Woodworking Squares in 2023

A woodworking square is a tool used both in the wood and metal workshops for marking jobs. The square includes two parts – one is the tool handle, while the other is the blade. The lengthier portion of the tool, termed as the blade, is constructed with metal like steel. The handle, on the other hand, is built from wood, plastic, or metal. The handle generally appears thicker than the tool blade. The purpose of the blade is to do marking for measurement requirements. 

Well, the vivid description has been provided to give you a better idea of the varieties of woodworking square available in the market. There are a number of options available to let you choose the one that suits your needs. But, if you are a pro-grade woodworker, then a comparison among several squares is worth doing. 

Here, we have enlisted woodworking squares with their respective pros and cons. It will make the choosing process less time taking. Plus, you will get an idea of the type that might meet your woodshop requirements.

Woodworking Squares

1. Starrett K53-14-N Stainless Steel Carpenters Try Square : Woodworking Square

Starrett K53-14-N Stainless Steel Carpenters Try Square

The very famous Starrett K53-14-N Stainless Steel Carpenters Try Square has been known for its durability and accuracy. Like several others on the list, this woodworking try square is fitted with a stainless steel blade. This blade is coupled with an aluminum handle that is nearly two inches in diameter. There are permanently etched markings on both sides of the blade.

The length of the blade is 14 inches while the weight is around 8.8 pounds. This square is a useful tool for labeling and to create perfect right-angled structures. Due to the powder-coating, the blades are resistant to corrosion, which makes them extremely durable. One can easily see the marking of the measurement scale. If you intend to use this Starrett woodworking square, then kindly test the accuracy just to be on the cautious side. On the other hand, the product’s cost is higher, but the quality is worth the cost.



  • Made up of high-quality material

  • Average precision provided

  • Blade is long in size

  • Markings on the measurement scale are clearly visible

  • Price is too high

  • Slightly out of shape

2. Irwin Tools Tri and Mitre Square : Alternative to Starrett K53-14-N

Irwin Tools Tri and Mitre Woodworking Square

The Irwin Tools Tri and Mitre is yet another decent tool for the top ten woodworking squares. This version of Irwin comes with a bubble level that is built on the handle. It makes the square one of the solutions for those who want to do more with just one device. Other than this, this square is made up of stainless steel. 

Shelf life of this woodworking square is long due to its construction with the help of stainless steel. Also, the blade cannot get corroded due to the powdered coating. The square is eight inches long and weighs approximately eight pounds. It can be conveniently used to carve out a perfect 90-degree bend. There are permanent dark etched markings on the measurement scale. These will last for a longer time than written markings and will be difficult to rub off. 



  • Features bubble level

  • It is available at an affordable price.

  • Markings are etched properly for good visibility

  • Blade is made up of stainless steel

  • Plastic part of the square is not of great quality.

3. Woodpeckers 1281R-300 Square : Premium Pick

Woodpeckers 1281R-300 Woodworking Square

Woodpeckers 1281R-300 Woodworking Square is a premium choice for professional woodworkers. This particular model comes with two separate rulers that are present on both sides. You can easily measure from the inner and outer lines without having to do any repositioning. For your convenience, this square is available in both metric and imperial versions. Well you might need a steel ruler too for drawing perfect straight lines.

Woodpeckers have very finely designed this square with the help of a single aluminum block. The method of construction gives an amazing combination of strength and lightweight to the tool. Its design also prevents the square from falling off from the edge of a wooden panel.

This woodworking square helps you to make precise and calculated lines up to the edge of the board. The only factor that might turn people off from this model is its price. When it comes to quality and efficiency, this product is way above all other models, but the price tag can still be a problem. 



  • Rigid aluminum frame

  • Easy line creation

  • Both imperial and metric measurement scales are available

  • Very expensive for the DIYers

Other Great Picks

4. Kaufhof ASS-5535 Precision Steel Square

Kaufhof ASS-5535 Precision Steel Square

This Kaufhof ASS-5535 Precision Steel Square is available in a set of squares that are in different sizes. The company is renowned for its high-standard products and their longevity. Whenever you need multi-size squares, this brand is going to be your ultimate choice. The square’s handle is made up of a strong and thick steel plate. Although the blade is made of steel, it is still hardened to help the users get a clear and parallel measurement, with no bends. 

