Boxzy CNC: A 3-in-1 3D Printer, CNC Mill and Laser Engraver

With advanced technology, today machines like CNC routers CNC mills and 3D Printers are being used in almost every industry to make the work simple and convenient. With advancement comes efficiency and one such brand that has established itself as a reliable CNC manufacturer is Boxzy CNC. 

At first, you could just carve wood or soft material but now with the help of technology, you can carve on anything you would like. That is a real comfort for people who want to carve a metal or any other material. Laser engraving has made everything much easier and the ease with these small-sized multi function CNC is truly amazing. Boxzy CNC is a machine that is a CNC mill, a 3D printer and also a laser engraver. It is available in small sizes to easily place them anywhere you want.

Purchasing a CNC machine could be a real pain if you are purchasing for the first time. To avoid this problem, you must buy from somewhere you can trust. You will be glad to know that Boxzy actually was launched using a kickstarter campaign where it was backed by people who loved functionalities like engraving, 3D printing and Milling. Let’s have a look at one such brand and get to know if it stays up to the mark.

Introduction to the Company

Founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2014 BoXZY is a manufacturer of everything from 3D printer, Laser engraver to CNC milling process. During its time in the market, BoXZY has always aimed towards customer satisfaction and making itself better in all producing devices of all sorts that can be used at homes, offices and schools. 

The brand has had a great relationship with its customers and you can check positive reviews on the products as well. BoXZY combines a CNC mill with 3d printing and laser engraving technology to fit on desktop space. 

BoXZY was invented to free people from different fields free from the problems that they have to face with time and location. The main focus of BoXZY is to create devices that give everyone access to brilliant tools from the comfort of their own places.

They have made it easier for anyone to work on engraving at the comfort of your home with its desktop fitting machines. It is truly a blessing for those people who want to start engraving but do not have a proper workshop. Such people can purchase these machines from BoXZY and start working from their home and easily make a living or be a hobby woodworker.

Let’s have a look at some of the CNC Machines by Boxzy

1. BoXZY Carve CNC Mill

BoXZY Carve CNC Mill

BoXZY Carve is a CNC mill that brings the strength of an industrial engraving tool right on your desktop. It comes with the machine and along with other useful tools in the package. The BoXZY carve allows you to carve materials of your choice like hardwoods, metal, plastic and many more. You can limitlessly carve with great precision on different materials.

The entire architecture of Boxzy is made out of Aluminium and steel giving it the rigidity which you need when working on tough materials. Flexibility is an important factor when it comes to a CNC machine as based on the purpose of work, we may change things like spindle, tool heads, motors and router bits. The chassis is a 6.5 to power 3 fabrication facility that is made along with ball screws and motors which give you 0.00015% error up till 40 pounds. 

The most important part and also a factor that plays a key role in your buying decision is if a cnc machine works on the desired material of your choice. Boxzy Make works on metals, plastics, wood, aluminum, brass, bronze, silver and many other metal and materials.

The brand gives a 1 year subscription of Autodesk Fusion 360 Cloud Based 3D CAD Platform along with Magnetic Swap platform. 



  • Better Performance along with accuracy with linear rails and high quality linear bearings

  • Improved User Experience with a gantry system and clamping control

  • A machine that doesn’t make too loud sound due to the power station cooling system

  • Top notch quality due to rigorous testing in different environments

  • -

2. BoXZY Make

BoXZY Make

The BoXZY Make is the better version of CNC Carve. The main advancement that makes BoXZY Make different than the BoXZY Carve is that it comes with a 3D Printer functionality along with the smart carving CNC mill.

Same as the BoXZY Carve, Boxzy Make also comes with the architecture of aluminum and steel with a structure built to expand. This desktop CNC brings much more precision and beauty to your work with its amazing build quality and design. This is going to be great for woodworkers and other workers who enjoy doing highly intense artistic work which requires lots of precision. 

The BoXZY Make comes with 3d printing technology along with a CNC mill. This machine comes with BoXZY’s metallic design and the high-resolution printing power. With this, you can print in different formats that you want. Carving out error free design is going to be a breeze working with CNC Make. 

BoXZY Make allows you to easily carve different types of metals including titanium and also hardwoods if you are a woodworker. With this machine, you will do so much along with making your own toys and tools if you just keep working with it.

The one big addition that Boxzy Make has over Boxzy Carve is the 3D printing tool. It’s a tool that gives you artisan level precision of upto 20 microns. The nozzle which is 1.75 MM extruder churns out ABS, PLA, PVA, Nylon, Flex and many other materials. 



