Tape Measures in 2022

Tape Measure is the most handy, yet an important tool in a woodcrafter’s toolbox. Be it an occasional woodworker, DIYer to a pro-grade woodcrafter, this tool is helpful to everyone, especially when you are required to do some precise cuttings following a particular measurement. Another plus point about having this tool in your work kit is it costs within a reasonable budget.

However, it is a challenging task to select one model out of the many such models from different manufacturers. So, we have compiled a list of tape measures to ease your product selection and purchase. A buyer’s guide is also provided followed by three top picks in the conclusion to help make a purposeful purchase.

Tape Measures

1. Stanley 25′ Powerlock Tape Measure : Product Overall

Stanley 25' Powerlock Tape Measure

Stanley Powerlock Tape Measure is known for its ultimate convenience in measuring wood logs of anything (both short and long lumbers). The sidelock beside the tape rule holds the measurement to avoid errors or slippage in taking readings. All the tape models of Stanley include a unique belt hook. The tape allows easy access to take quick readings. The tape rule is 3 to 200 feet long. So, you can use this model in any type of measuring requirement. This is a must have tool, typically for the contractors.

The mylar coating on the tape blade makes it abrasion resistant and ensures durability that lasts ten times longer compared to other blade types. The heat-treated tape spring also adds to the product longevity. The true zero end hook is self-adjustable to make readings; whether it is internal or external measurements. The rule is colored in two different shades on the either side, allowing clearer readability with fewer to zero measuring errors.



  • Durable tape rule with mylar coating on it

  • Ensures few to no measurement mistakes

  • End hook is self-adjustable to avoid mistakes in taking either inside or outside measurements

  • Lengthy tape of about 200 feet

  • Some users reported that the product quality is not satisfactory.

2. Komelon 25′ Tape Measure : under Budget

Komelon 25' Tape Measure

Komelon SM5425 Tape Measure is known for its revolutionary ergonomic cum compact design, whose blade has been further enhanced/labeled by the fractional graduations. The tape rule is 25 feet long with an easy hold as the tape housing is fortified with a thick rubber case. The blade is coated with an acrylic layer and the fractional graduations helps you to take quick measurements.



  • Easy to read fractional graduations on the tape rule

  • Anti glare white blade

  • Rubber body allows easy grip

  • End hook is protected from abrasion during its application

  • 25 feet long is pretty lengthy for domestic use

  • Nylon coating on the tape rule adds durability to the tool

  • Self-locking feature holds the blade to the position to which it was last extended

  • Value for money

  • Manufacturer has to work on the quality of the tape measure.

Other great Picks

3. Kutir 25′ Tape Measure

Kutir 25' Tape Measure

Kutir Tape Measure features a rule that is 25 feet long and 0.15 mm broad. The tape is sturdy with a matte finish. This tool can be kept in a homekit for general measuring applications. Other than that, if you are a pro-grade interior designer, carpenter, wood or metal professional, go for this tape. The tape housing is shock-resistant as it is made of high quality rubberized material. The tape has been lab-tested to ensure its quality of functionality.

The magnetic end hook made the reading-taking task way easier than before, that too single-handedly. This type of tape is most convenient for the metal workers, however, it is an all purpose measuring tape. The measurement indicators on the tape are easily visible for their bolded, enlarged numbers. In all fairness, you get the most precise measurement readings; be it in carpentry work, DIY wood projects. The rule features two units; metric and inch on either side so that you can take smaller to larger object measurements. 



  • Suitable for both wood and metal projects

  • Two types of rulers on either side of the tape rule makes the tool versatile

  • Some users complained that the tape rule is not retractable.

4. Magnelex 33′ Tape Measure

Magnelex 33' Tape Measure

Magnelex Tape Measure features a strong rule of 10 feet long. The tape is known for its longevity and impact-resistant. Therefore, it can withstand accidental drop. The tool has a wrist strap for convenient grip. included. The internal mechanism of the tape is smooth as it is easily retractable and it is a reliable measuring tool for any professional. The lock button holds the rule tightly in position to which it was last extended, in order to prevent the slippage of the measurement and get precise reading. No hustle of slipping or sliding the tape reading until you unlock the release switch. 



  • Perfect to present it to a woodcrafter, DIY fanatic, family and friends

  • Anti-lock feature enables you to take precise measurements without a miss

  • Impact-resistant tape

  • Easy tape rewinding mechanism

  • The price is high compared to the product quality.

