What Is A Dust Collector Called?

What is a dust collector called?

A dust collector is called a machine that removes dust, particulate matter and other debris from the air by using a collection system. There are different types of dust collectors. The most basic is a hand-held vacuum cleaner. A shop-vac or shop-vac with a dust filter is also good for smaller spaces. A shop-vac is usually used for vacuuming the floors and carpets. Wet or dry vacuum cleaners are another option for smaller spaces. Wet dust collectors use a water tank and special filter to trap dust, dirt and other particles.

Air scrubbers

Dust collectors are called baghouses when they use filter bags (or sometimes, filter cartridges). Other dust collectors use mechanical filters or water.

HEPA air cleaners

A dust collector is a device that uses a variety of techniques to capture particulate matter in the air. The most common system is a filter, but other systems use absorption, electric attraction, or a combination of these methods.

High efficiency particulate air (HEPA)

When the dust particles in your home are small enough to become airborne, they can cause health problems, especially for children and the elderly. To combat this problem, many homes have a dust collector or filter installed in the ducts.

Industrial air scrubbers

A dust collector is a machine that removes dust from the air. Dust is created by the natural breakdown of organic matter and the activities of living things. It can be a serious health concern if not collected efficiently. A dust collector is commonly called a ‘baghouse’ or a ‘cyclone’, depending on its design. Large machine shops use cyclones, while smaller shops and workshops use baghouses.

Vacuum cleaners

Some vacuum cleaners use a dust collection system instead of a bag. A traditional vacuum cleaner uses a bag to collect the dirt and dust. However, a dust collector uses a large canister instead of a bag. A canister is usually larger than a vacuum cleaner bag and can hold a larger amount of collected dust. Some dust collectors are made from plastic while others use metal.

Whole air scrubbers

An air scrubber is a system that cleans the air of particulate matter, dust, and allergens. Dust collectors work by using mechanical methods or chemical methods to collect dust and other particulate matter from the air. A conventional dust collector is a large box with a fan at the intake. The fan forces the air into the dust collection system, and a filter traps the particulate matter inside.

Wet scrubbers

Dust collectors are also called wet scrubbers. They have been around for over 100 years. Wet scrubbers use a combination of water and chemicals to clean the air. The process involves passing a solution of water and chemicals through a machine. This removes dust from the air and deposits the dust onto a filter. The filter can be periodically cleaned, or it can be reused.


The most common name for a piece of equipment that captures dust and particulates is a dust collector. Dust collectors are categorized based on their method of removing the dust, the type of filter they use, and the type of process they’re used for.

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