  • Access to 3D printer with addition of just $200 over Boxzy Carve

  • Works on metals like titanium and also great for woodworker to operate on hardwood

  • The stainless steel power station enables quieter jobs

  • Artisan level accuracy in tasks

  • -

3. BoXZY Complete

BoXZY Complete

With the features of both the BoXZY Carve and the BOXZY Make, Boxzy Complete is the finest by Boxzy, not only do you get all the features from the above mentioned. This is the desktop mill from BoXZY that you can get. It is called complete because it is equipped with all the necessary features that any CNC machine should ideally have. It works as a three-in-one 3D printer, a CNC mill and also a laser engraving machine. 

The main thing that makes BoXZY Complete so much advanced is that it comes with additional features and products in the box. The BoXZY Complete carries a high fidelity laser engraver that allows you to carve anything. With this, you can carve any material hard or soft that exists and metals as hard as titanium. The BoXZY Complete comes with a precision of hundred CNC machines and makes it possible to work more efficiently. The machine carries all the features that you wished a CNC machine should have. 

The most important yet exciting addition that Boxzy complete has is of a Laser Tool head which enables you to carve out your design on Anodized aluminium, hardwoods, opaque plastics and also hardwood. 

There are a whole lot of different accessories you will get with Boxzy Complete like Filament drive, leveling platform, 2 C-clamps, metric allen key set, 2 laser safe glass, USB cord and a lot more. If you are starting a small business and want to manufacture your products then this is the place to start. Everything you need is included in this package.

NOTE: Before you get too excited and kick start the laser engraving or 3d printing capabilities of this machine make sure you have some knowledge about micron resolution.



  • Multiple attachments like 3-D Printer, CNC mill, rapid swap laser engraver

  • Extra features are an add on like sacrificial board, laser safe glasses and USB cords

  • In terms of software, the box Includes Autodesk Fusion 360 Cloud Based 3D CAD Platform with Boxzy Interface

  • A feature that’s standard for all Boxzy CNC's is the power station cooling system that keeps operation quieter.

  • -

Disclaimer: These tools are mostly for professionals and so if you wish to work on them, better practice in the presence of a professional to avoid any harm to the machine and you. 

Boxzy Vs Shapeoko Vs BobsCNC

Competitors like BobsCNC and Shapeoko are also great providers of CNC machines but BoXZY is still preferred because of the size and features that BoXZY provides. BoXZY comes in small size and you can put it anywhere even on a desktop and start working but the other products are not that much convenient with smaller spaces, for them you need a bigger space. 

Another reason why customers prefer BoXZY is that it provides all variants with different add-on features which means you can buy the one that serves your purpose. The rest of the CNC machines only work on wood and nothing else so this is the feature why customers prefer Boxzy which gives you the ability to work on hard plastic and hardwood, titanium, aluminum and other metal. 

Why Purchase BoXZY?

This is a question that many customers ask. People who want to start a new business often make the mistake of purchasing CNC machines from the wrong providers and end up wasting their money. When dealing with a CNC machine, you need to consider different providers and then purchase the one that fits your budget and solves your purpose. 

BoXZY is among the provider for small-sized CNC . What sets them apart is the multiple functions that each variant can perform and a great customer support which is important when it comes to such expensive machines. 


Looking at all the facts and features, BoXZY is truly the machine you could purchase for your carving and engraving work. Also, it is a customer favorite on many platforms and carries many great positive reviews that you can check. So, if you want to start this business then get your BoXZY now.

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  1. Does BoXZY sell electrical units? The BoXZY I used may be scrapped, so I want to buy one to replace it. Thank you!

  2. Hello, I just purchased a Boxzy Complete Three-in-One 3D Printer that gave a website for the manuals and software. The website doesn’t work. Do you know if this company is still open? I keep trying their website but I’m getting security issues so can’t get access to their website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. RobotShop where I purchased the unit only has a technical forum and it has no mention of this problem.
    Thank you,

    • John

      The company is no more manufacturing products and hence we don’t know where were the products being manufactured earlier.

  3. I need to purchase a new circuit board for my Boxzy. I damaged the plug in while moving it. With their website down is there any way to order parts?

  4. With their website down and no-one answering on their Facebook, does anyone have any idea where we can order parts for Boxzy? My circuit board broke, again, and i’d like to order a new one.

    • Hi Dan

      Many of our readers have complained that they had difficulty in finding spare parts.Few had success by ordering parts from or ,and you can try that option as well.


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