Steel rulers for woodworking

To get an accurate measurement with the perfect markings, a steel ruler can do wonders when used correctly. For every woodworking project, having the best steel ruler ensures accuracy and precision. Nothing can be more important than the correct measurement of wood that enables angled cutting. 

When looking for a right one, there are several options available in the market. Go by some basic factors that can help you grab the correct option for your woodworking project. Though any standard size can help, a 12 inches ruler is the correct option. Try to go for the steel ruler that comes with a dull finish as it becomes easy to identify the measurements on the ruler.

When buying one, make sure that the markings are prominent enough that helps in measurement and get accurate results.  

After some thorough research, we bring to you some of the best options of quality rulers for your woodworking projects. Whether you are engaged in professional woodworking or want to complete DIY projects, this ruler can offer immense help. Other than woodworking projects, one can find different uses of the ruler. Below is a list of some top-rated steel rulers to help the buyers pick the correct one.  

Best steel rulers for Woodworking

1. Shinwa 12″ 300 mm English Metric Rigid : Best Product Overall

Shinwa 12" 300 mm English Metric Rigid

Several steel rulers are available, and the above said one is a suitable option for your woodworking or construction projects. For the best precision, this ruler is a good option. It has imperial units and metric markings on both sides, making it suitable for different projects. To get the correct markings for professional and DIY projects, this ruler is a durable one to try.  It is easy to read the markings and prevents corrosion problems. The edges are straight and flat to work with.  

2. Digital Angle Finder Protractor : Best Alternative to Shinwa Steel Ruler

Digital Angle Finder Protractor 7 Inch Stainless Steel

Installed with locking features, this has a knob that gives tightness in measurement depending on the project you are using it for. In the measuring machine, there is a zeroing option, which is simple to use. Moreover, it is manufactured from quality stainless steel items that makes it a worthy ruler to invest for. Also, the auto-off functionality of the ruler is great to use. 

With the help of etched measurement, one can get the correct reading using this ruler. The ruler’s mechanism is excellent such that it works for long hours and consumes less power. To get a ruler that offers multi-functional measurement, the above said one would be the best buy. There is a mechanism of locking screws at each angle to get the correct measurement.

Other Great Picks

3. Starrett C604RE-6 Spring Tempered Steel Rule 

Starrett C604RE-6 Spring Tempered Steel Rule

The above said steel ruler is available in different measurement graduation like 1/8 inches, 1/6 inches, and others. With a satin chrome finish and installed with spring tempered, it is suitable for perfect measurement for various woodworking projects. 

With the quick reading ability, it has graduation on both sides of the ruler, making it perfect for measuring with. The brand offers excellent craftsmanship making it suitable for the ones handling woodworking projects.

4. Starrett C305R-6 Full Flexible Steel Rule 

Starrett C305R-6 Full Flexible Steel Rule

With different ranges of measurement graduation like 1/10 inches, 1/100 inches, 1/32 inches along with 1/64 inches, it can offer accurate measuring results required for different woodworking projects. The graduations are available on both sides, and it comes with an excellent satin chrome finish. 

There are options for quick readings at the 10th, 32nds, 64th option, and 100th-inch offering close to the accurate measurement for cutting woods in the correct angles. Irrespective of whether you are a professional or want to complete DIY projects, this measuring ruler can help.  

5. Made in USA PEC 6″ Rigid Stainless Steel 

Made in USA PEC 6" Rigid Stainless Steel

Manufactured using quality stainless steel items, it is tempered and a hard one that can be used for a long time. Without the chance to break easily, you can use it for a long time. It comes with a brushed finish with black marking that enables easy readability.  

It has 4R graduation, and due to this, there are 8ths and 16th marking on one side and 32nd and the 64th marking on the other side. It is 750 inches in width and 0.35 inches in thickness, it has long edges that are straight and flat, making it easy to work with. 

Benefits of using the steel ruler

  • Easy to measure on a curved surface
  • Suitable to be used for indoor and outdoor measurement
  • Gives both standard and metric measurement 
  • It has hang-up hole with cork back
  • Build from quality stainless steel items 
  • The first and last inches have suitable 1/32nd graduations


The précised rulers are an excellent tool option in your kit that helps to take the correct measurement on different surfaces. When engaged in woodworking projects, a measuring scale or steel ruler is one of the important items to have. But it is vital to choose the correct one so that you can take the correct measurement. If you are unable to decide on the correct one, the features elaborated in the above part shall give suitable guidance. 

A quality and properly built ruler should be easy to measure on both plain and curved surfaces in different woodworking projects. When you are looking for the ruler online, try to go by the above-said features that shall help you invest for the correct one. So, order the correct ruler for ease of measuring different wooden surfaces.    

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