9 Best Dust Collectors for your Workshop in 2022: Top Picks Reviewed

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Dust collectors are among the most important equipment to have in the woodworking workshop for the sake of safety and convenience.

Woodworking produces way too much dust, and you will not be able to work through any work-piece without a good dust collection system in place. Most importantly, the sawdust produced in the process  of woodworking can get into your throat or eyes and become a major health hazard. Wearing dust masks is not enough in this case. You’ll need to invest in a quality dust collector.

Product Name




Expert Choice

1.5 HP

Fast, easy installation and removal

Value for Money

1 HP

Best for sander Router tables, Is portable with 4" inlet.

All Rounder

1.5 HP

Powerful suction and can clean particles of size upto 1 μm

Best Dust Collectors

1. Jet DC-1100VX-5M: Best Dust Collector Overall

Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector

Jet DC-1100VX-5M is among the finest single stage collectors that offers quiet and economical operation. The dual dust ports of four inches help in collecting dust from two machines simultaneously.

What sets DC-1100VX-5M apart is the vortex cone mechanism that prevents air filter clogging and improves the performance.

DC-1100VX-5M has a five microns bag filter kit that captures up to 98% of all the five microns dust particles and 74% of the 1 μm particles, which is a commendable feature.

The industrial controls make the dust collector easy to operate and you’ll not face any hassles from the woodworking dust. The air suction capacity is good and gets the job done.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • The vortex cone mechanism

  • The quiet and economical operation

  • No premature clogging of filters
    Trouble-free operations due to industrial controls

  • Not suitable for tiny particles of dust

  • The frame needs to be sturdier

2. Jet JCDC-1.5 Cyclone Dust Collector : #1 Runner Up

Jet JCDC-1.5 Cyclone Dust Collector

Jet JCDC is a highly effective dust collection system that comes with a directly-mounted filter, which eliminates the deficiencies found in the bends and flex hosing.

The two-stage mechanism is able to catch most of the dust particles with its air filtration process. Even the particles of 1 μm or less will not be able to escape its powerful action.

The twenty gallon drum that comes with it also ensures that the larger debris are collected well. The levers are easy to use and the independent casters make sure that you can empty them out quickly.

The product is a bit on the expensive side, but it gets the job done nonetheless.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Pleated material to capture the tiniest particles

  • Direct mounting of the filters

  • Easy to clear out the twenty gallon mask

  • Radio frequency control

  • Quite an expensive model compared to other options

  • The remote might give you a bit of trouble

3. SHOP FOX W1685: Best Dust Collector for table saw

SHOP FOX W1685 Dust Collector

The brilliant air suction ability of 1,280 CFM means that a dust collection system can get rid of sawdust from the woodworking projects efficiently and fast.

Like other high-end dust collectors, Shop Fox W1685 runs on the 1.5 HP motor and comes with dual four inch ports and a Y-fitting. It is possible to utilize it for at least two tools at one go.

You can utilize the product both as a mobile unit and a central dust collecting system because it is pretty lightweight.

The dust collector utilizes steel impellers that last longer than the plastic ones. The powder coated finish prevents chipping and fading.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Steel impeller to deliver long lasting performance

  • A central and a portable dust collector

  • Double four inch openings

  • A powder coated finish

  • Bottom bag is difficult to put on

  • Does not pull 16 amps as mentioned

4. Shop Fox Wall W1826: Best Dust Collector For A Small Shop

Shop Fox Wall Dust Collector W1826

Shop Fox W1826 is a good choice if you have a small workshop because the collection bag is only 44 inches in length after inflation.

The dust collector has a bag of 2.5 microns, a zipped bottom, and the capacity of two cubic feet, which all comes down to make it easy to collect and empty it.

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The intake hole of four inches is large enough for accommodating most power tools. It will help in managing the dust effectively.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Powder coated finish prevents chipping

  • Window gauge helps to monitor dust level

  • Intake hole of 4 inches to accommodate different power tools

  • Easy disposal of debris through the zipped-bottom bag

  • 1 Horsepower motor lacks sufficient power

  • Attaching the dust collection bag is difficult

5. Powermatic PM1300TX-CK Best Dust Collector For Home Workshop

Powermatic Dust Collector PM1300TX-CK

Powermatic PM1300TX-CK is among those dust collectors with most powerful motors in this list. So, the reliability factor of this product is not something that you need to worry about.

The remote controlled timer that comes with the dust collector can be programmed to switch off the machine after a certain time. You can set the timer to a maximum of 99 minutes.

The turbo cone tech has to be mentioned in here, which adds to the power of the dust collection system.

You can be sure about better chip separation and improved backpacking efficiency for minimizing the frequency of clearing out the dust bags. The canister filter has a wide filtering area.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Complete metallic ducts

  • The turbo cone tech

  • 1.75HP motor

  • Large filtering surface of the canister filter

  • The remote is not too useful

  • The wheels are in very poor condition

6. POWERTEC Wall Mounted DC5370 : Best Wall Mounted Dust Collector

POWERTEC Wall Mounted Dust Collector DC5370

If you are looking for a value for money and reliable wall mounted dust collector, then POWERTEC DC5370 should be the one for you. The streamlined design helps in carrying it around and mounting it.

