Woodworking Bench Plans You can Try this Year

A perfect workbench is an essential part of any workshop especially when you are a DIY enthusiast and making your own workbench. The workbench should be designed to meet your requirements. However, the workbenches are compiled in such a way that it fits all skill levels and work. The worker will keep the essentials on the bench while working, and it provides them with ease of work. Irrespective of the purpose of getting the workbench for, it should be a sturdy one. 

To carry out a home workshop smoothly, a quality workbench is of utmost importance. Let us take a look at some of the workbench plan varieties considering that you are in the process to custom make your woodworking bench. These are some of the types that are easy to build at your home. For this, some basic tools and materials for building the workbench are required.      

15 Woodworking Bench Plan Ideas

1. Simple DIY Workbench 

Nothing can be like having a solid and traditional workbench for your work. With the help of some easily available tools, it is easy to design DIY workbench at your workplace. It can be designed using basic tools like a handsaw, hacksaw, and drill machine, measuring tape, square, wrench, and the like. 

While building a DIY workbench, you have the freedom to customize its length and width as you require it. Depending on the bench’s size, you can get the Lag screws and the like materials required.  

2. Easy work table bench

As the name goes, it requires following simple steps with nominal items to design the workbench. A drilling machine and circular saw are enough to design this workbench. Though made from simple items, it is rigid enough. Moreover, it is made as a lightweight one due to which it becomes easy to move it from one place to another.     

3. Workbench plan for a garage

The workbench is perfect for your garage or basement work. In this, the bench should have a solid surface to carry out repair works. Also, the bench should have shop light, built-in pegboard for suitable storage purposes. Along with this, a shelf is also made on this bench for ease of work. It is better to have a mobile garage workbench with options for cabinets, drawers, and the like.

4. Workbench plan in a budget

It is possible to build a sturdy yet simple workbench at a budget-friendly rate. It depends on what materials you pick to design the bench. Based on the work you need, you have to decide on the budget for designing the bench. If the manufacturing is efficient enough, the budget-friendly one can be built in four hours or so. So, depending on the project requirement, you can get a small-sized one. But it is better not to compromise on the quality of the items used.

5. Workbench for kids

To build a workbench for kids, you can try for a DIY project. It includes a worktop surface, pegboard to pluck in things, and a bottom shelf to keep items that are slightly heavy. You can raise the countertop of the bench if not used by kids. This can be a good option for adults and fits well in a small space. With the use of some basic tools and materials, it is easy to build the bench.  

6. Durable workbench

Some of the common items required to build a solid and sturdy workbench is a blueprint, common materials, cutting machine and the like. It is built with drawers and different other storage options. You have to be careful in picking the items to ensure that the bench lasts for long. 

As it is built with durable items, it does not mean to be an expensive one. If you have to perform heavy work on the bench, be specific about the material that you choose for the durable workbench.

7. Folding workbench plan

Nothing can be more portable and easy to work with than a folding workbench. By adding wheels to the folding workbench, it becomes a portable one and it can be easily shifted from one place to another. The fold up plan is a moderate level that may be available at an affordable range. 

These are perfect if you have a small work area. Adjust the size of the foldable workbench, depending on the space available in your work area. Make sure that the folding parts of the bench are firmly attached, and the quality of the materials used should not be compromised as it will be used quite often.

8. Double duty workbench 

Are you looking for a space-saving workbench, which is a durable one? Well, a double-duty workbench would be a suitable pick. It is perfect for small shop owners or garage workers. With this bench, it is easy to create a simple platform in the form of a table that is supported by quality woods cut in the desired shape. 

The end corners of the bench should be fixed properly as you will be storing most of the items in the storage space given in the double duty workbench. 

9. Tool cabinet workbench

When you search for a small space solution or a type of a workbench that will complement an existing one, a tool shaped cabinet workbench is the perfect pick. A rolling cabinet comes with plenty of storage options with a sturdy top to work on. Also, there is a small vise and pegboard storage option. Apart from this, there are drawers options fixed in the front portion of the cabinet in layers. 

10. Door-top bench

If you have extensive work with your hand tools, nothing is like having a door-top bench. You can replace a door with a solid surface in a DIY workbench. In this, the base of the bench is made up of affordable quality of lumber. The joints are attached with glue and then bolted giving durability to the workbench. This can be a good workbench plan if you have a tight budget for the same.  

11. Utility workbench plan 

This is the one to try to create a sturdy and durable workbench for your utility or garage room. It requires little to no floor space and also works as a laundry table with adequate space on its top. It can be prepared in a day. Materials like plywood and quality lumber are used to prepare it. Some of the tools to build this tool are a cordless drill, circular saw, framing square, level, clamps, miter saw, socket set, and the like.   

12. Height-adjustable bench

To get the comfortable height of the bench for your projects, try to create one by assembling different parts. However, you have to decide on the bench size based on the amount of work you will be doing on the workbench. Different dimensional boxes are available, and by rotating the boxes in different directions, it is possible to get the adjustable height of the workbench.

13. Light-duty table

Lightweight workbench is a beneficial one for painting, sewing or performing different school projects. To build this, items like toilet flanges, PVC pipes of 10 feet length, long screws, constructive adhesive, hollow-core door and the like items. Make sure that the quality of the door to be used as the surface of the workbench is a quality one. Fix the parts with glue and let it rest for some time before it is ready to be used. 

14. Fold-down table

By applying DIY techniques, you can set up for a workbench that is fixed against the wall. The fold-down features help to keep the table folded down when you are not using it. This saves a lot of space for a small workplace. It can be built properly in two to three hours’ time with some pocket-friendly materials easily available in the market. Make sure that you fix the folding part properly as it will be frequently used to place it down.    

15. Flip-top workbench for stationary items

Having a flip-top on the upper surface of the workbench is a functional bench to work with. It is designed in such a way that the upper-middle part of the workbench revolves as per convenience. Make sure that you fix simple locks to make it immobile. Make a place for the drawers, and cabinets to store your tools and accessories easily. 

In addition, it has an open cabinet where you can place small bench top tools. More interestingly, this DIY bench has a power strip in which you can plug in different tools for convenient use of your workshop.  


Some of the basic tools required are woodworking vise, router kit, table saw, round bench dogs, quick-grip clamps and others. With the help of the tools, it is easy to build functional workbench tools. Make sure that you know the correct use of the wood cutting machine and also research well about the woodworking bench plan that you will pick. 

This shall help to get the desired shape of the workbench. For any design of the workbench, make sure that the base is built carefully that gives enough support to the workbench when working on it. A quality and properly built workbench is sure to go a long way. 

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