5. QuickDraw 25′ Tape Measure

QuickDraw 25' Tape Measure

Quickdraw Tape Measure includes an inbuilt graphite-made dispensing wheel to take measurements. The tool enables you to take pinpoint readings with exact precision, freeing you from the trouble of using a pencil for on-board measurements. The blade is coated with a nylon layer for longevity. The tape measures up to 25 feet.



  • Tape blade is equipped with rugged nylon layer

  • Offers over 9 feet of standout length

  • Ensures extra durability with a and a smooth recoiling feature

  • Manufacturers might have to work on the quality of blade marking.

6. Stanley FatMax 25′ Tape Measure

Stanley FatMax 25' Tape Measure

Stanley FatMax Tape Measure has its first six feet fortified with blade-armor coating for extended longevity. You get a standout length of about 11 feet and include two stud markings of 16 and 19.2 inch which mostly help in simplifying the framing jobs. Theylar polyester coating adds to the blade durability. The heat-tested spring renders smooth retraction if the tape blade. The tape rule is generally 25 feet long.



  • Better accuracy

  • Easy to use and maneuver

  • Improved lock button feature

  • Precision in measurement

  • Bulky product

7. eTape 16′ Digital Tape Measure

eTape 16' Digital Tape Measure

eTape Digital Tape Measure allows two in one facility to take measurements both in analog and digital modes. The tool can withstand any type of work environment. The polycarbonate plastic casing of the tool males it rugged and durable. The digital display is broad enough to give you a clearer reading. You can take short term to long term measurement holding options. Plus, the scale reading can be converted to both inch and cm as required. 



  • Precise measurements both internal and external

  • Allows both manual and digital measurement checking

  • Easy to use

  • The digital display might show erroneous results or incomplete displays sometimes.

8. Lufkin 25′ Tape Measure

Lufkin 25' Tape Measure

Lufkin Tape Measure features a both sided rule with consecutive graduations of up to 16ths (in inches) on each side with horizontal graduation on the back side while horizontal on the front side. You get a standout length of about 10 feet enabling easy reach and convenient measurement. Two different colors are used on the tape blade for better legibility in a lowlight work environment. High visibility green colored labeling on the tape rule gives a contrasting effect while taking the measurements. The matte nylon finish on the tape blade coating ensures reduced glare, especially while implementing heavy wood projects outdoors. The dual end-hook feature guarantees hard grip on any side. So, making reading marks and taking quick measurements is now easier than ever. The sturdy rubber jacket on the product casing increases the tapes impact-resistance.



  • Impact-resistant

  • Sturdy with improved longevity

  • Perfect for outdoor use

  • The manufacturer must work on the precision of the graduations made on the tape rule.

9. Swanson SVPS25M1 25′ Tape Measure

Swanson SVPS25M1 25' Tape Measure

Swanson SVPS25M1 Tape Measure is yet another but not the least option on the list. The tool features a retractable cum innovative scribe guide for taking measurements conveniently; be it a radial marking or length.  The guide also prevents painful splinters. The blade is 

1 to 1/16 inch wide blade with 8 feet standout length. The tape rule displays enlarged numbers printed at both the top and bottom promising easier readability. With this tool, you can easily draw or make circles on the surfaces with the scribe containing a centering pin. 

The product housing is made of high quality ABS plastic ensuring firm grip on the tool. The rubber molded jacket adds to the product durability. The scribe guide structure makes it suitable for using to measure plywood and OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheets.



  • Durable and easy to take readings

  • Perfect for the woodcrafter's

  • High quality ABS plastic casing with rubberized jacket for easy grip

  • Some users complained about the design issues.


Having gone through the above guide, we hope your product selection cum buying process will be easier than it was before reading this review article. Though all the above profiled tape measures are unique with their own set of pros and cons, here are our top three recommendations:

  • Stanley Powerlock Tape MeasureThis tape measure is for those who are expecting a durable tool that guarantees minimal to zero error in the measurement.
  • Quickdraw Tape MeasureThis product is for those who are looking for prp-grade nylon coated tape blade for extra product longevity.
  • Lufkin Tape MeasureThis tape alternative is for those wood professionals who are always on the move. It is perfect for outdoor applications and is impact-resistant. 

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