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A tongue and groove bit is used to create joints for items like cabinet doors, wainscot paneling, flooring and also for tabletops. Choosing the tongue and groove router bit set will require you to consider many important factors such as how adjustable the router bits are, what is the material of bit, whether they are made from carbide or steel, What is the size of the router bits. When you have answers to all these questions then it becomes easy to choose the right router bit for your project. 

When we were compiling the below products, we made sure to cover the bit set that are mostly used for purposes such as tongue and groove bit for flooring, thin stock and thick stock. 

tongue and groove Router Bits

1. Freud 1 3/4 “ (DIA) Adjustable Tongue and Groove Bit Set : Product Overall

Freud 1 3/4 “ (DIA) Adjustable Tongue and Groove Bit Set

When it comes to quality woodworking tools, Freud stands tall – arguably at the apex of the hierarchy above many other companies. Their saw blades for example are peerless in quality. However Freud is not only known for its saw blades. The European company actually makes really good router bits as well. This quality is definitely not spared in its 1 34” Adjustable Tongue and Groove Bit Set.This adjustable tongue and groove bit set continues with Freud’s renowned design tailored towards precision and durability. It features a unique tongue cutter with sheer angles on the parallel sides.

This is to ensure precision in cutting.Speaking of cutting, this set easily cuts through plywood, hardwood and softwood, providing a perfect balance when compared to lesser bit sets. Not only does it offer precision cutting, but this set can cut softwood accurately in one pass! It will work with you and remain sharp for a long time.However you may have to get creative when cutting hardwood. The bit size might not lend itself to accuracy in this regard. Thankfully, the adjustability factor solves this issue most of the time.

On Amazon, the 1 ¾” tongue and groove set received an average review score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. All reviewers agreed that Freud’s quality is on display here and it justifies its price. You will find tongue and groove bit sets for less, but they will pale in quality.



  • Very easy to setup and use

  • Built out of carbide which gives it the required durability

  • Can be used for a multiple purposes

  • A great value for money product

  • Paint maybe chipped at some areas

  • The rings on router insert may not be equal for all

2.Yonico 15221 ¾” 2 tongue groove Router Bit Set : Alternative to Freud Router Bits

Yonico 15221 ¾” 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

The Yonico 155221 is not as high on the food chain as Freud’s products, but it holds its own – to some extent at least. As is the standard with tongue and groove sets of this nature, these are carbide tipped and lend themselves heavily to precision cutting. It is recommended for stocks of up to 3 ¼” and handles itself well on a variety of wood grains.Well, this router bit set is certainly well presented.

The package contains the router bit with extra shims, all of which neatly fits in a handsome wooden box.As a router bit set, it does the job, however with this product Yonico assumes that you have a strong router. It is very finicky with weaker routers.On Amazon, the Yonico 15221 has an average review score of 4.4 out of 5.

Many of the reviewers agree that it does just enough on softwoods such as pine, but struggles with hardwood. Many complain about burning board ends, a tell tale sign of dull bits. This is to say that this tongue and groove bit set does not hold up well as it relates to longevity.



  • Users will have no alignment issues

  • Best for beginners who want to hone skills on joints and woodworking projects such as cabinet making

  • They have the best grip among all the products

  • Only if you are unlucky, you may receive used yonico bits

3. CMT 800.625.11 Adjustable Router Bit Set : Premium Pick

CMT 800.625.11 Adjustable Tongue and Groove Bit Set

CMT jumps into the tongue and groove market with this one. It advertises it specifically for ½ inch mission style cabinet doors. This cements the 800.625.11 into that niche. The question is: is it the in its singularity? Well, it certainly holds its own going toe to toe with the top tier brands.This tongue and groove set comes with two carbide tipped cutting edges and is designed to limit kick back.

It does a good job on plywood and softwood and does an ok job on hardwoods. On Amazon, the CMT 800.625.11 has an average review score of 3.4 out of five. Many reviewers find the product to be a competent enough set that is easy enough to adjust and use. However some marked it down for not having a 3 ¼” shaft, which is the optimal size for the average project.



