Woodworking Clamps in 2023

For DIY enthusiasts and woodworkers, choosing the woodworking clamps can be one of the good investments. Clamps help you secure your object giving you flexibility to do multiple operations like bonding, assembly or cutting. There are multiple types of clamps and we will discuss each type in this article. We have also shared a buying guide to help you choose the one that suits your project and machine.

Types of Woodworking Clamps

1. F Type Woodworking Clamp

The F-type clamp is also called a speed or bar clamp. Its naming is derived from its “F” type design. The F-clamp closely resembles a C- type clamp in terms of use. However, the former has a broader throat (opening) capacity. This tool is basically utilized in the wood shops in order to establish firmer attachment of the wood pieces while gluing or screwing them together. Plus, in metalworking, the F-type clamp has wider application, typically to clasp metal pieces together during bolting or welding.

A bar clamp consists of a long bar of metal that clasps two horizontal jaws parallely. The extensive metal bar facilitates clamping wider and/or longer workpieces effectively in position. Thereby, you can use this clamp-type in any heavy-duty work.Learn: Parallel ClampsNote that there are several types of bar clamps which include pipe clamps, T-bar clamps, and sash clamps. Also, clamp heads are available that let the user develop his/her own bar clamp as desired. This is again a cost-effective option compared to purchasing a brand new model.

2. G Type Woodworking Clamp

G-clamps are constructed with cast iron or sturdy steel. However, the smaller clamps could be constructed with pot metal. The topper portion has a small plain edge, while at the bottom edge, a threaded hole is there through which an extensive threaded screw protrudes. Apart from that, a small metal handle is fitted perpendicular to the threaded screw, using which the user tightens the clamp. When not in use, the both horizontal ends of the clamp frame are in close contact with each other. When in use, the object is contained between the top and bottom edges of the frame and tightened accordingly through the lever.

3. C Type Woodworking Clamp

C-clamp has a plethora of industrial applications. This clamp type is often considered as a G-type clamp or G-cramps, the naming is derived from the overall shape of the clamp. The clamp resembles a “C” shape and hence that name. C-clamps are especially utilized for clasping two workpieces together.Technically, the G cramps are different in terms of usage where it applies a screw mechanism to compress two objects together. C-clamps, on the other hand, resemble pliers, but the former one is physically sturdy, larger and can handle heavy work pieces compared to the latter one.Check Out: CNC router clamps

Woodworking Clamps

F Woodworking Clamps 

Use of F Type Clamps

F-type clamp is a perfect tool for woodworking, typically required during screwing or gluing two or more wood pieces together. Other than that, this tool is equally in the metalworking industry as it tightly holds the metal jobs in place during welding or bolting. The clamp comprises two horizontal bars held parallely, between which the workpiece is placed. A larger screw is located on the lower metal bar to tighten the clamp after placing the workpiece. 

F Woodworking Clamps

1. Yosoo F-bar clamps : F Woodworking Clamp

Yosoo F-bar clamps

Yoosoo F-bar woodworking clamp is made of plastic and Aluminum for sturdy and durable use. The use of Aluminum in this product makes the clamp safe and eco-friendly too. The C-clamp manufactured by Yosoo is also called a quick woodworking clip vastly used in the packaging and furniture manufacturing industry. The black and orange-colored clamp weighs about 9.6 ounces and has a packaging dimension of 8x5x1 inches. The package includes four pieces of 4″ woodworking clamps.

The squeeze trigger of the clamp enables a comfortable grip. It comes with a quick-release button for sliding the arm to any desired length. The ergonomic handle makes it perfect for ratcheting it to the right amount of pressure.

This product gives a maximum clamping distance of up to 10 cm for easy use. You need to slide the arm and hold the wood in place for perfect clamping. This tool can be easily converted from clamp to stretching tool by reverse jaws. This woodworking F-clamp offers considerable effortless clamping distance and can be delivered within 3-5 days of ordering.

