Wood Polishes in 2022

Buying a good home laden with all the amenities and quality accessories does not end the worry. Somewhere lately, you will realize that having the wood polish is important to taken care of for the long-lasting home-aesthetic. Let’s start with a reading desk, no matter what quality wood you used to make it, its color and lustre will fade away with time. So, proper care of your home furnishings is important to extend their life span and keep them new. If you are a pro-grade professional, please skip to the product reviews as you would definitely find the one you are here for. However, for the beginners, here is a small tip: different wood surfaces require different wood polish based on the wood type, texture and others. It requires to have substantial knowledge about the type of wood cleaner solutions before buying a particular type. There are three main types of wood polishes: 

  • Aerosol polishes: easy to use but may damage wooden surface
  • Liquid polishes: Water based ones and leave a sheen once they are used on a surface but attract dust
  • Semi-solid wood polishes: Also called Paste wax, hard to apply but for woodTo make things easy-going, we have made a list of top 10 wood polishes below fairly describing the products, pros and cons. Furthermore, a buyer’s guide is added discussing the substantial factors during the product selection. So, let’s get started! 

Wood Polishes

1. Howard FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Cleaner : Product Overall

Howard FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Cleaner

Howard FW0016 Feed-N-Wax Wood Cleaner is the top-of-the-line choice for wood cleaning, polishing and other wood conditioning requirements. It is a must-try product for the pro-grade woodcrafters. The solution is a mixture of carnauba and beeswax that polishes and conditions the wood piece after you are done with that project. Its application renders a uniform protective coating over the wooden surface.According to the experts, regular application of this solution at every three to six months interval maintains the wooden lustre for long. Howard FW0016 works faster and is easier to apply. Just make sure to clean the wood piece with vinegar or water. Then hold on for at least twenty minutes before applying the polish. Finally, get a flawlessly shining wooden surface.



  • Cover any scratch marks and small cuts

  • Time saving and easy to apply

  • Retains moisture and prevents quick fading of the wood polish

  • Brightens the appearance of the wood piece while maintaining its natural aesthetics

  • It is a flammable polish. So, make sure to choose an open area or well- ventilated room while applying

  • Might be little sticky

2. Bona Hardwood Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Hardwood Wood Floor Cleaner

Bona Hardwood Wood Floor Cleaner, as the name indicates, is for using on the hardwoods. Plus, it renders an unmatched bright finish. This wood cleaner is basically applied on the unwaxed plank floors for restoring the lost lustre. If there are any tough dirt or dust particles on the wooden surface, Bona is the solution to it. It is a water-based polish and typically meant for hardwood cleansing. Simply, spray the solution on the required surface and get flawless results. The part of using the Bona cleaner is it dries out real quick as applied. So, unlike the regular wood polishes, you are free from staying on the worksite waiting for the polish to dry completely. The major benefit of Bona is that you won’t have to dilute it like most other cleaners in the market. Just spray it directly on the wooden floor or other hardwood surface and use a mop or piece of cloth to wipe out the surface well.



  • It is GreenGuard authorized

  • Both user and environment-friendly

  • Leaves no dirt film on the surface once cleaned properly with Bona

  • Does not fade out hardwood floorings

  • Some users reported that water cleaning is required occasionally

  • May leave a white cloud-like residuum on the surface after using the (Bona) cleaner

3. KRUD KUTTER KK32 Concentrated Wood Cleaner

KRUD KUTTER KK32 Concentrated Wood Cleaner

Krud Kutter KK32 Concentrated Wood Cleaner is a user cum environment-friendly option. You can use it on your home floorings without harming the health of your family. This degreaser has a wider application in daily life. You can use it in your washroom and in other places that need deep cleaning. The thing is the cleaner is non-flammable and produced with non-toxic formula, which makes it fit for household applications. The product is absolutely harm free for pets and children. Added to that, the formula does not include the use of xylene. So, you are free from certain health issues, including nausea, drowsiness, headache, and dizziness, etc. This ready to use wood cleaner includes highly-concentrated variants and does not require dilution before application. You can also apply it in your kitchen cabinets or flooring to wash off the greasy remnants after cooking. 



  • Anti-toxin formula used

  • Heath and environment-friendly

  • Deeply cleanses hard and sticky grimes from the surface

  • Effective on any stain

  • Does not affect the wooden lustre

  • Needs frequent applications to get visible results

  • Might not be effective on mildew

4. Rejuvenate Wood Cleaner

Rejuvenate Wood Cleaner

Rejuvenate Wood Cleaner is for restoring the lost shine of the furniture and cabinets. Plus, it ensures protection against the harmful Ultraviolet radiations. So, you can use it on the main door of your house as well. The solution is developed in such a way that it works on any type of wooden surfaces, including wall panels, furniture, or wooden floors, kitchen cabinets, etc.It can easily fill in the scratches and restore the shine in your wooden surface. Apart from its cleaning action, the Rejuvenate wood cleaner is known to protect and seal the surface to avoid any future damage. With its easy-to-clean action, you can observe the brilliance and shine being restored for your wooden surfaces.Once applied, the coating lasts for several months. As per the suggestion of this product manufacturer, to get results, use this wood polish with the Rejuvenate Wood Furniture Floor Repair Markers & Microfiber Applicator. The latter is a separate purchase though. 



