Hand Tools

Die Grinders for Wood in 2023

Best Die Grinders FOr WOod

A die grinder has always been a versatile tool, typically in the metalworking industry, as it has a wide collection of bits available. So, you can easily switch among the tasks by changing the bits accordingly. This jack-of-all tools is the sought among the woodworking professionals as well. Every die grinder brand comes up with …

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Hand File Sets in 2023

10 Best Hand File Sets in 2020: Top Picks Reviewed

Craftsmen and woodworkers always want their tools to be smooth and sharp all the time.  Having the file set allows a woodworker to get better output when working. Without the correct tools, it may be challenging for the craftsmen to give the desired shape in the woodwork.  To make tedious wood projects hassle-free, you need …

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Cabinet Hardware Jigs in 2023

A cabinet hardware jig makes drilling holes in cabinets easier and accurate. This tool is designed in adjustable “T” shape. So, drilling holes to fix knobs and cabinet handles becomes more faster and convenient. The jig consists of 2 intersecting rulers. These combined rulers facilitate faster and repeated hole layouts on cabinets, wardrobe drawers, doors, …

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Hook Knife for Spoon Carving in 2023

10 Best hook knife for spoon carving in 2020 | The Edge Cutter

Hook knives in woodworking are used to create spoon carvings, bowls, and cups. They are nifty little tools that are an absolute essential in the Arsenal of a woodworker, whether you are a professional, or a hobbyist. These knives also have a crooked blade at the end which makes it easy for you to create …

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