2. Yost tools F-clamp

Yost tools F-clamp

Yost tools F-clamp is a 2.5-inch medium-duty clamp made of iron. The powder-coated finish clamp has a four plate clutch system for a smoother and easier adjustment. This 18″ clamp comes with a packaging dimension of 21.65×4.72×0.98 inches and weighs 3.53 ounces. Yost F-clamps provide excellent service at affordable pricing.To fulfill all kinds of works, these clamps are available in 11 size variants. The ergonomic plastic handle is designed to provide a comfortable grip and increased clamping pressure. Yost F-clamps are built with the swivel jaw pad to grip various shapes. The head of the clamp has a plastic cap to prevent damage to any delicate products. The cast iron arm enables two clutch plates to be tight- hold the serrated steel rail. Also, this design allows for the components in the right place for the perfect clamping pressure.

3. Wilton 11116 classic series F-clamp kit

Wilton 11116 classic series F-clamp kit

The Wilton classic mini F-clamp is small-sized to tackle smaller or more intricate jobs where the regular clamps seem too big. The clamp measures about 17.7×9.6×2.6 inches and weighs about 6.35 pounds. The Wilton classic series are 4″ and comes in a four piece package is a first of their kind. The black oxidized spindle helps in resisting wear and tear while preventing rust. These woodworking clamps are designed with drop forged arms to give minimal flex even under heavy workloads. These woodworking clamps come with Swivel pads that center on the workpiece for a sturdy grip. These bars are precisely designed to provide durability and comfort.

4. MAX POWER F-clamps 

MAX POWER F-clamps

MAXPOWER F-clamp is a 6 inch F-clamp that comes in a pack of 4 units. It weighs about 5.56 pounds and has a packaging dimension of 11.77×6.1×2.52 inches. The steel-based material does not need any battery for operation. The ergonomic handle of the handle provides ease and comfort to tighten the clamp. The clamp is precisely designed for medium to heavy-duty industrial grade clamping. This clamp comes with protective pads to prevent any damages on the working surface. The part of the MAXPOWER clamp comes with a lifetime warranty so that you can buy with confidence.

5. Pony Jorgensen F-Clamp

Pony Jorgensen F-Clamp

Pony Jorgensen 3712HD clamp is the one suitable for all heavy-duty clamping. This F-clamp is generally used by metal workers, cabinet makers, and DIY projects. The woodworking clamps are made of high-carbon, rust-resistant steel bars that give it real strength. The multiple-disc-clutch design allows a secure sliding at any point along the bar. The clamp has a fast-acting sliding head, which is acme threaded to fill in a cold-drawn steel screw. The presence of swivel pads makes the workpiece free from any scratches or damages. The clamp comes with a large handle for easy use and grip. This item weighs about 2.85 pounds and has dimensions of 17.25×1.5×5.75 inches. The orange color product does not require any battery for operation and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Top Pick : MAXPOWER F-clamp

  • Easy to hold for its ergonomic contour designed handle and doesn’t require much effort for tightening 
  • clamps for medium to heavy duty woodworking tasks

G Woodworking Clamps

Use of G TYPE Clamps

A G-clamp is utilized by driving the long threaded screw through the bottom edge of the frame till the required pressure is exerted or released. When the workpiece is tightened between the edges, the clamp securely holds the object in position before getting started with the operation. When the edges are loosened by releasing the pressure from the suppressed object, this is when the workpiece is safely moved out. Despite being a useful woodworking tool, G-clamp should be handled carefully while working with any type of wood.

G Woodworking Clamps

1. DEWIN C-Clamp Tool : G Woodworking Clamp

Dewin C-Clamp Tool

Dewin C-Clamp Tool is a heavy-duty G-type carpentry clamping device. The accessory is majorly used for woodworking. DEWIN manufactures the product, and it measures about 1.43 pounds. The wood clamp is durable and sturdy to ensure the clamped object is not deformed easily. C-Clamp is forged of quality steel with heat treatment to provide the most satisfactory results.