  • Great adjustability

  • Some guide bearings may not have the same diameter

4. Yakamoz ½ inch Shank Tongue and Groove Bit Set : Budget Pick

Yakamoz ½ inch Shank Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

This one sneaks in at a very affordable price point and markets itself as a versatile set. The Yakamoz ½ inch Set holds its own when used with high speed routers. However they are not drill bits and we will give you this disclaimer.

They do not work with drills. The T shape of its design allows this set to achieve some balance, as it features a +/- .003 level of tolerance. This bit set is a two piece set. It is cited as being specifically tailored for hand making drawers.

This is because it does its work on the softwoods and plyboards typically used in drawers. However when it comes to hardwoods you may find that this set struggles a bit. It gets the job done, but there are other offerings that are leaps and bounds ahead. The teflon coating lends itself to the reduction of heat in an effort to promote longevity.

This works to some degree. It lasts for a while, but again it pales in comparison to those at the higher end of the market.On Amazon, the Yakamoz ½ inch Shank Tongue and Groove Router Bit set has an average review score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers say that it functions as it should, but caution that there are better options out there. 



  • Great customer service by Yakamoz

  • The whole set is very accurate and does smooth cuts for panels and boards

  • High quality router bit set at reasonable price

  • May not be a very tight fit for all routers

Other Great Picks

5. Bosch 84623M Carbide Tipped Tongue and Groove Bit

Bosch 84623M Carbide Tipped Tongue and Groove Bit

So far, we have covered sets, but this product is a single bit. However it holds its own. Also recommended for ½ inch to 2.4 inch materials, this bit boasts a tempered steel shank that lends itself to durability. The 84623M asks you to put it through its paces with its unique feature of removable slotting cutters for better groove cuts.

The 84623M comes out swinging in the heavyweight category with its toughness and adjustability for groove cutting. It is at its when used with a router table, easily cutting through softwoods, plywood and holding its own with hardwood.

On Amazon, the Borsch 84623M has an average review score of 4 out of 5 stars. Many reviewers praise its durability, but the fact that it is only at its when used with a router table is of some concern.



  • Micrograin carbide tip which means better strength and less wear and tear

  • Sharp and powerful so cuts are smooth

  • Some users may find that the groove isn’t very small enough that it would fit your tongue

6. Whiteside 5990

Whiteside router bits 5990

While many stakeholders in the woodwork community swear by Freud and its products, many also feel that Whiteside stands right up there beside Freud. Whiteside certainly did not skimp on the quality with this product.

It certainly packs a punch – a punch of precision and durability. The Whiteside 5990 are carbide tipped and are forged with precision in mind as they are able to hold their own at high RPMs. These router bit set come with plywood panels in mind. The quality is at a high here as the 5990 holds its own on plywoods, softwoods and hardwoods. All the while, it maintains its sharpness as it commits to seeing you through your most daunting projects.

Read the detailed review of Whiteside router bits On Amazon, the Whiteside 5990 has an average review score of 4.5 out of 5 stars with most reviewers praising it that has become the standard of Whiteside’s offerings. After all, the company has been in the business for upwards of 30 years.



  • Built quality is superb

  • Best router bit set for making cabinet door

  • They come is a safe and secure package

  • They have a good hold which means smooth results

  • A Standard 1/4" ply won’t fit in the groove it cuts.

7. Yonico 15423 Flooring 4 Router Bit Set

Yonico 15423 Flooring 4 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

Again, Yonico thrusts itself onto our list with this offering. The Yonico 15423 like others in this category has a ½ inch shank. It is specifically marketed for creating grooves in flooring, stile and rail projects.

However the Yonico 15423 may find purpose elsewhere as well.This set boasts C3 micro grain carbide blades aimed at prioritizing sharpness and durability. Like other Yonico products, it does the job that it is intended for, however we would be lying if we were to say that this is the product out there.

Sometimes a lower price betrays a lower quality and while the 15423 does its job, it is not as durable as it claims to be.On Amazon, the Yonico 15423 has an average review score of 4.5 out of five stars.

Many state exactly what we have stated, that the product is just ok, doing its job with purpose. However the quality is questioned. Many highlight the fact that they have to be gentle with this set in an effort to get the most out of it.



