Places to Find Your Next Woodworking Project | The Edge Cutter

18 Best Places to Find Your Next Woodworking Project

You have just gotten taste of woodworking by attempting your first woodworking project. Now you want to work on small woodworking project ideas but lac inspiration and also availability of those easy to do DIY ideas.  Excited to start your project ? Make sure you don’t commit these mistakes in excitement. Unlike other articles, here …

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Air Compressors For Woodworking in 2022

10 Best Air Compressors For Woodworking: Reviews and Buying Guide

When we work with our CNC machines on wood, chips and dust get accumulated and spread around the area. Though dust collectors work well but it’s always a good investment to buy an air compressor for woodworking jobs which will clean the area of your project in a few seconds.  An air compressor works on …

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Workbenches in 2022

10 Best Workbenches in 2020 | The Edge Cutter

Having a comfortable workspace is the first step in creating a project. Choosing the Workbench depends on factors like size and the material from which it is made along with the purpose. If you are a beginner or a DIYer, then a simple wooden plank or an MDF board would serve the purpose. But for …

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Wood Router for Beginners in 2022

11 Best Wood Router for Beginners: Reviews & Buying Guide

As a beginner in the woodworking field, you do need to take out time and sit down to determine which is the wood router and the important factors to consider. One of the very significant pieces of equipment you need for the woodworking task is going to be the router. Since you are looking to …

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