Hercules vs DeWalt Drill : Which Brand Has Best Drill?

Whether you are a pro-grade woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, having a power drill in the toolkit always makes the task easier with it than without. A power drill is a handy option for both heavy duty and basic home projects, and others. If you are a tenderfoot in using such power tools, it is better to get used to it than requiring to call a repairman for minor home fixings, every time. 

A power drill can be considered a versatile option to perform a variety of tasks. Starting with major jobs like furniture making/ other woodworking projects to fixing window frames, installing blinds or hanging pictures etc., all are possible with a simple power drill. But the issue occurs during the product selection after comparing among different brands, to pick the best of the best model for the job. 

If you are shortly looking for one for frequent application, then this article might be helpful, typically if you are into some major home renovation projects and similar others. In this article, we have discussed the power drills of two major cum reputed brands; Hercules and DeWalt. Here, you will get to know about their differences in respect to their technicalities, expertise, and customer service. Additionally,  to further ease down your buying preference, we have provided details of some of the top picks from both the brands. Let’s delve in to know more!

Everything That You Need to Know About Hercules vs DeWalt Drills


dewalt drill set

DeWalt is a reliable power tool producing company with high brand value. It manufactures saws, impact drivers, hammer drills, and many others. Raymond E. DeWalt founded this company in 1923. Now the company belongs to Black + Decker. They retail different ranges of power tool products across the globe as they already have a wider client-base.

What makes the DeWalt brand so reputed?

Well, there are a good many reasons out of which, expertise, customer service and warranty need appraisal. 

  1. Expertise: Having years of practical experience, the DeWalt professionals are well aware of what a customer demands. Researchers are constantly continuing the process, so that they can come up with far better and innovatively featured power tools for the customers.
  2. Customer service: DeWalt is worldwide popular for its unquestionable customer service, which is all time committed to assist the clients’ needs.
  3. Warranty: Most DeWalt tools offer a warranty period of 3 years (typically in Canada and US) as soon as you register the purchase within 4 weeks. It is actually an added compensation to the buyers.

What do the DeWalt power drills offer?

When it comes to drills, DeWalt has a lot to provide to its buyers. Here are what they have:

  1. Standard drills (both corded and cordless models): DeWalt provides an array of standard drills of varied features.
  2. Right-angle drills: As the name indicates, DeWalt provides right-angle drills that let you do the work at 90° angles. This type of drill is fit for hard-to-reach corners.
  3. Hammer drills and impact drills are the other powerful range of tools available.

Additional Features of DeWalt Drills

Concerning the rechargeable battery feature, DeWalt offers 2 different modes of power. FLEXVOLT is an adaptable battery that switches between 20 Volt and 60 Volt, based on the type of task you are going to perform. Another notable fact is that you can use the batteries in combination, which is greatly helpful in projects where you might require more power.

On the other hand, there are these standalone Max Batteries. They are installed at the bottom of the drill unit and available in varied potentials; 12 Volt, 18 Volt, or 20 Volt. This part is great, considering the flexibility of using the drill. This type of battery is preferred by the DIYers because they provide more choices.

The Tool Connect feature is quite an interesting part, found in most DeWalt products. This feature lets you connect the tool via Bluetooth; so, you can easily locate the device if it goes missing. Not just that, but you can also personalize the tool using a dedicated app and can check on the working performance of the drill while in use. These smart tracking tools and techniques let you find out the settings that you use more frequently.

The tools also render Jobsite WiFi; these are extra secured and essentially super-tough WiFi points that let your entire jobsite to access WiFi. This feature is useful, typically to the professional users, however, perhaps not that relevant to the home users of DeWalt tools.

Concerning the DeWalt product accessories, here also the brand offers a lot. They provide sets of drill bits, in different sizes and shapes; these are a smart deal to make. Apart from that, they retail right-angle attachments, using which you can turn your conventional drill into a right-angle drill.

Here are some top picks of DeWalt Drill Models

1. Best DeWalt Traditional Drill: DeWalt DCD711C2 Drill

DeWalt DCD711C2 Drill

DeWalt DCD711C2 is a reliable, powerful drill model, if that’s what you are looking for in a conventional drill. It is a lightweight (weighing only 3.64 Pounds) and compact power tool, featuring an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to hold during prolonged application.

Talking about the power ratings, this drill offers 300 UWO (Unit Watts Out); which is sufficiently workable on a regular basis to cover most projects. The drill features two-speed settings; 0 to 450 RPM (Revolution Per Minute) and 1,500 RPM. Both of these speed limits are adequate to cover the basic tasks with ease.

The product is powered by a Max compact Li-ion battery of 20 Volt. You get 2 such batteries along with a battery charger, so that if one battery is put into charging, the other is already in action. The half inch chuck size is perfect to get most jobs done. The DCD711C2 product does include drill bits. However, those can be separately purchased from DeWalt.

