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Hi My name is Bill Baum and I am a active woodworker who takes on private projects for individuals and companies. He has been creating stuff since the last 20 years. He has seen the transition of lathe machines to CNC. Despite his age, I still loves to play around with powerful tools and machines.

I want to make people fall in love with building stuff. Not just with wood but anything and everything. Feel free to reach out to me and I will personally reply back in 24 hours!

Bill Baum


I have done quite a few odd chores in my life. I have been a mechanic for FORD and I have also been the workshop manager for BOSCH.

I started working with FORD initially and soon bought my first ever CNC machine that would cost me 3000$+. I learned from the masters and started making my own projects. Many a times I even hurt myself. But all of this lead to me getting many requests from my friends to make custom furniture for their house.

After a few years, I was on a contract working for BOSCH as a trainer for newbies on how to work on heavy machinery. That’s when I got access to heavy Industrial tools and couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s been 20+ Years now and I am still called for inspection by big brands across the US. Thanks to the Internet! That now I’m able to share all that I have learned these years!

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​Helping everyone from newbies to pros fall in the love of creating stuff​

The Edge Cutter is a helpful resource for anyone who is into woodworking and tools that help you create stuff. Stuff that matters, Stuff that can empower you to create functional machines. You will find how-to guides, product reviews, informational posts and almost everything related to woodworking here. I and my team will make sure everyone from a beginner to a pro level woodworker is benefitted from our content.

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