What Are Some Good Dust Collectors?

What are some good dust collectors?

There are many different types of dust collectors available for homeowners. Some are large, industrial machines and others are smaller and can be easily installed in an existing room or closet. Before purchasing a dust collector, learn more about the different types of systems available, their pros and cons, and the type of space they’ll need to fit into.

Air scrubbers

Air scrubbers come in a variety of types. The most common type is a horizontal or vertical baghouse. This type of air scrubber uses a filter to trap dust particles. These filters can be made of paper or plastic and should be periodically cleaned.

HEPA air purifiers

Dust collectors are used to remove particulate matter (dust, fibers, allergens, etc.) from the air. When air is pulled through a filter, dust is trapped and collected. There are three main types of filters: mechanical, electrostatic, and HEPA.

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) air purifiers

While the air purifiers that use a combination of filters are effective at removing allergens and other contaminants from the air, they don’t always include a dust collector. Dust collectors are designed to capture large dust particles (or particulates) in the air. Most of the leading brands use a combination of filter technology and a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to remove particulates from the air.

UV light air purifiers

Dust collectors are one of the best ways to remove dust from the air. The collectors can be at ceiling level or can be wall-mounted. They are designed to attract dust particles using a static charge. The collected dust is then collected in a filter inside the machine. Some machines also have a fan to force the dust towards the filter.

Carbon monoxide detectors

You can easily eliminate dust from high-traffic areas with a good dust collector. Dust bunnies and stuffed toys can be a major source of dust in the air. A dust collector can capture those dust bunnies and toys before sending them back into the air, or you can invest in a vacuum to do the job for you.

Whole-home purification systems

A whole-home purification system includes a ductless water heater and/or air purification system. A ductless water heater is an ideal addition to a whole-home purification system because you can choose where to place it in your home. While a ductless water heater can be installed in a laundry or utility room, it can also be placed in an unfinished attic or basement.


One of the most overlooked components of a dehumidifier is the dust collector. This component is very important because it helps remove dust and other particles from the air that the humidifier is circulating. Without a dust collector, the humidifier will eventually create dust and mold in the air. Dust bunnies may also form around the humidifier, which is unsightly.


In order to get dust-free air in your home and eliminate the need to spend time dusting, invest in a high-quality whole house dust collector. Whole house dust collectors are used indoors to capture dust from the air, and they have several advantages over other dust collection systems. These systems have high-efficiency filters and can capture up to 90% of the dust in your home, which helps eliminate allergens from your home and cleans your air.

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