Yonico Router Bits: A Test of Yonico’s Quality, Durability

Yonico Routers, though a small brand, are well known for their durability, quality cut, and lasting time for the price, amongst other things. Yet with a batch of mixed reviews, I am here to break it down for you and help you decide if Yonico as a brand is right for you. Aiming to be the quality routers bits in the business and are distributed by Woodshop supplies INC Lakewood , NY. 

Yonico uses high-grade materials such as C3 Carbide for their blades and hardened steel for the bodies of their router bits. Being precision- balanced and using CNC technology as well as heat resistant coating, these machines sound like a top product, right? As well as this, they also carry a wide range of router bits including CNC Router bits set, Door construction, General purpose tools, Joinery router bits, Molding and edging, and Router bit sets. They claim to have anti-kickback designs that have safe and burn-free cuts, so let’s put it to the test.

Why choose Yonico router bits?

Yonico router bits review

So, why choose their products? I have compiled a list below to help you decide:

  • They have a wide range of CNC Router bits, Door construction, General purpose tools, Joinery router bits, Molding and edging, and Router bit sets.
  • According to a wide range of tool lovers, they are a good bang for your buck
  • They have a decent quality cut
  • They are durable

Why not to choose Yonico Router Bits?

Though, with all products, they do have their bad points as well:

  • The finish isn’t always the best, though the cut is decent, it isn’t always smooth.
  • They are somewhat cheaply made which may impact the life of these bits
  • If your router doesn’t have a vibrate-free functioning, these bits may burn off the wood.
  • The product description could include better specs (according to a customer who purchased straight trimmer that wasn’t all they had hoped. Yet, he says, for the price he couldn’t complain)

List of Some of the Top Router Bits 

The top recommended Yonico router bits chosen by users are:

1. Yonico 12335 raised panel cabinet door bit set

Yonico 12335 raised panel cabinet door bit set

If you are someone who is into producing a lot of door panels and other accessories and attachments related to doors then you can consider Yonico 12335 raised panel cabinet door bit set. As far as the experience is considered, I personally feel these router bits work very well when they are new but with time, they wear down. 

Yonico 12335 is a 3 piece router bit set which you can use with up to 1” stock. They can be perfect to make your own wooden cabinets. Compared to brands like Rockler, yonico is quite good when it comes to smoothness of operations. Do make sure if you’re a new woodworker then you may burn off the wood and a fix to that is that you need to adjust the feed rate and speed of your CNC router. 

These are recommended for someone who is into hobby woodworking and also its a great choice for pro woodworkers on a budget. As for this budget, you get better quality and these can get your woodworking project done. 

Since making raised cabinet door require special kind of router bis so we compiled a list of tongue and groove router bits and rail and stile router bits to help you find the router bits for the work 

What you get?

  1. 2 Bits matched ogee rail and stile
  2. Allen wrench and extra spacers
  3. Ogee raised panel bit
  4. Premium C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades for better edges
  5. Silver induction brazing for better strength and durability

2. Yonico 15221 Tongue and Groove Bit Set

Yonico 15221 Tongue and Groove Bit Set

If you are a woodworker who is looking for an added bit set to help with wooden flooring or shaker style panel doors then you should try Yonico 15221 tongue and groove bit. This router bit gives a much better grip and a fit tongue and groove joint which is one of the most important aspects of woodoworking. The only thing after you have made a cut with these is the glue to join them.

Don’t expect 15221 to always carve out a perfect edge of the wood and if you do get an uneven wood then you can use a chisel and a sander. If you are in the phase where you are looking for the tongue and groove bit set but confused between options then you can consider 15221 as its not too expensive and gets the work done. 

The Yonico 15221 tongue and groove bit set can cut a ¼” thick tongue into stocks up to 3⁄4” thick ones. is for the average woodworker or a newbies who have just entered the wood of woodworking and wish to try perfecting those wooden edges for tongue and groove. If you are a new woodworker, Just make sure you don’t burn off the wood and slow down the RPM on your CNC router. Feel free to use these bits on with hand held routers or table top routers.

What you get?

  1. Premium C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades
  2. Silver induction brazing for maximum strength and durability
  3. You get a tongue router bit, groove router bit, extra shims and a wooden box

3. Yonico 14323 Plywood Dado Router Bits

Yonico 14323 Plywood Dado Router Bits

A Dado is a square shaped, flat bottom channel which is cut across a single piece of wood. Making a dado may require certain precision and practice since it’s a bit complex and if you mess up the measurements then it can get difficult to fit in the wooden fixtures. With Yonico 14323, you get to work with 3 undersized bits that help you cut a dado:

  • 13/64″ W X 1/2″ H Dado Bit for 1/4″ Plywood
  • 31/64″ W X 3/4″ H Dado Bit for 1/2″ Plywood
  • 23/32″ W X 1″ H Dado Bit for 3/4″ Plywood

All the yonico bits provide a good cut which do less tear on your plywood and if you are running on a limited budget then this can be a really decent deal. Just make sure you are careful when using these router bits on thick plywoods as 14323 may be a bit undersized which means there’s less room for any error. Like other Yonico router bits, the model 14323 is also made from premium C3 micro-grain tungsten carbide blades which give sharper and longer lasting edge. You can use them on CNC, table mount and handheld routers. 