  • Removes tough dirt, old grease stains, and oil

  • Has a lemon-fresh odour

  • Sealing capacity prevents the wood from future damage

  • Might retain white oily stains

5. Therapy Wood Cleaner and Polish Kit

Therapy Wood Cleaner and Polish Kit

Therapy Wood Cleaner and Polish Kit is yet another good cabinet cum furniture cleaner and conditioner. It leaves zero stain on the surface and is non-sticky, unlike its competitors. You can also apply this wooden conditioner on finished wood surfaces (except floors), such as chairs, tables, drawers, etc. The Therapy solution gives protection against spills, streaks and stains. You get a microfiber cloth piece within the package for wiping the furnishings with the cleaner. The product is easy to apply and buff, leaving shine. The furnishings look quite new and healthy without any artificial glossy look. On the top of that, the pleasant odour of the cleaner dissipates soon after applying on the wood. So, it is also user-friendly.



  • Non-sticky solution and easy to apply

  • No foul odour

  • Incredible finishing

  • Best for using on cabinets and finished furniture, other wood surfaces

  • Some users didn't find it up to the mark.

6. Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer

Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer is a wood cleaner cum conditioner that works on hardwood floors. It is a high-rated wood polish available in the market. The solution is very simple to apply; credit goes to the micro-filling formula which covers all the scratch marks side by side protecting the wooden floorings from severe damage. Along with that, it delivers a shiny natural look to the wood without making the surface slippery. Unlike the regular sized spray bottles, this bottle has a capacity of 32 ounce which is perfect for use in areas covering larger space. Weiman already has a wider clientele base for its quality finish without leaving a sticky residuum on the floor. No need to worry about the safety for its non-toxin formula makes the wood polish harm free from affecting kids and pets. The manufacturer of this product highly recommends using the Weiman polish with Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner for durable results.



  • Top coat shine on floor

  • Environment-friendly product

  • Shine better after repeated applications

  • Some users find it ineffective on darker hardwood surfaces

7. Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream Wood Cleaner

Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream Wood Cleaner

Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream Wood Cleaner is again an all-in-one solution used almost everywhere; be it on kitchen surfaces decked with cooking oil, grease, food streaks, fingerprints, or many others. This rejuvenating wood cleaner is for kitchen cabinet surfaces without harming the natural appearance and shine.The wooden kitchen cabinets can be well conditioned with Parker & Bailey cream to protect drying or cracking of the wood. The cream is developed with a safe formula which makes it easily applicable on cabinet surfaces. The solution works gently on the surfaces keeping its natural lustre unharmed. This advanced revolutionary formula is free from toxic elements, including waxes, silicones, or other hazardous solvents that could otherwise wipe out the natural oil content of the wooden surfaces.



  • Prevents cracking or drying up of the wood

  • Wipes out cooking oil strain and other tough residues at ease

  • Does not contain toxic like solvent, waxes or silicones

  • Leaves the kitchen with a lemon-fresh odour

  • Older stains are not so easy to wipe away and would require more product.

8. Method Daily Wood Spray Cleaner

Method Daily Wood Spray Cleaner

Method Daily Wood Spray Cleaner cleanse off any dirty dusty wood surface turning it into new. Simply spray the solution on the surface and simply brush it off, that’s it! It also brings back the natural shine of the wooden surface without a fake gloss. This cleansing solution is made from the natural extracts of plants and is paraben free. So, it is absolutely environment-friendly and also comes within budget. Pets and children are also safe from this product. Once applied, the Daily Wood Spray leaves a delightful aroma of almond that stays for long. It is a top of the line choice among the other competitors in terms of the generic citrus smell in the latter cleaning agents. The spray-cleaning action makes the cleaning task easier and leaves uniform results every time.



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9. Howard RF3016 Wood Cleaner

Howard RF3016 Wood Cleaner

If you are looking for an all-in-one stuff to clean your wooden surfaces and furniture from bothering scratches, blemishes, and buffs, Howard RF3016 Wood Cleaner is what you need. This wood cleaner product is available in the market in nine different shades with the purpose of matching various wood tones. This is what makes this option most safer to use. Be it the Dark Oak, Ebony Brown to Dark Walnut shade, or Cherry, Golden Oak to Mahogany,etc., RF3016 is compatible with all types of existing wooden shades.



  • Covers the gaps and grain depths in the wood for better finishing

  • Restores the natural color and lustre of the wood

  • 9 different shades of wooden brown available

  • Not applicable on fabric, carpets, or linoleum as it may cause permanent staining.