The bag that arrives with it is large enough to eliminate the need to empty the dirt constantly.

The inbuilt window in the bag lets you observe the dirt level to help you know when to empty it out. The zipper makes it easy to dump the dust from the bag.

The budget price point is a major plus, but the small motor is quite a problem for it.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • The compact size is useful for small workshops

  • Handy zipper helps in emptying easily

  • Inbuilt bag window for observing dirt level

  • Streamlined design for greater portability

  • 1 Horsepower motor lacks sufficient power

  • The lack of zipper is a problem

7. Baileigh Cyclone Style DC-1450C : Best Premium Choice

Baileigh Cyclone Style DC-1450C Dust Collector

One of the latest products in the market, this Baileigh DC-1450C is efficient enough to get the job done. It is designed for a hassle-free and quiet operation, which is a major plus for it.

This model has the ability of filtering out the air in a workshop having about 5 machines. It can work continuously for at least eight hours per day without giving you any trouble.

The smart air filtration of the dust collector prevent any buildups in the device. Being remote controlled further helps in operating the product. The cyclone style of dust separation adds to the ability of the dust collector.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Designed for quiet and hassle-free operation

  • Compact size for greater portability

  • The suction ability of 1,450 CFM

  • Cyclone style for more efficient dust separation

  • Quite an expensive model compared to other options

  • Need to have a sturdier built

8. SHOP FOX W1727 Best Dust Collector For The Money

SHOP FOX W1727 Dust Collector

This dust collector is comparatively lightweight, which makes it really easy to move around. Users also praise the product for being easy to assemble.

The removable key and safety switch makes the device a good choice for the ones who have shared workspaces and aim to optimize the safety factor.

The suction ability of 800 CFM is commendable in removing dust from the machines. This model is good enough to be used for more than one machine as the bag holds a lot of dust.

The operation is quiet and it will not give you much trouble in its working.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Quiet and hassle-free operation of the device

  • Easy to assemble and move around

  • One of the most affordable products

  • The commendable suction ability of 800 CFM

  • 1 Horsepower motor lacks sufficient power

  • Attaching the bags is difficult

9. Grizzly G8027 Dust Collector : Best Pick Under Budget

Grizzly G8027 Dust Collector

Grizzly is among the most affordable dust collectors on the list, it offers a decent quality at a surprisingly reasonable price.

If you keep less distance between the dust collector and you, then it is powerful enough to be able to handle one machine at one point in time.

The thirty microns bag that comes with it is robust but keep in mind that it will not be able to handle fine particles of dust.

The body of the product is sturdy and durable, which means it will last you a long time.


*The above mentioned scores are out of 100

** Lower the noise level  score the better it is



  • Powerful enough for one machine at one point in time

  • A budget friendly solution to your dust problems

  • 30 μm bags collects all the dust from the machine

  • The well-assembled and sturdy body of the product

  • Motor lacks sufficient power

  • Getting the bottom bag back on is a major struggle

How to choose the right dust collector?

Choosing the right dust collector entails way more than just selecting the right brand or model. You need to consider what works best for you.

Just because a dust collector suits your friend’s workshop does not mean that it will suit your space. Keep the following factors in mind when looking for a new dust collector:

Size of the workshop

One of the first things you need to consider is the size of your workshop. It is not only about the amount of space occupied by the dust collector, but also about the ability of it to handle the volume of dust that the shop produces. The larger your workshop is, the better your dust collector needs to be at collecting dust because it needs to function well for the entire space and keep it free from dust accumulation.

Amount of dust generated

It might sound obvious, but people frequently make the mistake of not considering the amount of dust generated at a workshop at the time of buying a dust collector. The amount of dust generated depends on the machinery and tools that you often use in the workshop. If sanding and sawing are among the things that you do on a daily basis, then there will be loads of dust at your workshop. In that case, a single stage collector will not be enough and a cyclone dust collector is what you would need.

Portable vs. fixed dust collectors

You would need a portable dust collector if you have a medium or small workshop because that will help you in moving around the product in the shop from one tool to another. The portable ones also come in different price ranges and sizes to make it suit your workspace. On the other hand, fixed dust collectors are large and more powerful. You need these for the large workshops that generate tremendous amounts of dust every day.

Motor power

The size of the motor that the dust collector has is an indication of its power and performance. It is an important factor that you need to think about at the time of shopping. Dust collection will be more efficient and powerful when you have a machine that has a high motor power. The ones with 1 HP motor are usually not powerful enough for large workshops. However, the dust collectors with 1.5 HP motors are the favorite of both hobbyists and woodworkers.

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Your safety and health is the first priority, and thus, you must always look for ways to minimize the risks to both at the time of setting up the workshop.

Though the machinery and tools you choose have important roles to play in this case, the reliability and efficiency of the dust collector also have to be considered.

Selecting the best dust collector for the workshop would be easy once you understand your needs. The dust collector reviews given above will further help in choosing the right one.

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