4. Yonico 17702q 70 Bit Router bit Set ¼ Inch Shank

Yonico 17702q 70 Bit Router bit Set ¼ Inch Shank

The yonico 17702q is equipped with k10 carbide cutters which means it is really great for abrasion resistance. What this does is when you are working on the wood, there is not much frictional heat which is created which in turn is great for newbies as it will prevent any wearing of the router bit. 

These router bits have a precision which is balanced till 0.002 which means you will have a better accuracy and the desired results will be much better. Another important feature is that when the router bits don’t vibrate the entire router making the operations very smooth. 

The only downside to the these router bits is that there’s no label or a how to guide which tells you about assembling the router bit which can be troublesome for many woodworkers. 

5. Yonico 12249 Shaker 2 Bit Rail and Stile Router bit set ½ Inch Shank

Yonico 12249 Shaker 2 Bit Rail and Stile Router bit set ½ Inch Shank

If you have ever seen a wooden door then it will always have rails and stiles. The important thing to know here is if you want a rail and stile router for making multiple doors then you need router bits that can make those smooth contours on your wood that make them more visible and sturdy. Yonico’s 12249 shaker bits are perfect to make rail and stile on a ½ inch shank. Though you can use it on ¾ stock. 

What you get?

  • Premium C3 tungsten Carbide blades
  • Shaker upto ⅞” stock – ½” shank
  • Silver induction brazing for maximum strength
  • Undersized bits to match the actual thickness of plywood

When working on rails and stile, the grip is very important because otherwise you will mess up the whole structure. The part about Yonico 12249 router bits is that these are quite sharp enabling you to hold the edge. The use cases for these router bits are many like for hanging artforms, display cases and other wooden stuff. 

Yonico vs Freud vs Whiteside

Yonico vs Freud vs Whiteside Router bits

When comparing Yonico to other companies such as Freud and Whiteside, they are a much cheaper option. Perhaps look at it this way, if you were getting the supermarket brand of a product rather than the name brand. While Yonico bits do the job and are efficient, they are not the top of the range or as durable as other brands on the market. While they offer a decent balance of price and longevity, it is really up to you about what you are looking for in the product. 

Freud and Whiteside’s products are more luxurious and a bit better made and lasting longer. If you are looking for a product that is well known, this brand probably isn’t for you, yet if you don’t mind trying a lesser-known product that has mostly good reviews, then Yonico may just be for you. With a number of brands of router bits to choose from, companies like Whiteside, Freud, and Eagle America are trying to get you on their side. 

Arguably, the most important deciding factor would have to do with quality and how it is made. Getting a router bit for a cheap price does not necessarily mean cheap quality. Made in China, Yonico is lesser-known in places such as the US, Canada or America. Though, their website claims to provide the value in router bits. As well as this, Yonico promises that they provide these router bits at an ultimately competitive price that does not compromise their highest standards on quality. 

So, you bout their 50 bits professional quality router bit set, C3 Carbide ½ Shank 17502, you would get a great-quality solid wood storage box encasing the 50 professional quality router bits set. 

Read the post about the carbide router bits to find more strong router profiles options like Yonico Router bits and others.

Should you buy Yonico router bits?

After doing extensive research on Yonico as a brand, and in particular, their router bits, I have come to the conclusion, that they are well worth the small amount you pay for them. Now, if you are a pro builder or woodworker, you may want to invest in something that is going to carry you through into the years to come; but if you are just using your tools every now and then, for a one-off project, are just starting out, or are planning on using a softer wood, these tools may be perfect for you! 


So, now that we have covered all there is to know about the Yonico brand and its router bits, you can make up your mind based on your needs, of what you are going to shop for. For not so regular router users, Freud and Whiteside router bits set will be a very common product since the brand is well established in the market. However, my overview and review of Yonico is also discussed to give a fair idea of the variety of applications this company has to offer. 

In saying all of this, I have tried to come up with a balanced review of good and bad, and in a way, I have. Yonico is good for certain needs and can be considered among the router bit brand. I must leave you here to make up your own mind. If I have helped you in any way to make your decision, I hope your choice serves you well. 

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