Note: It does not feature fancier technologies as compared with some DeWalt models. For example; no LED lights. The drill is rather reliable and has got a wider customer base. Overall, it is a versatile, decently priced, all-rounder model, typically great for the beginners. The soft carrying case keeps the product and its accessories all safe together.

2. Best DeWalt Impact Driver: DeWalt DCF885C1 Drill

DeWalt DCF885C1 Drill

For those looking for an impact drill, the DeWalt DCF885C1 is the best choice. It is easy to hold because of its ergonomic handle coated with soft rubber grip and comfortable to utilize. The drill is lightweight (weighing around 2.8 Pounds) and designed in a way such that it makes the tool simple to use. This is the reason most contractors recommend buying DCF885C1. The easy to use ¼ inch hex chuck allows loading of the drill bits single-handedly.

Similar to any other drill model, this model is also relatively powerful, with a speed setting of 0 to 2,800 RPM.

There are a few technological benefits available in this drill modeling. First is the availability of the LED lighting system; this lets you work in low light conditions. Secondly, the 20 second delay after the trigger release, guarantees more precision in drilling.

The product comes with a pair of arteries, 20 Volt each and a charger. Note that the batteries have relatively lesser run time. So, the charger plays a big role here in compensating this setback. Plus, for the same reason, the DCF885C1 impact drill works the best for light to medium duty projects. The integrated belt hook on the drill makes it easier for you to carry the tool around. Lastly, you get a soft bag to store the power tool and its accessories after use.

3. Best DeWalt Hammer Drill: DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill

DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill

For those looking for a hammer drill for their projects, the DeWalt DCD996P2 Hammer Drill is the one-stop solution. The drill features an electronic clutch having 11 positions; which is a plus point to having precise control during its application. This power tool has three speed settings and is quite powerful at 2,250 RPM and 820 UWO. This range is sufficiently feasible to cover most projects with ease.The drill weighs around 4.7 Pounds and is pretty light of its kind. It is a great choice considering the power intensity it delivers. It too has certain smart features, like the LED lighting system that helps to maintain precision even while working in dull light conditions. To be able to be used outdoors, this hammer drill is coated in such a way that it can withstand dust and other elements that come in its contact. This protective design increases the tool longevity, making it a great deal to invest in. Lastly, you get 2 rechargeable batteries along with a battery charger, and a soft carrying case, where you can secure the drill unit after use.


Hercules drill set

Hercules represents an array of drills produced by Harbor Freight Tools brand. Father and son, namely; Eric and Allan Smidt founded the brand in 1977. It began as a mail-order tool firm and is now having its stores all across the US. The company provides a range of own-brand tools including power drills.

Why is Hercules one of the most sought brands?

Out of a number of reasons for which Hercules’ line of drills are most reputed, here are some of the primary causes:

  1. Good reviews: Till date, Hercules has hardly received any negative feedback or review from its past or existing customers. Most users have even rated the Hercules line to be way better than DeWalt’s, when it comes to quality.
  2. Reasonable pricing: Hercules line of drills are priced cost-effectively, which makes it the most sought option for the tenderfoots and those who are on a compact budget.
  3. Good specifications: Concerning the drill power and speed, the Hercules drills are quite good. Plus, they can handle most tasks with ease.

What do the Hercules drills offer?

The Hercules line of drills is currently not that extensive as DeWalt drills offer. However, here are what the former line of drills include: 

  1. Impact Driver: They offer a driver kit containing the impact driver, battery along with a charger, and a carrying bag.
  2. Hammer Drill: Like DeWalt, Hercules too have hammer drill kits. The kit contains the hammer drill, a battery along with a battery charger, plus a carrying bag.
  3. Traditional Cordless Drill: They offer a 12v cordless drill. They also offer a kit – this comes with the drill, charger, carrying bag, and battery.

Hercules does not feature a number of drill models. So, this might be easy for the beginners to pick a product accordingly from a fewer options, with limited varying features and specifications.

Additional Features of the Hercules Line of Drills

Hercules line of drills do not offer much, yet they offer additional batteries as well as chargers. Plus, you get packs of bits that might be useful to your projects. For instance, the bit sets for impact driver, containing 45 pieces of bits, which is more than sufficient to cover most drilling tasks.

Here are some top picks of Hercules Line of Drills

1. Best Hercules Traditional Drill: Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless 1/2in Compact Drill Kit

Hercules 20V Lithium Cordless 1 2in Compact Drill Kit

This is a conventional battery powered Hercules drill. It runs on a 20 Volt Li-ion battery. The product has already received a good deal of positive reviews from its buyers. This tool is pretty powerful with an energy limit of 576 inch/pound and offers a speed of 2000 RPM. This specification is great and can be compared with some of the current leading brands out there on the market. More importantly, with this Hercules drill, you can get a range of jobs done without a hassle. The drill features an LED lighting technology with a delay after releasing the trigger.

