Dewalt Routers in 2023

Routing wood was once a breathtaking task. But now it is quite easier and faster to implement. All credit goes to the technology and the technicians at brands like Dewalt who made it happen in the field of CNC router technology. 

Today, the router bit spins much faster with better accuracy in the collet than it used to be. The cuts are more precise and quicker with an aligned, clear finish. Plus, the advanced router weighs much less, however, sturdy in construction, and more powerful in your hand.

In this article, we will discuss all about the DeWalt routers, its usefulness, and what factors make it one. However, before proceeding further, let’s learn a bit about the Dewalt manufacturer.

Dewalt power tool manufacturer is one of the leading producers of top-notch routers and routing tools. The company highly invests  in science and technology. Moreover, the researchers are passing the result of their further research to the user-base in the form of a wider range of advanced routers.

Dewalt Routers

1. DEWALT DW616: Fixed Base Router

DEWALT Fixed Base Router

The Dewalt Fixed Base Router has 1-3/4-hp power and comes with an 11-amp motor. You can expect a smoother routing finish even on the toughest hardwoods. The adjustment ring with micro-fine depth control feature allows precise depth management in 1/64 inch increments. The flexible, free steel motor cam lock enables accurate depth adjustment with quicker base change. 

When doing routing operations, we expect the flexibility required to make sure all parts are running smoothly. With Dewalt DW616, you get a detachable cordset that allows you to service the cordset. All the switches are dust sealed which give added protection. We use our routers in many different weather conditions and that’s why Dewalt has kept the motor in a nickel plated motor housing for long lasting depth adjustment.


  • Quick-release of motor lock for easier and faster motor tool removal for base and bit change.
  • Include sub-base concentric gauge to achieve bit centre alignment for first-class accuracy.

2. DEWALT DCW210B & DCW600B : Router and Sander Combo

DEWALT Cordless Router

Dewalt Cordless Router is a cordless Dewalt router. You can adjust its speed according to your specific tasks or applications. DCW600B features router handles that have a textured rubber overmold for better grip and comfortable usage. Router depth adjustment ring allows for fast and easy height adjustments. 

When using the cordless DCW600B in dark conditions, you can make use of the dual LED lights that will illuminate the work surface. The part which makes this router a must have is that when you buy it as a package, you also get a DCW210B brushless orbital sander that comes with variable speed so that it can match the speed of your application. 


  • The router comes with twin LED lights to provide clearer view during the routing task.
  • Comes along with a brushless sander with variable speed
  • The adjustment ring for height precision allows fast and convenient depth adjustment.

3. DEWALT DW625 : Plunge Router

DEWALT Electronic Plunge Router

Dewalt Electronic Plunge Router is a smooth-running,15 Amp motor that generates 3 HorsePower. This full wave variable speed adjustable router can produce around 8,000 to 22,000 RPM. As a plunge base router, DW625 comes with a rack and pinion depth adjuster.

When using a plunge router, it’s very important to have a feature like depth adjuster since you get to have a fit that will easily apply on the workpiece. With DW625, you get the ability to set more accurate bit depth adjustment settings which add to the precision of the end result. 


  • Package comes with a comprehensive set of 30 widely applicable woodworking bits.
  • Comes with Dust extraction adapter and template guide bushing adapter

4. DEWALT DW618D : Most Stable Router with D-Handle

DEWALT DW618D D-Handle router View 1

The DW618D is a unique motor because it comes with a D handle which offers you more ways to use the router in different verticals. The electronic variable speed router offers maximum motor HorsePower of 2 to 1/4 HP. The variable speed property of the motor allows smoother routing on any type of wood (soft to hard). The motor executes a soft start to decrease the start-up torque and get better control over routing.

When we operate a trim router or a palm router over the workpiece, we want smooth operations right from the start. With DW618D, you get a soft start which means reduced start-up and that gives you more stability from the beginning of the project. The part is that you get around 30 woodworking router bits along with the router. Most of the bits included are for cabinet making and joints forming. 