  • Value for money

  • Made from micro-grain tungsten carbide

  • Comes in a secure package thus protecting the bits

  • They have a good amount of weight to them which helps in stability

  • You may have to make adjustments based on the nature of your product

8. Yonico 15229 Flooring 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

Yonico 15229 Flooring 2 Bit Tongue and Groove Router Bit Set

This next entry from Yonico is recommended for use on slim pieces of wood. This is where it’s advertised precision is displayed. It is for use only on router tables and does its work when used with a heavy router.

The 15229 is outfitted with a hidden brad head nail ridge and a rounded tongue cutter which will definitely assist with flooring projects. In fact, these features make flooring easier, as they allow for flooring assembly in tight spots.On Amazon, the Yonico 15229 has an average review score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Many reviewers say that these sets perform their duties admirably lending themselves to the riggers of flooring projects. They are most impressed with the specific features included geared towards precision flooring. However the 15229 is just ok. It will not break the bank and we can see why. These sets will not win a durability contest against the more top tiered entries, but they do get the job done.



  • Easy to setup and works well for setting up doors

  • Comes in little packages instead of just one bag

  • Very reliable and sturdy

  • First few uses may be a bit rough but then it shines

9. MLCS Tongue and Groove V Notch Set

MLCS Tongue and Groove V Notch Set

As a company, MLCS holds its own against the biggest and the in the industry. This quality is on display here in the MLCS Tongue and Groove V Notch Set. This is a big one, recommended for stocks of ⅝ to 1 ⅛ inch stocks. It is a two bit system giving it the requisite features for producing good interlocking grooves and tongues.

Certainly, it is very good for flooring and panelling, standing tall above many of the lesser quality offerings.MLCS is not at all shy about promoting its products, an act which is localized on its own website.

This site hosts intricate instruction manuals for its router sets and this one is no exception. MLCS V Notch sets do indeed perform well on hardwood, softwood and plywood. It also comes with a ½ inch shank.

The reviews on MLCS’s website give the MLCS Tongue and Groove V Notch set a score of 5 out of 5 stars.Amazon reviewers gave this set a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. On this platform, the quality of the MLCS set was also praised. With many also impressed by the versatility.



  • Great accuracy

  • Best when used for Paneling and Flooring

  • Top Quality Carbide-tipped that work with stock 5/8" to 1-1/8"

  • If you are not used to using tongue and groove bits then it’s not for you

10. Rockler Tongue and Router Bit 

Rockler Tongue and Groove Router Bit

The Rockler Tongue and Groove Bit has a “ cutter with ¼” shank. This means that it will not necessarily work with the same sizes of the other entries on this list. However it holds its own. Once you use a router table and set this bit in a heavy router, it does its job.

The Rockler Tongue and Groove Bit is at its when cutting tongues and matching grooves in softwoods and plywoods, however when it comes to hardwoods you might have some trouble. We are not saying that it does not do its job, but you may have to make several passes. Even then, a higher quality bit may do a better job than this entry.

With this one, you will get two bearings, two slotting cutters and some shims that all lend themselves to adjustment. Once you can find the right configuration you may be surprised at the functionality. It is designed to cut tongue and grooves into ¾ inch stacks. This was quite a surprise when we assessed the size of the groove depth (⅜”.)One other feature that we found helpful was the smartly implemented ball bearing guide that allows you to easily follow the material thus adding to the precision of your cuts.

Amazon reviewers gave the Rockler Tongue and Groove Router bit a 5 out of 5 average score. They praised the aforementioned ball bearing guide calling it very helpful. However while they gave this one a perfect score, they did mention the fact that it is at its when used with softer wood.



  • Easy to assemble and good for making cabins

  • Great customer service and strong build

  • Can be used easily on hardwoods

  • The cuts may not be always smooth depending on how professional you are

Final Verdict

Whether you are searching for the tongue and groove router bit for flooring or some other purpose. We have ensured every purpose of using such a router bit and made sure the router bits we covered are of quality material and value for money. You should have no problem in choosing the but still if you face any issues, we are here to help. 

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