Katana Router Bits Review: How good are these MLCS Bits?

Buying best router bits can be a dizzying experience given the many options that you have on your plate. But various factors weigh in when it comes to choosing the right quality router bit and to what extent it serves your purpose. 

Router bits can come in different profiles including the straight router bit, rabbeting router bit, edge forming router bit, chamfer router bit, specialized router bit among others. 

The Katana router bits, the best in the game, also offer various choices. Coming in different shapes and sizes the Katana router bits give you the groove that you need.

What kinds of Katana router bits are available?

Katana router bits review

The Katana router bits come in different shapes and sizes and to serve the purpose you need. Some of the router bits are, the raised panel ogee router bit set which also comes with an undercutter as a different product, the MLCS 17840 Katana Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set, the MLCS 18668 Katana 1/2-Inch Shank Rabbeting Kit, the Katana Lock Mitre Bit, the KATANA Round Over Router Bit Set, the KATANA 5 piece Kitchen Door and Drawer Set with Undercutter and these are only to name a few. Characterized by their distinctive maroon colour the Katana router bits give you precision and safety.

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Features of the Katana router bits

Katana Router bits review

The Katana router bits are made of premium micro carbide and are diamond-honed and precision ground. With a promise of durability, safety and precision the router bits also have a special Euro Anti-kickback design for smooth cuts and safety.

The 5 piece door and drawer set comes with an exclusive safety gauge shank as well. This 5 piece set can be used for making well-furnished cabinets, state of the art panel doors, tabletops and convenient drawer assembly. The Ogee Raised Panel bit with Undercutter (3-1/8″ LD) puts a classic edge on the floating central panel in your door. 

Undercutter allows you to produce flush panels, add a radius to the backside of panels for a decorative appearance or reduce the exposed upper panel profile. The router bits are only functional through a router table and cannot be used manually, i.e. by hand. 

The Tongue and Groove router bit set has a 3 flute, carbide tipped with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. The double 1/4-Inch cutter makes the tongue and the single 1/4-Inch slot cutter cuts the groove, 1/2-Inch shank.

The Rabbeting kit contains a 2 flute, carbide tipped bits with totally enclosed ball bearing guides. By changing the ball bearing guides, you can make 6 different depths of cuts, plus flush trim. Set consists of 1-3/8-Inch rabbeting bit, 7 bearings (3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, 5/8-Inch, 3/4-Inch, 7/8-Inch, 1-1/8-Inch, and 1-3/8-Inch OD) and a hex key. Use for cutting rabbets, tongue and groove joints and shiplap joints. Will also cut a 1/2-Inch (H) slot. 1/2-Inch shank.

The Round Over Router Bit Set is not only made with micro-grain carbide but also diamond hones to a 600 grit mirror finish. It is precision ground like other products and balanced over 25,000 RPM for Vibration-Free Use. This router bit is 2 flute, micro-grain carbide-tipped and not only this, but it also has completely enclosed ball bearing guides. 

This set will enable you to not only fancy but also well rounded and smooth edges. For the slight decorative bead touch, the lower depth setting is ideal. Includes 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ radius. 1/2″ Shank.

The KATANA Raised Panel Ogee Router Bit Set is best suited for frame and panel construction. The free-floating panel is ideal for seasonal changes and adapts easily through wood expansion and contraction so that the doors don’t stick or rattle. The combination of matched rails and stiles is perfect for a strong, durable frame. Clean cutting and sleek design are a given with anti-kickback shoulders, shear angles, and high hook.

With a 1/2″ Shank Bit the Lock Mitre Bit makes well-mated joints and strong frames and is best suited to make frames, boxes, right angles, and parallel angle joints. This extremely strong joint increases mechanical strength by a large margin and also the glue surface area for durability and the parts get automatically aligned. 

Are there any drawbacks to the Katana Router bits?

Katana Router bits

While the Katana router bits offer premium quality, safety and performance they continue to be on the pricier side as compared to its competitors and are more expensive than most of the router bits in the market. Moreover, the Katana router bits are less versatile as compared to its competitors like KOWOOD, Hiltex or Neiko, as these offer various tools that can be used for multiple designs and cutting. These come in sets of over 12 to 15 and are suited for beginners as well.

What makes Katana router bits different from its competitors?

As per customer reviews, Katana router bits remain some of the easier router bits to use with maximum safety. Most router bits tend to burn the wood or end up chipping and tearing the wood. With Katana router bits the finish is smooth and precise. You will be amazed at how there is no burning of wood, no tearout and absolutely no chipping. Moreover, most router bits cause tearout towards the end grain. With Katana router bits there is no edge grain tearout either. The operation can be carried out smoothly in one go. 

Uses of the Katana Router bits

The Katana router bits can be used for cutting bowls and tray dishes as well as sign carving. All Katana router bits give you cutting edge precision and quality designs. There are various options for decorative designs as well. The Katana router bits are also well suited for cabinet making, drawer assembly and for panelled doors. Their exclusive biscuit joining method has also proved useful for making sturdy joints and joining hard and soft woods. 

They also have special router bits for European cup style hinges so as to prevent cutting too deep and hindering the hinge cups. Specialized router bits can also be used to hide plywood which can often be an eyesore and interfere with the aesthetics of your home by making attractive and durable edges for your cabinets and shelves.  

Katana also offers time saving tools like the Laminate trimming bit. This router bit slides smoothly on clean laminate edges without any scratches to your work and without any fuss. The spiral router bits are also available and are best suited for mortise and tenon joints. None of the Katana bits chip or tarnish your wood and provide quality cuts and attractive design.  

What’s more, you can make several different types of cuts with the Katana router bits kits. The rabbeting kit for instance allows you to make upto 6 different types of cuts by simply changing the ball bearing guides. With so much variety there are Katana router bits for every cut, finish and trim. 


Whether you are a newbie or a professional woodworker trying to make a miter joint or creating a product, you can always be sure about the precision and the strength of katana router bits. The rabbeting kit for instance allows you to make upto 6 different types of cuts by simply changing the ball bearing guides. With so much variety there are Katana router bits for every cut, finish and trim. Apart from that, you also get excellent customer support with added lifetime guarantee for any defects. 

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