The tool is designed perfectly to ensure accurate results. To your surprise, the company has provided four separate squares in a single box. There is no question about the longevity of this woodworking square due to its construction. Since the kit has four sets of squares, hence, can be used for more than one task. The price is fair enough to the precise results this tool provides. 



  • It is available at a reasonable price.

  • Nicely lubricated to prevent corrosion and rust

  • High-quality tool

  • Works excellently

  • Few of the blades are not completely square in shape

5. iGaging 4″ & 6″ Double Square

iGaging 4" & 6" Double Woodworking Square

The next one in the list is iGaging 4″ & 6″ Double Woodworking Square. One can say that this square is worth the price as there are two squares in this pack. Out of both, one square is of length 6 inches, and the other measures to be of 4 inches. Manufactured with steel, these squares are also fitted with chrome-hardened steel blades. You will also get a storage case to keep them in good condition for a longer time.

Each set of double squares weighs just 1.05 pounds. This makes it lightweight, pocket-friendly, and also ensures that users can carry them. With these iGaging squares, you can get four gradations which are 1/64′′, 1/32′′, 1/16′′ and 1/8′′. The markings and labels are engraved on it.



  • Small and convenient square to weigh intricately

  • The squares are small in size, making them suitable for machine setup and fitting into smaller spaces

  • Laser engraved graduations are easy to read

  • No millimeter scale on the square

  • Not suitable for large measurements

  • No warranty details (even though you might be able to take information from the manufacturer's website)

6. Tarvol 12 inches Combination Square

Tarvol 12 inch Combination Woodworking Square

The next one in the list is Tarvol 12 inch Combination Woodworking Square, and it is known for its high-Standard. We can say that this combination square will be one of the choices for all the woodworkers. With the help of this tool, you can shape your toolbox or object perfectly. From DIYers, roofers, architects, to a carpenter, everyone uses the Tarvol woodworking square. This product comes with a steel blade that is extremely durable and can perform heavy-duty tasks.

The blade size is fixed at twelve inches, and it is covered with a powdered finish. This will help in preventing corrosion and rust. You can find holes on the handle of this square, which is present for hanging or storing the tool. In addition, Tarvol has also provided a cash-back policy to the buyers who are unhappy with the product. Tarvol square certainly is a great addition to your toolbox. 



  • Blade is powder coated which prevents rust and corrosion

  • The markings on the measurement scale are completely visible.

  • Very light in weight

  • Flimsy and flexible blade

7. Johnson Level & Tool 1908-0800 Aluminum Try Square

Johnson Level & Tool 1908-0800 Aluminum Try Square

If you are looking for a woodworking square that works excellently, then Johnson Level & Tool 1908-0800 Aluminum Try Square is what you need. It features all the characteristics that are required to be the one. The product’s precision makes this tool good for all the technical needs. Quality of the design is excellent since; the handle is made up of aluminum, whereas the blade is stainless steel. One of the main reasons for using stainless steel is to prevent corrosion.

The markings present on the blade are black and have been etched permanently on the blade. Length of the blade is eight inches. Blade’s markings are visible clearly, which makes them readable. The square allows you to make the perfect cuts by determining correct angles. You will find nothing better than Johnson, in its price range.



  • Highly durable and hence guarantees a long shelf life

  • Robust and rigid

  • Perfectly square-shaped blade

  • Lightweight

  • High-quality product

  • Not ideal for the left-handers

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

8. Moore & Wright 3 inches Square

Moore & Wright 3 inch Woodworking Square

Moore & Wright 3 inch Woodworking Square is also one of the most recommended tools because of the compact size. It is a very small-sized square that guarantees accuracy while working with metal or wood. The user can carry this tool everywhere with them. Total size of the blade is three inches whereas the handle measures up to two inches. 

It is made up of stainless steel, and the blades are then hardened with heat. Experts say that this small-sized woodworking square can help in accomplishing the heavy tasks. This product is capable of meeting the performance standards in the industry. People who purchased the device are extremely satisfied with the tool’s performance and durability. You can get the product at a fair price, and the blade accuracy is also very good. If you are someone who needs the utmost quality and precision without going too high with the product’s price, this one is the option.



