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Steel rulers for woodworking

5 Best steel rulers for woodworking: Top Picks Reviwed

To get an accurate measurement with the perfect markings, a steel ruler can do wonders when used correctly. For every woodworking project, having the best steel ruler ensures accuracy and precision. Nothing can be more important than the correct measurement of wood that enables angled cutting.  When looking for a right one, there are several …

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Hearing Protection for Woodworking:

10 Best Hearing Protection for Woodworking: Reviews and Buying Guide

Continuous exposure to loud sound generated by power tools in woodworking shops can deafen the users who work there regularly. Therefore, most audiologists suggest using a hearing protection while working with such noisy tools. Be it a DIY fun project to a serious woodworking task, a good quality hearing protection is important to keep your …

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Chalk Lines in 2023

10 Best Chalk Lines in 2020 | The Edge Cutter

With a framing square, marking the sides and edges of a square is way easier in terms of accuracy and working time. However, with a chalk line, things get far easier. This tool is generally used by the builders and the occasional DIY enthusiast as the reel of the chalk line winds up smoothly. So, …

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Sandpapers for Wood

5 Best Sandpapers for Wood – Theedgecutter

If you are a professional woodworker, then you understand the importance of choosing the sandpaper for wood. You must be familiar with the user guide of how to sand wood edges after cutting, before applying paint or varnish, or before putting coats between two wooden layers, etc. Things are easy when you have the instruction …

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