10. Scott’s Liquid Gold Surface Foaming Wood Cleaner

Scott’s Liquid Gold Surface Foaming Wood Cleaner

Scott’s Liquid Gold Surface Foaming Wood Cleaner involves a drybcum weightless formula which leaves a delightful aroma of grapes at each spray. This product is a must-try. Everything, starting from gritty grimes to sticky messes, can be easily cleaned with Scott’s Liquid Foaming solution. You would definitely not regret availing this multi-surface cleanser.Scott’s Foaming Wood Cleaner is developed in a way that it works effectively on every type of wooden surface. The no-drip feature of the foaming bottle stops the liquid just where you stop the spray. The part of this cleanser is that it is created considering the safety of people, children, and pets, including the surrounding environment. 



  • Cleans, brightens and restores the natural appearance of the wood surface

  • No residual layer is left behind after its application

  • Free from wax, silicone, or other similar synthetic by-products

  • Leaves a decent grape-link fragrance at each spray

  • White patches may appear if left unwiped

  • The aroma could be problematic to users who have perfume allergy

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Polish

Although wood surfaces are prone to scratches, heat rings, abrasions, etc. irrespective of the quality of wood, quality wooden furnishings, floorings, etc. can last longer if properly taken care of. Therefore, while buying furniture, it is better to seek particular cleaning instructions and the right cleaner product that suits your home furnishings and others. The idea of having an all-in-one solution that could both clean and polish the wood would be great. But then, while some polishes work on multiple-wood types to restore the lost shine and color, it is not the same thing as what’s needed by others is a thorough cleaning. So, correct product selection is foremost before concluding which one to buy. To help choose better, we have profiled a list of keys after checking which your selection process will become precise and less time taking.

Bottle Type

The containers can vary from plain screw-top bottles to the one with a sprayer. However, the solution held within works (in both cases) to clean and brighten the wooden texture. If you are looking for the cleaner to be used on floorings, then you will surely require mobs to wipe the surface. So, picking the screw-type container will be the perfect choice.

On the contrary, for cleaning cupboards, cabinet surfaces, and furniture, buying a spray bottle type would be handy. Make sure about your requirement and then choose accordingly to meet the needs.

Type of Surfaces

Every wood cleaner is developed following different formulae. Out of them, some are for multiple wood surfaces, others particularly formulated for some specific wood types only. For example, using the kitchen table cleaner solution on home furnishings is not appropriate unless the latter has a plastic coat on it. Otherwise, the natural lustre and vibrance of the furniture would be lost.

Composition of the Wood Cleaner

Wood cleaners are either formulated on water or oil base. Both the types depend on how frequently you use it. For regular furniture cleaning, choose the one containing a non-corrosive solution of weak base or weaker acid ingredient.

In the other cases of protecting the wood surface with a tougher protective coating, pick the oil-based wood polish or cleaner to get long-lasting results.


Everywood polish solution comes with varied concentration levels of synthetic ingredients. The hardwood cleaners are solely meant for household floorings and so can be directly applied from the container without dilution. Thereby, the results are way quicker and perfect for last-minute buffing.

On the contrary, the cleaners that need dilution with water before its application take a little longer than the hardwood cleaners to render the shine. However, you can manage the liquid concentration as per your requirement (conditions applied).


Is furniture polish good for wood?

It depends on the type of the furniture polish. Semi-solid furniture polish is considered to be the to be used on wood. They are also called paste wax.

What can you use to polish wood furniture?

You can make use of a wipe cloth to polish the wood furniture. Just make sure to not use excess water as it can harm the finished product.It’s always better if your cloth is made from microfiber.

How do you polish wood naturally?

There are various ways to polish wood using natural ingredients like lemon. To use lemon, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Mix the ingredients : 2 parts vinegar, 2 parts olive oil, and 1 part lemon juice
Step 2: Use a microfiber cloth and dip a small portion as we don’t want too much of it.
Step 3: Rub the wooden surface in circles and keep using the mixture
Step 4: if you overdo the mixture on the surface, don’t leave any residue and wipe out anything in excess


Though all the above-listed products are currently leading the competition, you might not find certain products currently available on certain e-commerce stores, which is again a proof of their high demand among the users. However, the unavailability is just a temporary issue.Here are our top picks:

  • Howard RF3016 Wood Cleaner is a versatile wood polish, perfectly compatible with 9 different shades of wood. The results are long-lasting and ensures protection against sun fade, damage etc. So, it is the first must-try on the list.
  • Weiman Wood Floor Polish and Restorer is for households as it’s composition is environment-friendly and also harm free for kids and pets. Its effectiveness on darker hardwood placed it in the second preference. 
  • Bona Hardwood Wood Floor Cleaner is a good buy as it dries as soon as applied on the floorings or other hardwood surfaces. Plus, no dilution is required before its

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