Concerning the drill design, it appears like a basic drilling tool. However, reviewers say that the device handle has an ergonomic comfortable grip. The tool along with the weight of its battery, charger, and bag weighs around 8.75 Pounds. Its chuck size is ½ inch.

This tool does not feature other fancy extras, such as being compatible with an app. Still, it is a reliable drill option and is capable of accomplishing almost any tasks you throw at it. Lastly, the product is decently priced, making it a good alternative for the tight budget customers.

Note: The product might be currently unavailable on Amazon.com, which again proves it high user-demand on the current market. So, as of now, you can either go to a local shop to get it or put the product on “notify me” on your Amazon account, to buy later when it comes available.

2. Best Hercules Impact Driver: Hercules 20V Cordless 1/4in Hex Compact Impact Driver Kit

Hercules 20V Cordless 1 4in Hex Compact Impact Driver Kit

Similar to other line of drills of Hercules, the Hercules Impact Driver Kit is quite fundamental and straightforward. The package includes the drill, a battery along with a battery charger, plus a carrying bag.This tool has also got positive user reviews and is a powerful model to perform heavy duty projects at a speed setting of 2,800 RPM and 1500 in/lbs (energy output). This tool can be compared to the DeWalt impact driver (discussed above).

For example; the LED lighting system with a delay after the release of the trigger that facilitates precise drilling even in low light working conditions. The product, along with its other mentioned accessories, weighs around 8.75 Pounds, and the drill features a hex chuck sizing ¼ inch.

3. Best Hercules Hammer Drill: Hercules 20V Cordless 1/2in Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Hercules 20V Cordless 1 2in Compact Hammer Drill Driver Kit

The Hercules Hammer Drill Kit includes the drill, 1 masonry bit, 2 power bits, battery, battery charger, and a heavy-duty carrying case. It is sturdy and designed to cover heavy-duty projects, and can withstand outdoor working environments. It is a powerful offering 2 speed settings, 0 to 10,200 and 0-34,000 BPM (Blows Per Minute), and 576 inch-pound of torque; which makes the model pretty powerful and again, similar to DeWalt’s hammer drill version (discussed earlier above).

The drill features a 2-speed 4-pole motor. Comparable to other drill models, Hercules 20 Volt hammer drill has the LED lighting system with a delay after releasing the trigger. There are two modes you can switch between; the hammer drill mode and drill-only mode. These two modes make it a dynamic piece of drill kit to be owned. The chuck size and weight of the drill are ½ inch and 4.28 Pounds, respectively.

Note: This product is currently unavailable on Amazon.com. However, it is widely available in the conventional stores, or you have to wait to avail it from Amazon itself on its next arrival. 

Verdict: DeWalt or Hercules?

Well, it is the hardest part overall. If you consider DeWalt, it is a well-reputed, trusted brand. Buying a power drill from this company itself means you are buying one from somewhere that has years of expertise and experience in developing high-end drills. The developers here create the tools keeping the user’s needs and convenience in mind. Added to these is their incomparable customer service.

On the contrary, the Harbor Freight Tools (Hercules line of drills) is yet another well-established brand, which is fairly new on the market. Consequently, they do not yet have a greater collection of drill models in their inventory as DeWalt’s. Plus, they are yet to develop extra, smart features that will allow the tools to be used via software tools, which DeWalt already does. Their drills are simply basic; only 3 models to select from. However, the good part is that a fewer range of options makes it easier for the beginners to decide during the buying process.

Moreover, if you consider from the specifications’ point of view, Hercules is quite comparable to DeWalt tools. Take the instance of Hercules impact driver; it is way better and beats DeWalt’s impact drill model in the following way: 





20 Volt

20 Volt





1,400 inch/pound

1,500 inch/pound

Yet, the only few setbacks of Hercules models are that they are pretty basic in appearance and may not be a suitable choice for long-term application.

Budget-wise, both the Hercules and DeWalt almost have a closer range. If Hercules was a bit cheaper, then most buyers would have shifted their buying preference from DeWalt to this.

However, the extra, amart features is DeWalt stops buyer’s from going to any second brand on the market. Like Hercules, DeWalt drills are also fit for tenderfoots and DIY hobbyists alike. The inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity system, compatibility with mobile application, and utmost reliability and positive customer reviews, all these indicate that DeWalt has more demand than Hercules. Now it is your project types, worksite and other requirements, based on which you have to decide which between Hercules and DeWalt drills, accordingly. But, if you ask for our suggestion, this time, it is certainly DeWalt.

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