This woodworking clamp can cover all your needs as it comes in three different sizes. The 60T*180mmD variant costs $36.4, the second variant 70T*180mmD size is priced at $46.24, and the last variant 100T*185mmD cost about $52.31. The dimensions of this C-Clamp are 5.91×6.69×0.79 inches. The varied size options make it very easy to carry. This clamp is designed to provide more torsion for easy fastening and to unfasten. This clamp is very easy to use and can fit everywhere, as it is available in four different thicknesses and depths.

2. Woodworking Clamp G-Clip

Woodworking Clamp G-Clip

Woodworking clamp G clip has a dedicated fixture adjustable frame for woodworking. The G clip clamp is made of pure aluminum body and stainless steel for fast fixing. The package of 2pcs clamps is priced at $26.99 and is rated 4 out of 5. This clamp is manufactured by Evwoge and does not require any battery to Operate. This product weighs about 10.4 ounces and comes with a packaging of dimensions 6.5x5x2 inches. This fast clamp for woodworking is in blue and silver color. The clamp is precisely designed to install any types of fences with a clamping range of 18mm- 100mm or 0.72-3.94″. The head part of this woodworking clamp can rotate 360°, allowing it to provide a no-slip firm clamping.

This is the clamps for most wood works like the table saw, router table, and woodworking benches. To increase the work efficiency, this clamp has an ergonomic hand-cracked handle for a comfortable grip. This clamp comes with a fight grip feature without scratching or damaging any surface, making it very easy to use.

3. Irwin Quick-Grip G-clamps Minibar

Irwin Quick-Grip G-clamps Minibar

Irwin QUICK-GRIP clamp, manufactured by IRWIN, is a one-handed G-clamp minibar. The 6 inches clamps come in a pack of four units priced at $ 19.98. The item weighs about 1 pound and has dimensions of 21x8x2.5 inches. Quick grip clamps are one of the woodworking clamps available and is rated 4.8 out of 5. The regular styled clamp is made of resin and Hardened steel to prevent bending and flexing.

This one-handed clamp does not require any battery for operation. To provide a firm grip and prevent the workpiece from scuffs and scratches, this product has non-marring pads. The clamp is a quick-grip design that helps to release the clamps instantly with one-handed triggers.

These clamps help to keep the workplace together by evenly distributing 150LBS of force. The precise structure of the clamps makes it ideal for working in smaller workpieces or confined working areas. This IRWIN clamp ensures a lifetime guarantee on each hand tool. The tools are warranted to be free from damages in workmanship and materials.

4. TEKTON 36-Inch x 2-1/2-Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp

TEKTON 36-Inch x 2-1 2-Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp

Tekton 36-inch ratchet bar clamp is available in four variants. Two six inches variants have a throat depth of 1-1/2 inch and 2-1/2 inch. The 12 and 18-inch ratchet bar clamp variants have a Throat depth of 2-1/2 inch. The tension bar is made of carbon steel and is in black and red color. The continuous trigger-operated ratchet supplies consistent and precise pressure. You need to press the quick button to free the jaw and squeeze the trigger to apply pressure for easy use. The clamp is designed with strong nylon jaw assemblies for better performance, to protect the working surface or the workpiece from any damages. For a comfortable grip, the jaw or the handle assembly is made of nylon.