  • RPM range of 8,000-24,000
  • Comes with a wooden box that encases 30 different router bits
  • You have options to choose the kit with either 15 bit set or 30 bit set
  • The D handle provides more ways to use the router

5. DEWALT DWP611 Max Torque Router with 1901049 Marples Master Bit Set : Router and Bits Combo Kit

DEWALT DWP611 Dual LEDs Max Torque Router with 1901049 Marples Master Bit Set

In the Dewalt Model DWP611, users are going to get a powerful 1.25 HP torque motor which is more than enough for usual hobby based woodworking projects and also for industrial level projects. The part about variable speed compact routers is that it increases the applications where you can use the router since you get the freedom to change the speed. 

Apart from the variable speed and a powerful motor, the kit also comes with 30 commonly used woodworking router bits so if you are looking for a first time Dewalt router for your project, this can be a great choice. 


  • A powerful 1.25 HP motor
  • Can be used in multiple projects due to its variable speed feature

Other Great Picks

6. DEWALT DW618PKB Plunge Router Combo Kit

DEWALT Plunge Router Combo Kit

The model DW618PKB Dewalt Plunge Router Combo Kit is something that should be considered by people who want to have flexibility of a plunge base and a fixed base. The router combo includes a 2 to 1/4 HP motor with 12 Ampere full wave variable speed (8,000 to 22,000 RPM) control feature. 

The router has the feature of electronic variable speed which is an excellent advantage in conditions where we are working on projects of different nature. For precise positioning of parallel fence, a straight guide with fine fence adjuster is available. The whole kit comes with a router edge guide and a bag that can hold your routers.


  • The router requires a power potential of only 110 Volt.
  • Backed by one year guarantee
  • Comes with both fixed base and plunge base and edge guide

7. DEWALT DW618PKB Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo Kit

DEWALT DW618PKB Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo Kit View 1

The model DW616PK is a version with a more powerful motor. Apart from the option of two different bases, you get a 1-¾ HP power which is enough for intense woodworking projects. It’s a combo kit where the 11-amp motor would be sufficient for working on projects that require more power. 

This router combo comes with a micro-fine depth adjustment ring which will help you with precise depth adjustments in increments of 1/64 inches. With this model, there is also the ability to quickly release the motor latch for easy changing of motors. The part is that you get an inbuilt dust collection system that collects around 95% of the dust. 

Need a separate dust collector for your workshop? Check out this list of top rated dust collectors right now!


  • A powerful 1-¾ HP with a 11 AMP motor which is good for most projects
  • Comes with quick release motor latch
  • Depth adjustment ring with 1/64-inch increments

8. DEWALT DWP611 Fixed Base Router

DEWALT DWP611 Fixed Base Router View 1

Dewalt Dual LEDs Centering Cone Router includes a sturdy motor of 1.25 HP that delivers much power to perform industrial applications. It features variable speed control for bit speed optimization to match the changing applications. The durable plastic cone along with the steel pin, allow accurate centering while adjusting or changing the sub bases. 

The DWP611 router has been known to take heavy tasks and does them all with utmost ease. The part is the centering cone which has a steel pine and is a great add-on especially in cases where we have to change or adjust the bases.


  • Easy to use
  • Swift set-up
  • Ideal for Aluminium milling and the centering cone is great for precision
  • Finer quality router and bits

9. DEWALT DW621 Plunge Base Router

DEWALT Router Plunge Base Router

Dewalt Router Plunge Base Router features variable speed control with full feedback. With a soft start, the motor runs within a range of 8,000 to 24,000 RPM with constant speed under load. This electronic full wave speed control gives a quality finish of any routing job. The spindle lock system allows changing of the single-wrench bit. Plus, the advanced rubber-coated knobs include plunge-lock with on/off built-in for enhanced user control. 

If you closely notice the router, it comes with an integrated dust collection system which is beneficial in cases where most of your work involves working over different types of wood. This is an added advantage which you won’t find in most plunge base router.


