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About Me Bill Baum

Bill Baum

Bill Baum is an active woodworker who takes on private projects for individuals and companies. He has been creating stuff since the last 20 years. He has seen the transition of lathe machines to CNC. Despite his age, he still loves to play around with powerful tools and machines.

What have I been doing all my life?

I have done quite a few odd chores in my life. I have been a mechanic for FORD and I have also been the workshop manager for BOSCH. 

Around 2000, when I got my hands on a CNC machine, i felt it would give me a creative freedom to create a lot of things, create stuff that matters. I would randomly create woodworking projects and make them more efficient and functional.

My love was not just limited to CNC machine, Any industrial tool that has an edge to it is close to my heart which is why the name theedgecutter.com I like the fact that with the internet and youtube, i can reach out to so many people. Ever since my time at companies where I was working on contract. 

I was training newbies from everything about safety to maintaining precision in powerful machinery. I love sharing stuff, stuff that matters. Thankfully one of my kids asked me share and put all of my experience somewhere and what better place than the web. My aim is just not to help the pros in handling tools and review the latest machines. 

I want to make people fall in love with building stuff. Not just with wood but anything and everything. Feel free to reach out to me and I will personally reply back in 24 hours!

My Personal Story

bill baum with friends

I have been across the globe and had my share of learning and enjoying life. But nothing gives me more joy than sharing whatever I have learned for free. I was born in the state of Indianapolis, USA and have seen how the machines and tools became smarter with time. 

Ever since my high school, I would be always fiddling with things at my house. I would simply pluck the DC motors out of toys and make a fan for myself and Jimmy, my dog. Later as I grew up, I would see my Dad operating the lawn mower and fell in love with it. It was my first power tool that I opened. 

I was like a doctor for things with motors. My neighbours would bring me all sorts of stuff and I would put life in them. All of this lead to me picking up mechanical engineering from Purdue University. Those years were one of the best years of my life where I also met the love of my life, now wife Ariana. 

I started working with FORD initially and soon bought my first ever CNC machine that would cost me 3000$+. I learned from the masters and started making my own projects. Many a times I even hurt myself. But all of this lead to me getting many requests from my friends to make custom furniture for their house. 

After a few years, I was on a contract working for BOSCH as a trainer for newbies on how to work on heavy machinery. That’s when I got access to heavy Industrial tools and couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s been 20+ Years now and I am still called for inspection by big brands across the US. Thanks to the Internet! That now I’m able to share all that I have learned these years!