on it would not be a nice idea. Given the fact that the price of the products are one of the lowest in the market, it does hurt getting it as your first bit kit or even as a backup set.

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