5. Irwin quick-grip heavy-duty bar clamp

Irwin quick-grip heavy-duty bar clamp

IRWIN’s QUICK- GRIP one-handed bar clamp is yet another top of the line bar clamps. The woodworking clamp can be easily shifted from clamp to spreader by its quick-change button. This high-rated clamp heavy-duty measures about 12″. This bar clamp has an I-beam bar design to reduce the flexing and bending under high pressure. The durable and robust build Design of the clamps helps it to sustain the 600lbs of clamping force. IRWIN QUICK-GRIP bar clamps provides the perfect feature, fit, and pressure for any clamping work. With this clamper, you can complete any smallest craft project or large scale cabinetry without any hustle. To prevent scratch on the working surface and distribute the force equal to the clamping body, this product has non-marring full-face pads. Moreover, the product comes with an adjustable foot for extra support. Also, to maintain contact with irregular shapes, this woodworking clamp has jaws swivel.

Top Pick : Tekton 36-inch Ratchet Bar D clamp

  • Quick press button to release or tighten the trigger
  • Comfortable grip and the ratchet assembly enables precise and consistent application of require pressure
  • Jaw is made of nylon to ensure the wood piece from getting damaged

C Woodworking Clamps

Use of C TYPE Clamps

C woodworking clamps are often utilized in hanging lighting instruments on stages. This type of clamp is a typical tool for holding metal or wood pieces, however, are limited to only welding, bolting, and carpentry. 

C Woodworking Clamps

1. Sandor metal face clamp : C Woodworking Clamp

Sandor metal face clamp

If you are looking for a perfect addition to the woodworking list, this 3-inch Sandor metal face clamp with a jaw capacity of 76 mm is a must-have. This clamp can work with 2 to 3/4 inch thick workpieces of various kinds of material. Sandor metal face clamps have large metal protecting cover to hold the object with safeguard and distribute equal pressure to ensure no disfiguring of work. The 3′ metal face clamp is extremely easy to use and is highly multifunctional. This clamp is designed with features to hold uneven patterned materials while welding or drilling. For comfortable working, the clamp comes with a set of well-padded grip for holding the workpiece. This product gives you 100% guaranteed satisfaction and provides a high quality of material with the proper design for more comfortable work.

2. Milescraft 400 3″ Face Clamp

Milescraft 400" 3 Face Clamp

Milescraft 400 3″ face clamp is ideal for pocket hole joinery, project construction, general clamping, welding, and repairing work. The product is rated 4.7 out of 5 and does not require any battery for operation. This multifunctional clamp helps in making flush joints in pocket hole assembly. This face clamp comes with a jaw of 3″ reach which can work with different types of material with a varied thickness up to 2 to ¾ inch.For durable and robust service, the woodworking clamp is made of metal. The clamp is designed with hinged pads that ensure there is no scope of spoiling the workplace, and also the clamping pressure is equally speeded. Milescraft 4001 3″ face clamp comes with adjustable thumb screw knobs. This feature is ideal for fast and smooth adjustment of jaw capacity. This woodworking clamp also comes with a two-year limited warranty that is highly beneficial.

3. IRWIN vise-grip C-clamp

IRWIN vise-grip C-clamp

IRWIN vise-grip C-clamp is the one with wider throat (opening) capacity and is suitable for clamping thick workpieces. This product’s unlocking clamp is made by premium grade heat-treated alloy steel, making the product tough and durable. Swivel pads of the clamps can grip any little work, unlikely fabricating jobs, and even fragile work, without affecting yield. This vice clamp comes with adjustment screw, which can be adjusted according to the required pressure and work fit. Another essential feature of IRWIN vise grip c-clamp is it comes with a guarded trigger that gives a quick-release button, preventing accidental release.

4. MaxPower C-clamp

MaxPower C-clamp

Max Power heavy-duty Nickel-plated, carbon steel C-clamp claims to be one in withstanding corrosive working circumstances. It comes in different sizes 11 inches and 6 inches in 3 inches. The adjustable locking screw locks with just a quick release for a simple mechanism. Clamp wood joints are padded with automatic swivel pads that prevent from damaging the workpiece and workplace. The part of the product is it comes with a lifetime warranty on every detail.

