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Regardless of whether you are a professional woodworker or someone just starting out and looking for suggestions about router bits, chances are that you have heard the name of Woodline router bits. In fact, professionals might even claim to have used a couple of products from the brand.

Woodline USA is a renowned brand that specializes in shaper cutters and carbide bits. The company is based in the Mount Juliet region of Tennessee, and have been in the business of making woodworking tools for a long time now. The brand offers a good mix of products that caters to both the hobbyists and the professional users. All the tools come with a limited lifetime warranty, which certainly shows the confidence of the brand in what it manufactures. 

With all that being said, let’s get to know a bit about the woodworking tools offered by the brand.

Woodline USA: Woodworking Tools Range

As mentioned earlier, the brand specializes in manufacturing carbide bits and shaper cutters. The best thing is that all their shaper cutters and bits are either solid carbide or carbide-tipped. So, you can well-understand that the company takes precision and durability pretty seriously. 

Their bits also come with an anti-kickback design, so that is another plus. You can also talk to them about custom bits and the experts can help you with that, as well. The product range is a nice mix of latest additions and new and improved designs of the old popular ones. Some or other sale is always going on the Woodline site, which means you will get a good deal on the tools too.

5 Best Woodline Router Bits

Now that you have a brief idea about the brand and its product quality, let’s take a look at the top 5 Woodline bits that it has for you.



These high-quality spiral router bit are made from solid carbide and these are meant to offer you the finest possible cut. In fact, when you think of it in terms of CNC use, the bit actually offers a really clean cut. The rapid removal of chips and the chip breaker that helps in plunging capabilities are further add-on features that work in favor of the product.

These spirals from Woodline are made in the USA. It works better than two flutes. However, the three flutes tend to heat up faster, which means you will have to increase the feed rate for getting the maximum work out of this bit. Besides, you might even wear out the three flutes if you continuously fail to increase the feed rate. Other than that, it is a commendable tool that cuts up, down, and compression spirals with precision.



  • A decent product at a highly reasonable price

  • It is made from high quality solid carbide

  • Highly responsive customer care and fast shipping

  • Get greater precision and a cleaner cut compared to a two flute

  • Not durable enough for professional use

  • Not good enough for router table or handheld usage



These two bits come with anti-kickback design and carbide tips: both of which are essential qualities in router bits that are suitable for professional usage. The bits are good to go even after continuously heavy workload, which is commendable given the affordable price point of the product. 

Another important feature that deserves a mention about the product is its angled cutting edges that give you a slicing motion, and not a chopping motion. The slicing motion makes the cut more precise with minimal chipping. It will come in especially handy to you when you are working dadoes and edge joints in stubborn hardwoods.

Keep in mind that you will have to go slow with this router bit. Do not force the bit and maintain a proper feed rate, and this product will not disappoint you. For instance, cut no deeper than 3/16” at one go for a bit of 3/8” diameter.



  • The carbide-tipped design helps in making it durable

  • The anti-kickback design ensures safety while working

  • The limited lifetime warranty on the router bit

  • Angled cutting edges for a smoother application

  • The bits are not warranted for the purpose of CNC usage

  • Some of the users claimed that the construction quality might have been better



A great roundover bit from Woodline that delivers what it promises. The edges that you get are smooth and well-rounded, which is exactly what you expect from the product. Though the minimal burning is still an issue, you will not get fuzzy corners. This is a great feature to notice in the router bits that come so cheap. Since durability might be an issue when the use is constant, the bits are more than enough to meet the needs of a serious hobbyist.

You can put it to a wide variety of use, like on small finishing moldings, cabinetry edges, drawers, or tables.

Rail and stile bits are the best router bits for cabinet making that you can buy too for your woodworking project.

Just substitute a small 3/8 inch bearing at the base of your cut and you can produce even better decorative edges. You need to use smaller bearings for beading profiles. The product is carbide-tipped, like all offerings from Woodline.



  • A carbide-tipped product that gets the job done

  • No fuzzy edges or annoying vibrations while working

  • The inexpensive price point made better by discount offers

  • Gives a smooth and soft look as expected from it

  • Not a product for the professionals but works for hobbyists

  • Burning in minimal but it is noticeably present



If you are planning to save your money as a hobbyist and still get a decent product, then this one from Woodliner will not disappoint you. These are made particularly for finishing the rough stocks and leveling the uneven material. It is a great choice for tenon cutting and large dadoes. It is praiseworthy in the way that it offers a smooth and clean cut, with true sides and a flat booth. The carbide tip is another feature that deserves to be mentioned.

The cutting edges are great at removing the stock, so that helps in speeding up the work considerably. The brand has excellent customer care, and thanks to the limited lifetime warranty on offer, they will actually replace your product if you find that it has stopped working for some reason.



  • Works nicely on all kinds of hardwoods and softwoods

  • The cutting edges remove the stock pretty nicely

  • Solves your problem of finding a suitable dado & planer bit in the market

  • A good product at a highly reasonable price

  • Some users complained that the bits dull out quite quickly

  • Does not work well unless you are really careful at taking gradual passes


PATTERN ROUTER BITS 1:2 SHANK Woodline Router Bits

If template routing is your thing, then this pattern bit with ½ inch shank is something that you need. It will give you a clear view of what you are working at, so that reduces the chances of making a mistake and the work is more accurate and precise. The carbide tipping on the bits ensures robustness of the bits. However, it is not warranted for breakage because of the really small diameter. Do not let go of the feed rate and speed if you are aiming for greater durability.

Make sure to fasten the template securely to your work piece. Consider the template’s thickness at the time of selecting a bit and consider the implications of the cut. When handled carefully, it will help you make all kinds of creative projects like toys, signs, furniture pieces, and more.

Check out the best router bits for sign making here



  • A good product for your creative woodworking pursuits

  • The shank mounted bearings on the patterned bits

  • Gives a clear view of the work for greater accuracy

  • The extremely small diameter makes it unsuitable to many projects

  • Reduce feed rate and speed on the bit or it will lead to breakage

Final Verdict

Woodline router bits are a good idea when you are looking for quality bits at affordable prices. Watch out for the offers on the site to get your hands on some really cool discounts to bring down the prices even further. There is a good mix of products for professionals and hobbyists, and you’ll definitely find something that you need. If you are not sure about any product, you can always call their highly responsive customer care number for further clarification. 

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