  • Portable due to its lightweight

  • High-quality product

  • Works excellently

  • Poor packaging

9. Irwin Tools Combination 12-inches Square

Irwin Tools Combination 12-inch Woodworking Square

The Irwin Tools Combination 12-inch Woodworking Square is truly a fantastic piece of the square. It is suitable for both woodworking and many other purposes, which make this an all-purpose square. This combination square is made up of stainless steel and comes with a powder-coated protective layer that is rust-free. Irwin’s square has both a metric and imperial measurement scale. The gradations engraved on this are 1/8th, 1/16th, and 1/32nd. 

One of the most amazing things about this square is that it can calculate a 40-degree and 90-degree angle. The tool boasts an in-built bubble standard, making this tool a great option for both pros and DIYers. Its rust-free and robust blade will provide you with the functionality for years ahead. You can also use this woodworking square for transferring measurements. This tool has an excellent value for money because this is available at a price that is far cheaper than the remaining models and that too available with many excellent features.



  • Coated with rust-free material

  • Heavy-duty tool

  • User can measure various angles

  • Pocket-friendly

  • Lifetime warranty provided

  • Poor quality plastic handle

  • It is also hard to rotate and turn the blades between imperial and metric units

10. Swanson Tool TS152 8-inches Square

Swanson Tool TS152 8-inch Woodworking Square

Swanson TS152 8-inch try square is a good woodworking square constructed for marking and measuring a piece of wood. Made up of steel, this square comes with hardwood handles for a strong grip. In addition, it is also the right tool for fitting in tight spaces. Try square is available in two sizes, which are 1/8 inch and 1/6 inch. There is a reverse reading scale, gradations, and etched marking on the blade of the woodworking square. 

It is very precisely crafted for the skilled woodworkers. The tool for plumb and level work due to the reverse reading scale. The stainless steel blade, solid wood handle, and brass bindings are etched. Swanson has produced this square, which is designed to last for a longer time. This one is an excellent square for both newbies and professionals. 



  • Includes reverse reading scale

  • Restricted warranty and repair services

  • Excellent quality work

  • Saves a lot of time

  • Not ideal for a heavy woodworking tasks

  • Edges of the square are too sharp and can hurt while you work with them


What is the framing square?

The framing square is Irwin tools square since the square is made from stainless steel and is rust proof. For durability, the square has a high impact ABS handle.

What is a carpenter square used for?

A carpenter square has many use cases such as it can be used for layering rafter and stairs. It can also be used as a straight edge,marking the right angles.

How do you read a carpenter’s square?

Step 1: Take the square in one hand, see for the point where the tongue and blade meet at 90 degrees, also known as heel. 

Step 2: On the edges, you will be able to see some markings made where they are made at the increment of ⅛ inch and that means two edges will be at a difference of 1/16 inches. 


It is of no surprise that nowadays while buying  any commodity, people straightly seek the product reviews enlisted by an expert of that particular product. This is done to be at the safer side from being scammed by the retailer. Choosing the woodworking square is also not an exception in that case. So, before deciding which one to buy, you must go through the products checklist and their descriptions carefully. Else, you may end up buying the wrong tool. 

As per the above discussion, we would suggest picking the Starrett K53-14-N Stainless Steel Carpenters Try Square, if price is not an issue for you. The product is ranked first for its sturdy construction, plus, most importantly, the markings are clearly visible on the square. You won’t have to hurt your eyes to do exact marking on the workpiece. Next one is the Moore & Wright 3 inch Woodworking Square for the ones looking for a lightweight, yet high quality square that delivers excellent work output.  

The poor packaging of the product made it the first runner up on the list. Lastly, if you are a professional woodworking, go for Woodpeckers 1281R-300 Woodworking Square. It is the premium choice for the pro-grade wood crafters. This product is not recommended to the occasional DIYers for its expensive pricing. Else, it is not an unworthy pick for the beginners as well. The part of this tool is you can do both metric and imperial measurements with this square. So, anyone from the USA? This pick is for you!

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