5. Monster and master 15″ C-clamp

Monster and master 15 C-clamp

Monster and master C-clamp is a high-quality clamp made of tough and robust steel by heat treatment. The high-quality steel-plated stamped body can resist the strong pull and prevents deforming while hammering or working with other tools. The functional design, the quick-release handle, makes it easy to use. The fine tuning screw can adjust the forward and backward distance of the handle support rod and increase the grip accordingly. All the joints of this product are bound by reinforced rivets making it hard and durable.

Top Pick : Max Power C-clamp

  • Heavy duty clamp and corrosion resistant
  • Swivel pads prevent the wood piece from being damaged when compressed between the clamp edges
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee on each detail

Buyer’s Guide 

A woodcrafter’s collection of devices says all about the type of work that he/she does in the woodshop. For example, you can draw any or all sort of information about the crafter, the art of work, and the skills simply by checking on the selection of tools the person has. Consequently, it is the first job of any jobber to identify the right resources required to do the job well.

In this context, a woodcrafter should have fair knowledge about the type of clamp/clamps he/she is looking for. The selection, in turn, plays a major part in woodworker’s growth. There are basically 5 such keys that one must check on to buy the right clamp for woodworking. 

Which Clamp Type Suits the Purpose?

F-type (bar) and pipe clamps are the choices for holding wood pieces, typically while gluing their edges. The F‑clamp is a dynamic clamping tool, and is most-sought for its multitude of applications in different types of projects. These clamps are usually made of cast iron or steel and hence are hardy. Plus, the tool stays stiff when sanding or carving the wood piece or while clamping it to the work bench. If you want high reliability for clamping belt sander or router tables, bar or pipe type clamps are the first choices. Handscrew is another handy clamp for its far reaching adaptability.

Type of Metal Used in Clamp

The metal type used in making the clamp influences the structural durability and performance of the tool. The clamps made of high‑quality and ductile cast iron, high-carbon steel, drop‑forged, and/or anodized Aluminum are some of the generic preferences as these compositions are for reliable, sturdy clamp makings. Chrome and Zinc plating are the two added compositions that guarantee better durability. Metal plating prevents the clamp from the effects of the natural elements by keeping it rust‑proof.

Type of Wood Used in Clamp

If some portion of the clamp includes wooden construction, as in those of the handscrew clamps, then a solid hardwood of oak or maple tree is used. If you are looking for such a clamp, make sure its wooden handles are made ergonomically to offer comfortably softer grip during work. To do a quick check on tnh quality of wood used in the clamp, try scratching it with fingernails. Scratch-resistant wooden handle ensures longer life compared to the softwood counterparts.

Ease of Use

Over time, many woodcrafters have admitted that choosing the right clamp based on their expertise and project requirements, the clamp felt like an extension of their arm. With time and usage, a clamp starts to get user-friendly concerning the type of skill and art that you apply in the woodworking tasks. But, that is not until your grip on the clamp feels just right and comfortable under your palm. That is why, picking the right clamp that fits just fine in your hand is important. Well, the plastic handles can also last for the same as the wooden one, only if the durable type of plastic is used in the clamp handle. Also, look for the proper grooves and contours on the handles to support your grip and not let it dig marks into your palm. Ergonomic selection of the clamp is the decision.

Amount of Force Need to Fit the Clamp

Most woodcrafters make the mistake of improperly clamping the wood pieces while gluing up. Factor responsible for a successful clamping is too simple; just put the right force on the wood (depending on its type or texture) to compress the piece against each other. Note that different wood species require different amounts of force for clamping. The tight-grained cum denser woods typically need greater clamping forces. Plus, orientation of the wood orientation (flatsawn or quartersawn) also signifies the amount of clamping force needed.


Choosing the woodworking clamps is a decision that requires you to clearly understand the nature of your project. If your project demands multiple operations to be done then you should opt for clamps that give you that flexibility. Make sure to get clarity of your future and present woodworking projects since that will give you an idea of which clamps you would like to go ahed with. 

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