  • The micro-fine depth adjuster with rack and pinion adjusting facilitates swift and precise set-up.
  • The inbuilt dust collecting system of the router removes chips efficiently and offers cleaner bit visibility.
  • Collet capacity of 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch ensures greater versatility.

Buying Guide: Why Prefer Dewalt Router?

So, what are the factors that you should determine while picking a router from Dewalt manufacturer? 

See what the wood routing expert, Mr. Ron Fox has to say regarding this. He spoke all about the misconceptions that people have while choosing a router. But most importantly, he mentioned all the factors and what Dewalt models the end-user should look into while purchasing a router. 

Let’s check the factors and the top Dewalt router models one by one:

Firstly, consider a plunge router or fixed base router. Then another paramount factor is the router size, for instance, to trim laminates, or to do swift and clean cuts in woods. So, if you want to get the above benefits, make sure to choose a fixed based one like the Dewalt DC28200 model. 

The Dewalt DC28200 is a fixed based router of 100 mm, coupled with a ¼ inch (8 mm) collet. Also, although it appears to be dinky and small (which it is), this router is packed with several benefits, for example variable speed to control fine tuning of the cutter speed so that you don’t burn the job while cutting it. It has a full wave speed control system, which is a little similar to cruise control of a car with an aluminium motor housing, and dual LED lights to get a clear illuminated view during the process. 

The part of the router is it easily fits into the palm, allowing a better handling of the device while working single-handedly. 

Another specific feature of this certain router is its aluminium motor housing as discussed above. With a little twist, you can detach the motor of that router from its 100 mm fixed D-base. Then, you can locate the router motor  accordingly into some other plunge base.

Plunge base routers have a high potential of  making varied types of cuts compared to a fixed base. Added to that, plunge routers are suited for mortise, stopped dadoes, template pattern work, grooves, and through cuts. However, the only setback is it’s heavy top and sturdy handles that are difficult to adjust and manoeuvre.

DEWALT D26204K is a combination router with the facility of both fixed and plunge base. In appearance, it is almost similar to DC28200 in terms of router technology, features, and benefits. But, what extra it has is it applies the aluminium motor housing can, which lets you  go from a plunge base to a fixed base router just with a bit twist of the motor from the base.

While considering a plunge base router, make sure to check the handles to which the router housing is fitted with, along with the accessories the machine comes with.

The handles need attention because they have to be at the same time secure, tight, yet comfortable to hold while doing the cut or plunge. Additionally,  the accessories are significant as you may need the router to perform as many different workshop tasks as possible by you. 

In case of Dewalt D26804K, you will find that the router is attached to the handles with an over moulded rubber on them. Also, the machine comes with a set of widely useful accessories.

All router tool manufacturers have their respective “hero” product, the one of a kind tool which represents their flagship piece within a wider application range. 

In case of DeWalt power tool manufacturer, that “hero” product is none other than the DW625EK variable speed based plunge router. It is developed out of Elu versions which has been the top router choice of tradesperson for years now.

This router is widely applicable for cutting plastics, woods, and aluminium. All credit goes to this router’s electronic speed control. This feature ensures that you get the same fine and precise finish in every cut of any grade of material like timber, metal, or others.  

Once again, technology made it possible and helped Dewalt develop a full wave  electronic control which maintains the router cutting speed as per your selection at the beginning of  cut till throughout the cut.

The depth accuracy of your plunge routing system is maintained through precise adjustments on the magnified measurement scale. Plus, like the DW622K, the presence of phosphor bronze brushes facilitates uniformity of the plunge with fine finish, and is controlled through double plunge columns.

Similar to Dewalt D26804K, the router handles on DW625EK are coated with rubber over moulding. The rubber moulding provides congruence in better control over the machine during the routing works.

A prime advantage of DW625EK router is that it can be set on the router table, essentially providing the end-user two tools that equal to the price of one.


Hopefully, the above section gave you a better idea of the Dos and Don’ts of selecting the Dewalt router. We will recommend the router model, if you are looking for an all-purpose one. However, the others mentioned in the article are among the sorted ones for their unique features.

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